Book cover of “Mated to the Nine-Tailed Fox“ by Ckat

Mated to the Nine-Tailed Fox

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Ckat
This is a story of a nine-tailed fox and a human who met a tragic fate. From the very beginning, Amaya and Hiroshima are already bound to meet and fulfill Kagome's curse at the right time. Kagome is the reason the entire fox tribe has been cursed to turn into horrible beasts every midnight and become wild every full moon. But Amaya is the chosen... 

Chapter 1. Kagome's Rage

Once upon a time, far from the land of the earth, nine-tailed foxes were born from the mountain, blessed by the forests, and lightened by the moon.

A legendary fox with nine tails isn't the only one that is created by the gods and goddesses. Werewolves were on it as well.

At first, they were made to be an animal alone. They were just a fox with nine tails, and a height compared to a bear. But Ruyanio, their world where they were originally bound to exist, was accidentally destroyed by an asteroid. The moon spirit made a way for them to still live peacefully, and they found earth.

After having to create different creatures on earth, a human was born from a tree. Humans are made to be the food of all animals. Especially their liver and heart. It is to enhance the energy they kept on their stomach. It is most likely called 'fox bead'. But the thing is, humans have their guardians. Foxes and werewolves find it hard to intervene in the human world.

Werewolves gave up, foxes didn't. But not to bring troubles to the human realm, but to bring unity in the entire world.

Girl foxes are too powerful and intelligent, so all of the girls are the ones assigned to lead each pack.

And I'm one of those leaders. Yes, I belong to the creature called a nine-tailed fox.

"KAGOME! Come here, stop lecturing the kids and eat!" Mom called for me. I rolled my eyes and wiggle my tails. Sitting here feels like a second. I want to stay!

"Coming!" I replied but winked at the kids. It's my non-verbal way of communication to tell them that I'm just joking.

"I want to hear more stories, Kagome! Are you gonna leave so soon?" one of the kids asked and pouted.

I shook my head. "I'm not!"

Right after I said those words, a hard blow from the wind appear and I felt my Mom's finger, twisting my ears.

"You're not, huh? Come here, brat!" Mom said and travels through the air while still holding my ears, leaving those children laughing at me, to our sweet little home.


"Fine, sorry! Don't torture me anymore, I won't do it again, mom. I promise!" I said while she was still following me with a piece of wood in her hand. I wrapped my tails all around my body.

"Stop right there, I will give you a present!!" Mom said. She's not good at lying. Grrr!

Suddenly, a sound from the gong resounds. This means humans are nearby, we have to hide the rest of our tails leaving only 1 visible to their eyes. We have to hide it to keep our powers safe.

"Whatever, I lost my appetite to scold you. Just bring this nuts to the human realm and sell them with a hug. Collect those little energies you will get, okay?" Mom said.

Human realm, my foot. We're already in their world but she keeps on calling it that way. She made it a habit.

I smiled to my ears and left. Finally! I found a chance to see him again.

"How much?"

"3 hugs only!"

"How about a kiss?"

"Yeah, but you will only get half of the nuts."

Any physical affection can produce human energy. So I will grab whatever is available.

"Alright, here we go," he said and smacked me. His energy is so little, maybe because he's a pervert.

"Gross," I said behind that human.

"Hey..." I heard a whisper behind my ears, and caressed through my waist. It's him.

The rest of my tails are wagging because of the excitement I am feeling right now. I can't help myself! But I have to... tch.

"Are you done with your products, Ms. Gorgeous?" he asked me. I smiled at him.

"Almost, Polo. I still have to sell half of this tray."

"Hmmm, then how about I buy them all? Payment is just a hug, right?" I asked.

"Yep, but---"

"No buts," he said and hugged me.

His energy is so heart-melting. I can feel how much he loves and cares for me. Ughh! This energy could make my tail glow! Help yourself, Kagome!

"How can I resist you? You're so... cute."

He blushed and let go of the hug. "You're a sly fox!" he said and laughed.

Human energy can be collected without any return. But it'll make them weaker. So what we do is just offer them fruits, nuts, juice, so it's a tie.

But Polo is giving it to me willingly. So I guess he's beginning to lose weight because of the energy I got from him. Aish! He's making my heart thump faster.

"See you at the festival," I said and traveled through the air away from him.

Humans at this time know creatures like us. But they're not scared. I hope we won't turn evil in their eyes when the time comes.

"Hi, Kagome! I saw you and Polo, huh? You're hugging! Have you collected enough energy to become human?" Anya said, my friend.

