Book cover of “The Moon Goddess and Her Mate“ by Priskila Wi

The Moon Goddess and Her Mate

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Priskila Wi
"No matter what happens to you, never marry a mortal, even if your life is at stake!" "But why—" “No buts! Just carry out my orders without arguing!” Goddess Atvertha has been warned by her mother, Goddess Avtexia, to stay away from the mortals — a dirty, brutal, and murderous nation. The Moon Goddess tries to obey, although inwardly, she feel... 

Chapter 1. A Serious Warning

In a palace in the sky

In a wide room, there were two women, whose faces resembled each other, like they were sisters. However, what made the difference was that one woman was standing in front as if teaching something. Meanwhile, another girl sat on a chair, watching carefully.

In a place used for studying, there were so many books neatly arranged on the shelves. In addition, it was dazzling in there, which made any object clearly visible. It must thrill anyone who enjoyed reading activities to be there because the atmosphere was so comfortable, making them feel at home for a long time. We could say that the place, too, was a library.

A breeze entered the room, making the atmosphere cool even though it was still noon. They created no conversation because only a woman's voice was still standing in front, explaining everything she knew to the student who was faithfully listening to the lesson.

The right hand of the silver-haired virgin seemed to hold a quill, which seemed to have been dipped in a spot of black ink. On the table, you could see some parchments. It has filled some of it with writing and some that were still blank. When she felt she had to take notes without thinking, she immediately did this, and her handwriting looked neat so that it would not be difficult whenever she wanted to read it.

“After learning a little about the earth, now we learn about mortals. We called them mortal because they can die." The beautiful woman who was speaking in the room in front continued her teaching.

"Humans are a nation that is brutal, dirty and likes to kill each other. In fact, without a doubt waging wars and colonizing other areas, just for the sake of expanding the area of power. Such actions are more heinous than animals and certainly cause great chaos. We, as immortal — Gods and Goddess who are higher in rank, should always stay away from them, for there is no use except those who are High Priests, High Priestesses, and all who are chosen to serve the gods and goddesses in their respective temples."

“Mortals only care about wealth, rank, and women. Rarely do they have good qualities, let alone worship us consistently. They come five times a year at most, that is because there is a ceremony. When there is something to be achieved, then all humans, including kings, all generals, warlords, and armies, go to the temple to ask for blessings and victory. It is disgusting."

The teacher's tone sounded disgusted as she said all this, but she quickly got over herself because she had to return to her lessons.

"Therefore, it is not surprising that many of their people have died because of wars, epidemics, and natural disasters. Greed has overtaken people's hearts, so that what they sow, that is what they reap, and rightly so. However, all of that did not make them realize it, instead blaming us as gods and goddesses who had nothing to do with it. What a barbaric accusation from the mortals."

The beautiful woman was silent for a moment as if someone had stopped the explanation. However, a few moments later, she continued speaking again to continue the teaching process that had been running.

Meanwhile, the virgin, who was a student, kept writing whatever she felt was necessary so that the parchment she used immediately became full of writing. There was no question-and-answer session yet, but this did not dampen the young girl's enthusiasm for learning. In fact, she was very excited and curious, so she wanted to ask questions, but she temporarily canceled the intention.

The theme of this lesson is really interesting, which is about mortals. I have never seen them before and have never interacted before, so knowledge about them is minimal. Mom is older than me, so she must know everything that goes on in the human world. If only I were allowed to ask, I would ask her. Be patient, Atvertha, do not spoil the atmosphere, so you will not get into trouble later, thought the intelligent and critical woman who was still writing on parchment.

After explaining for a while, the beautiful woman with long blonde hair still standing at the front seemed to stop speaking. The pair of brilliant blue eyes stared at the interlocutor, who was still in her original position—remaining silent, paying attention to the words spoken by the teacher.

"Is there any question? If you really have it, you can just ask now. Do not hesitate. I will wait for it before I dismissed the class."

When she heard those words, the silver-haired girl with a pale skin with no expression now seemed to raise her hand. She seemed impatient to say something so that when she got permission to ask, then such an opportunity would not be missed.

“Is there anything you want to ask, Atvertha? You can tell me now." A slender woman who wore a bright yellow dress used a formal tone of voice with the other goddess. Her facial expressions looked flat, so that situation made anyone feel shy.

The owner of the name nodded when she was allowed to ask questions. She unhesitatingly vented her pent-up heart.

"Thank you for the opportunity. I would like to ask Goddess Avtexia, as the Goddess who rules the sun in the two worlds: mortal and magical creatures, you must have gone through so many phases of life. Have you ever experienced difficulties when facing humans? If so, what actions are the most annoying of them?”

The teacher, Goddess Avtexia, was silent for a long time when she heard the question from the student, whose faces were very similar as if there was no age difference between them. That slender woman exhaled heavily as if she could not say clearly the burden on her mind. Meanwhile, the pale-faced woman who was still holding the quill was still waiting for an answer.

“Atvertha, as already explained, mortals are a savage, dirty nation and love to kill each other. They like to rape women, seize the rights of others. They are greedy for property, and hurt animals with no fault at all. Come to think of it, how can such a creature exist? It is ridiculous!” That pair of blue eyes seemed to light up as she answered the question. The tone of voice also sounded furious, as if she wanted to destroy all the humans mentioned negatively.

“Mortals are not loyal creatures. They even kill magical creatures, namely witches, fairies, and mermaids. All get out of the area controlled by humans, so as not to perish! It is disgusting!”

The young girl, who had a pair of violet eyes, looked dumbfounded. She seemed unable to believe what she had just heard, so she blinked a few times. A look of surprise was seen there, but lips remained tight. The quill nearly slipped off as its grip on the object loosened. However, such an event did not happen because the young goddess swiftly tightened her grip again.

The goddess who reigned over the sun glared at the interlocutor as if she had made a mistake. The virgin realized this action, who was still watching the teacher carefully. "Why are you even acting like that? Is there something strange?” asked Goddess Avtexia.

“Mom… no. I am just curious. Do all mortals behave like that? Is there not one or some of them who are good-hearted, who do not do such things? Definitely the—”

Before Atvertha could finish speaking, the other person cut her, who was already showing an annoyed expression.

“Goddess Atvertha, enough stupid questions like that! You can't defend them, because you know nothing about mortals! Now, it is better to study diligently, and earnestly, because your duties and responsibilities will be very important, namely representing me in managing the state of the world at night, both magical worlds and mortals, and various things that of course you already know for sure!”

The words of the owner of the pair of blue eyes pierced Atvertha's heart. She was speechless, so the conversation was cut off. The atmosphere in the room became awkward, so the other person, who was the student, did not dare to say anything. Meanwhile, the ruler of the sun turned her face the other way so that what was in view was a bright blue sky.

“Atvertha, no matter what happens to you, never marry a mortal, even if your life is at stake!” Goddess Avtexia said firmly.

The owner of the name frowned because she felt strange by those words. "But why—”

Before she could finish speaking, her mother, who was also the teacher of the pale-faced girl, cut her off. “No buts! Just carry out my orders without arguing!”

The silver-haired smart woman remained silent. She felt something strange about the ban but could not do anything about it because she had already received a warning when she was asking questions from Goddess Avtexia.

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