Book cover of “Mistress's Desire“ by Tirtana Karya

Mistress's Desire

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Tirtana Karya
The tough financial situation forces a girl named Ivy Jovanika to work even harder. She becomes a waiter in the very famous Shane Restaurant in her city. But when she gets pregnant by Ed Shane — the owner of the restaurant she works for, she confronts him and makes him choose between her and his wife, Lilyana. Ed Shane snaps at her, claiming that I... 

Chapter 1

"Help--" her voice was muffled. 

A woman sits on the toilet floor covered in blood. She is currently seven months pregnant. 

Suddenly she felt his stomach twist, her waist hurt, and she decided to go to the toilet because she thought she just wanted to defecate. 

But apparently a fluid came out of her female organs, more and more. At the same time, her body also felt so weak that she couldn't keep standing. 

"Lily!" shrieked an old man standing in the toilet doorway. 

He was surprised to see the condition of his only daughter who was covered in blood. The light blue color of her clothes was now filled with red from the blood that hit the nightgown. 

"D--Dad, th--please i--me," said the woman whose full name was Lilyana Olaf in a weak voice. 

Lilyana's eyes were already closed, she looked so weak this time. Without waiting long, Gladwin Hamilton--Lilyana's biological father immediately rushed to get his cell phone. 

Three numbers were typed on the keypad in the old man's cell phone. A special number for calling health workers. 

"Hello, what's your help?" asked a woman who picked up Gladwin's voice call. 

"Ha-hello, I'm Gladwin Hamilton needs help on *** number *** street. Lilyana Olaf, my daughter needs help. Th-she's lying on the toilet floor covered in blood." Gladwin said, stuttering. brick because of the shock and fear and worry within him. 

"What's with her? Why is she bleeding?" asked the woman who picked up Gladwin's voice call. 

"N--don't know, she--she's--she's--seven-months-pregnant." Gladwin replied. 

"Are you alone?" She asked. 

"Yes, I'm alone. Hurry up! I need help urgently!" said Gladwin. 

"All right, Mr. Gladwin. We've sent an ambulance for you. Can you wait outside?" She asked. 

Gladwin obeyed the words of the woman on the phone, the man glanced briefly at his daughter. Lilyana looks so weak and helpless, her body is leaning against the toilet wall with her eyes tightly closed. 

"C--quick--soon--send help. She--she looks like she--has--was--is--unconscious," said Gladwin, the man this time said in the midst of his sobs. 

"All right, Mr. Gladwin. You calm down. Could you come over and check her pulse?" She asked. 

"I-I'll give it a try." Gladwin said. 

The man rushed closer to his daughter. His left hand is holding a cell phone that is still connected to a voice call. 

"Can you feel her still breathing?" The female officer asked again, after a moment of silence between her and Gladwin Hamilton. 

"Yes, still. But very weak." Gladwin said. 

He could still feel the breath from Lilyana's nose, Gladwin could also see how the stomach, which was already large at the age of seven months pregnant, rose and fell due to her breathing that was still going well. 

"Okay, then you can stand in front of the door. That will make it easier for officers to find where your house is," said the female officer on the voice call giving directions. 

Gladwin walked out of the toilet, the man's body was shaking violently, he was scared. His memories returned to the days when he was young, when his wife gave birth to Lilyana and died. 

Tears continued to flow from the corners of Gladwin Hamilton's eyes, the man who was quite old kept on praying in his heart for the safety of the only daughter he loved. Gladwin didn't want his dark past to happen again, he didn't want to be abandoned by someone he loved so much for the second time. 

"I--I'm already outside--outside. W--why hasn't the ambulance come yet?!" said Gladwin, after leaving the house and still not finding the health worker the woman on the phone said was on her way. 

"You can wait a while. They're moving to your house." The female attendant said, trying to calm Gladwin down. 

According to what the female officer had said, not long after Gladwin had the answer to his question, his normally functioning hearing sense heard the sound of an ambulance siren. 

As time went on, ambulance's voice became clearer and closer. Galdwin was no longer focused on the ongoing voice call, the man even put his cell phone in his shirt pocket when the health worker arrived. 

They got out of the ambulance, opened the back door of the car and pulled out a gurney. Two people pushed the gurney while the other person entered the house first. 

"Where is she?" He asked breathlessly. 

Gladwin didn't say anything, the man immediately showed him the toilet where his daughter was. When Gladwin and the health worker arrived, Lilyana seemed to blink her eyes. 

"I hope you are well, my gil." Gladwin said hopefully. 

The door to his house was locked from the outside, and the old man got into the ambulance to accompany his daughter. 

"You can definitely get through this, Lily. You're a strong woman! Make Mom there feel proud of your struggle, Girl. Dad's sure, you can do it!" said Gladwin, the man kept saying encouraging words for his daughter. 

Even as the gurney was lowered and headed into a room for action. Gladwin still continues to encourage his daughter with the most encouraging words he can say. There was nothing else he could do but give encouragement. 

If possible, maybe Gladwin prefers to replace Lilyana's pain. Just let him feel the pain. But that can't happen! 

"Sorry, you were waiting outside," said one of the nurses to Gladwin, who had been helping the health workers push the gurney with Lilyana's body on it. 

The door to the room was closed by a female nurse. The door was dark so Gladwin couldn't peek inside. 

Today's events are exactly the same as what happened in the past. Gladwin was reminded of something so sad and made his life feel no longer full of enthusiasm. When he had to lose his beloved wife, but luckily he left a cute little daughter. Little Lily always makes Gladwin feel excited to continue living his life. 

While sitting on the waiting bench, Gladwin took his cell phone from his shirt pocket. He then contacted Ed Shane--his son-in-law. 

Gladwin tried to contact Ed Shane many times, but got no answer. I don't know what Ed Shane is doing out there. 


"I want clarity on this relationship. Which do you choose, me or Lilyana--your legal wife?!" Ivy asked, clutching her stomach. 

That's right, she's pregnant because of what she did with Ed Shane--the owner of the restaurant she works for.

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