I laughed and gave her a sign to keep quiet. "Shh! Shut your butt! I'm still the leader of the Cobalt pack. I'm waiting for Kira to take over so I could enjoy Polo's company without thinking of protecting my pack," I replied.

"Get through with it over a glass of wine. Do you like that human?" she asked. I accepted the wine she's been holding and drank it.

"Yes, I do. I even invited him to attend our festival," I said. I'm so excited to show him how many tails I possess and how powerful a leader is.

"What? Are you crazy? Humans can't see foxes' nine tails! You, of all people, should know that!" she said. I laughed and tapped her shoulder.

"Don't you trust me? Polo isn't what you think he is. He will never betray me, Anya," I said confidently. I know what kind of person he is, I am the last person who'll doubt him.

"Your relationship isn't clear as water either, Kagome. How can you be so sure?" Kayla, who just came in, said.

I rolled my eyes and took a sip of wine before answering. "Trust is the main ingredient in love, girls. You will know it once you meet your soulmate, the person you will love with your whole being," I said.

"Is it a requirement to love a human while in love with a mere animal like you?" Kayla asked with a grin on her face.

Kayla and Anya are the leaders of the other fox pack. Mountain spirit always conducts a meeting for leaders, and that's what made us closer to each other. Despite having similarities with our bad personalities, we managed to keep in touch as friends.

"What do you mean to love a human? He only loves me. He barely calls me an animal, Kayla."

"It's better for you to see, Kagome. Just ready your heart," Anya said.

"You both know this?" I asked.

"No more chitchats, Kagome. We've been telling you this the entire year. Yet, you didn't listen," Kayla said.

After that, both of them held onto my hand and teleported to the city, where Polo lives.

"Here, look for yourself. Watch at your own risk," Anya said. They're still as sophisticated as ever even at this moment.

My heart thumps so fast that I can almost hear it. I never believed these two with their accusations with Polo, but my tails are giving me the same vibes. I looked inside through my eyes by not entering his house.

"How was it?" Anya asked.

"Why don't you look for yourself, goddamn it!" I said out of irritation.

Kayla laughed a little and tapped my shoulder. "Let's go back to the festival, I believe you saw enough," Kayla said.

"They're just cooking... She's instructing him how to. That's just it..." I said, while my hands were trembling and started to grow fur again.

"While he's holding her hand?" Anya asked.

"And hugging her from behind?" Kayla added.

"You're not this low, Kagome," Anya said.

"Let's go," I said and traveled back to the foxes' field. I can't afford to see another scene that'll ruin my trust in him again. I'll just believe him. No matter what.

While these foxes' parents are getting ready to get the light from the moon spirit, all the guardians met at once. They were standing on top of the hill and staring at those foxes. Their image is small for these gods and goddesses.

"She's getting weaker," Mountain spirit said. He is Konan. His body has lava, and his hair is burning from fire.

"You're right. She can't separate her feelings from her priority as a leader. All foxes might be put into danger because of her irresponsibility. What did we do wrong?" Forest spirit replied. Her name is Olivia. She is surrounded by twigs, leaves, and flowers.

"No, we didn't do any. She had free will to decide on her own. Moon spirit gave her," Konan said.

"Her spirit will become weaker and weaker. She will lose in the power of love. Let's watch if she changes her mind," Moon spirit said. They call her Venus. She is the most powerful spirit among them all. Her appearance is just like a normal person, or animal. She wears a white dress and a moon tiara.

"Watch? And you're not doing anything? What are you here for?" Mountain spirit asked in vexation.

Venus' eyes became blue like a deep ocean and waters suddenly appeared beside her.

"Hey! Get your waters together!" Forest spirit said.

"Although the moon is the most powerful, it has no right to get in between the lives of their creation. I have given them multiple chances to choose. It depends on how they will use it. I'm done meddling."

Suddenly, Moon's spirit became calm. Waters was gone, and her eyes came back from being brown.

"So what is our purpose?" Konan asked.

"We are guardians. Gods and Goddesses. Not just some random being with powers. If you still think we have to get in between, read it again," Moon spirit said.

The gong resounds, which means random humans are here.

Only a few hours before we transformed into our original form, and yet we're being disturbed? Oh, come on!

"Kagome, bring this in the middle to shoo humans away," Mom said. She gave me chicken blood.

"Got it."

All foxes are already lined up with the leader of their pack. Ready to howl in the middle of the night. But I'm still preoccupied. I know what's more important. But my feelings are a traitor. I can't focus.

