Book cover of “My Unwanted Pack“ by Victor Dennis

My Unwanted Pack

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Victor Dennis
Sandy, the daughter of the beta of the Sound Side Pack, used to be a joyful child. But soon after her mother’s unexpected demise, her father remarried again to the evil woman named Chloe, who moved into their house with her own daughter, Judy. Constantly bullied by her stepmother and stepsister, Sandy looked forward to her 18th birthday when sh... 

Chapter 1

Sandy’s POV

The kick that Judy gave me was surprising at first, but when I couldn’t feel my ribs at all, I knew that she was serious about what she had just said to me.

“Will you refuse Tommy or not?”

I could hear Judy’s voice loud and clear even though I was in so much pain. I managed to place myself in a sitting position so I could look Judy in the eyes and tell her what was going on in my mind.

“You have been robbing me of everything that is mine since we were young, Judy,” I said to my stepsister with the hope that she would understand me. “Now, you still want to rob me of my birthright.”

“Which birthright?” Judy raised her voice in anger as she looked at me with so much disgust, as if she wanted to strangle me badly.

“Tommy is my mate, Judy,” I continued with so much emotions in my voice. “And a lot of people are aware of the fact that we are mated to each other.”


I watched as Judy shouted, came closer to me, and struck me with her fist.

“Tommy is pursuing me,” Judy said. “He is pursuing me because he is interested in me. If you dare come between me and him, I will make your life a living hell.”

“I don’t believe you,” I wiped the tears that were slowly forming in my eyes. “I know you have never liked me since the day we first met. I promise never to bother you once I marry Tommy.”

“That is never going to happen!” Judy shouted again. “Your marriage with Tommy will never happen because you are an ugly skinny bitch who is not even fit to be a Luna.”

“Please, Judy!” I begged my stepsister. “Please, let me marry Tommy.”

Judy looked at me and hissed slowly. “What if Tommy is not interested in marrying someone like you? What if Tommy rejected you?”

I froze for a moment as I thought about what Judy had said to me.

“If Tommy informs me that he doesn’t like me, I will never bother him in my life,” I informed Judy.

“That is a deal then,” Judy laughed out loudly. “Just wait here while I go fetch Tommy. If he rejects you, which I know he will, I don’t want to ever hear his name on your lips again.”

I felt so much pain as I watched Judy leave me to go and get Tommy, who was probably unaware of the fact that I was being tortured by my stepsister just because I loved him.

I moved to my side as I struggled to feel my legs. It was difficult for me to feel my legs after all Judy had made me go through, and for a moment, I felt like going to see a doctor, but I knew I couldn’t do that because if I did, I wouldn’t be present when Judy came back with Tommy. So whether I liked it or not, I had to wait.

As I continued to wait for Judy and Tommy, my inner wolf spoke to me and told me to see the injury, which I refused. My refusal to obey my inner wolf led my inner wolf to heal me without my consent.

Immediately my inner wolf healed me, I felt a bit better and stronger. My inner wolf gave me the strength to wait for Judy and Tommy to come, but they did not come.

After a few hours of waiting for Judy and Tommy to show up, I felt a pain in my thigh, and when I decided to open my eyes to see what was going on, I saw Judy kicking me on my thigh and telling me to stand up.

“Where is Tommy?” I asked Judy.

Judy didn’t respond.

“If Tommy isn’t here, then it means he is interested in me, just as I told you before you left,” I said with so much confidence in my voice.

Judy looked at me for a short moment before she burst into a long uninterrupted phase of crazy laughing.

“For your information,” Judy cleared her throat. “Tommy didn’t come here because he was too disgusted to know that a filthy person like you is even interested in him.”

“That is not true,” my voice was low. “I won’t believe what you just said unless I see some proof.”

Judy turned to her side and brought a mobile phone out of her pocket. She turned on the mobile phone, found a video, and played it.

In the video I was now watching, I could see someone who looked like Tommy hugging Judy like two love birds on a tree. Once this person that looked like Tommy in the video was done hugging Judy in the video, he told her that he didn’t like me and that I was too skinny and ugly to be his mate.

I couldn’t believe what I had just heard. In order to be sure, I grabbed the mobile phone from Judy and watched the video one more time. The person in the video indeed resembled Tommy a lot.

“Now that you have gotten your proof,” Judy said with so much joy in her heart, “I want you to calmly take your time and reject Tommy since he has also rejected you.”

“I refuse Tommy,” I said as I fell to the ground. “I refuse to subject myself to honor Tommy since he has also dishonored me.”

Judy got angry and flashed her eyes at me. “That is unacceptable!” she yelled. “I will not accept what you just said. Repeat after me.”

“Okay,” I agreed.

“I, Sandy,” Judy began, “…humbly reject Tommy as my mate and disagree with anyone who says that I am mated to Tommy.”

Left with no other option, I repeated Judy’s words exactly as she had said it. As soon as I was done, I began to feel very dizzy and tired.

I staggered to my left and then to my right. Before I could regain my balance, I heard Judy say to me that she had recorded what I had said.

“What?” I was confused.

“Go to sleep now, Sandy,” Judy said before laughing and running away.

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