"Drink this," Kayla said while handing me a pear. Pear's juice can calm the heart of a trembling gumiho. This is exactly what I need.

A few more hours after the disturbance, moonlight is already showing. The clouds are starting to move away from the moon. My worries were cast away just seeing this beautiful thing.

A howl started to resound in the woods. I can't help howling.

My tails started to glow and the rest of it came out. My nine tails were all out and my eyes became blue as my powers continued to grow.

I am the leader among the leaders. Only I can see the spirits/guardians with my eyes.

Just like what we planned, we created fireworks using our tails, and we began to float. All of the foxes are as happy as I am right now.

Not until the group of humans suddenly appear with a fire in their hand.



"Polo was right, your tails are so useful!"

Other foxes started to teleport, but others couldn't make it because of the humans' weapons. It's a silver one, and it's poisonous for foxes.

Foxes' are all trembling, I can't move. I am the leader, but I'm not doing anything. The fuck! My tails' light has darkened, just like my heart that's starting to cover with stone.

Not so far from here, I saw Polo. He's together with that girl. He's smiling weirdly to me.

"Let's go away, Kagome!" Mom said.

"Are you gonna stand there forever?" Anya added.

"Come on, girl. Don't you ever get distracted by that man again? He already put us all in danger!" Kayla said. But I didn't listen.

My eyes turned red and blue. "Leave without me. I have to end this myself."

"Finally you got some brain, Kagome. I'm still having doubts why the guardians chose you to be this powerful," random foxes said before teleporting.

I didn't mind those foxes who went against me and walked towards Polo. He smiled mischievously.

My tears couldn't help from showing. This broken heart I got is the reason why.

I can teleport, but I want to go on foot. I want to know his reasons for betraying me. I trusted him. Just tell me, Polo, that this is not your doing. Just one word and I will rush to come to you again.

"Do I have to explain myself, Kagome?" he said after I reached him.

My tears fell so hard continuously. "Is this true? Did you tell them about us? E-especially our tails?" I asked. Hoping he will say no.

But he didn't. Instead, he held his arrow and shot Anya, Kayla, my Mom, who was staring and waiting for me to follow them.

My world collapsed. It feels like my heart was pierced with a lot of needles. My eyes turned fully red because of the rage I am feeling right now.

"Did you get your answer? Now give me your tails!" he said.

Lightning and thunder began to shock humans. I can see from my behind how guardians protected my creatures, so I let them.

Polo was so scared, and so was her girlfriend, so he shot me with his arrows. It hurt me. But it's not enough to put me down.

"K-Kagome... protect Kira," Mom whispered. For foxes like us, we can hear any whispers as long as it's for us. I listened to her, and put young Kira in the arms of the guardians. She has a lot of bruises and a fatal wound.

"S-stop raging with the help of nature! Or I will kill you!" Polo said while his hands were trembling.

The face with tears I had a while ago has gone. As I continued to gather my powers, and he continued to shoot me with his arrow, I grew as high as a mountain. I became an enormous beast.

"And what will you do? Do you think you could stop me?! YOU'RE UNGRATEFUL JERK!"

"I will."

His last shot finally sat me down. It hurts.

Suddenly, a mountain spirit teleported in front of me. Of course, I am the only one who sees him.

"Let's go, I'll hold you," he said. I didn't listen and threw him away from me.

"Now, what are you gonna do? What CAN you do? JUST GIVE ME YOUR TAILS!" he still insisted on having my tails so I slapped him using it.

"Kagome, don't curse!" the Mountain spirit shouted.

"Let her be, Konan."

I know this is the end of my era. So I gathered all my powers inside the fox bead. My eyes turned blue like an ocean and red like a fire simultaneously.

"Stop it, Kagome!" the moon spirit finally meddled. But I just looked at her plainly and smiled mischievously.

"You're the reason why I became like this."

Polo had all the chances to sneak away, but he didn't. Probably thinking I'm that good. With the help of my fox marble, I enchanted the fox bead and put it in the heart of Polo. I froze it.

"There, you now have identification for me. In no time, I will meet you again. Not now, but I will. And I will surely remember who exactly you are. Remember that, Polo. Warn your descendants, warn your girlfriend! I will find you and kill all of the humans that belong to your clan. I proclaim, in the name of Konan, Olivia, and Venus. WE WILL MEET AGAIN!"

After I said that, I perished like ash in the air, and a part of my ash blew higher to reach the spirits where my sister Kira went.

I'm about to pass out, so I enchant it to come to her and burn my soul to it. She will have it, and I will restore myself from the dead. 

I promise.

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