Book cover of “Cursed“ by Useful


  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Useful
Never in her wildest fantasies would Star imagine falling in love with two men simultaneously, especially when one of them is her biggest opponent in the law firm and the other is the Alpha of a werewolf pack. She also didn't necessarily plan to become the key to the beast leaders' gateway to power over the world. But she did both of those things. ... 

Chapter 1

It was the first day of December. Star, who would be inaugurated as a certified lawyer, could not wait as she had started preparations for the occasion some days back. 

She had gone to a boutique to fetch herself the best dress ever worn on her shoulders. She thought it was wise to get an elegant matching pair of shoes, too. She had made her choice meticulously after changing in the dressing room three to five times. 

A guy raised a drapery cloth above his face to cover her and also obstructed her sight from him. She took on the last trial, she hoped. She stood stunned and didn’t move. It was a vane of relief when the guy finally said, “This will do.” 

She collected the petalled shining black dress, wondering where she had kept her judging eyes earlier. He looked at the man before her, still beaming with smiles. He was dressed in a black hoodie, wearing what seemed like sunglasses, and looking weird all around. 

Star finally said a hushed “Thank you” as she finished projecting the image in a mirror before her. She paid for the dress and went home, not wanting to check if it was okay. She wanted to detach from the awkwardness she felt, thinking there was always something better to pick.

She had planned on wearing the black dress to the night party after the ceremonial valedictory program because she’d have to dress formally. She wanted to fix matching shoes for the dress the moment she got home and tried the black dress. She went online and placed her order for white heel shoes as she had forgotten to buy from the boutique. After receiving the order, she was at peace as she awaited the day to come.


As she heard the sound of her alarm, she jumped off the bed, beaming with smiles, assured that she had taken a step of faith, as Father Andrew says, to achieve her dream. She dressed smartly as she stood before her mirror, adjusting her bow tie. She received a notification on her phone— “Happy Inauguration.” 

She smiled as soon as she got the message. There were her sparkling white teeth standing in crests begging for a lusty view. She took out her phone and took some photos, posing for fascinating angular shots. She went ahead to upload some of her fine shots on her social media accounts. 

“What a simple life I’ve got,” she captioned. She wasn’t retiring soon. She went on clicking the upload/post button.

She sat down with other graduating students of Gavilon Institute as they read their profiles. She waited patiently for her turn. Her heart filled with joy when her name was called. 

“Star Pop!” The moment was filled with an air of bravado for her. She had longed for the hour. She stood up with high prestige as the guests clapped in her honor. She mounted the stage, and the moderator continued with his speech.

“Star Pop of Gavilon Institute, Brooklyn, is the first female student to emerge as the youngest graduating student at the age of 23 in the school of law. To honor Gavilon Institute and the visitors here present, we’d like to know the great push behind this remarkable achievement.” 

He released the crystal-laced microphone to her. 

Star took the microphone gracefully, moved to the center of the podium, and smiled courageously as she saw Father Andrew cheering her up. Then she thought, if grandma is looking at me from heaven, as they always say, she will be really proud of me. 

Finally, she began her speech.

“Once again, I’m Star Pop, and I’d like to firstly greet everyone in this hall. Secondly, I want to express my appreciation to the lecturers and Gavilon authorities. Thirdly, I consider it a great honor to have this great opportunity to speak before everyone here today…” 

She took a break to adjust for proper vocal positioning.

“Truly, everyone has an ignition in them that channels them to greatness. I understood what it is to use the ignition to change lives. A bitter truth, I may say, is that I have personal reasons for deciding to become a lawyer. Yes! Everyone is selfish about their dreams and aspirations, but I have chosen to be both selfish and selfless. As I work towards achieving my dreams every day, I take every opportunity to get justice for every deserving cause to ensure that I give the attention and quality of time that each case deserves. This, I believe, will help me in the fight for the freedom of provoked innocent outsiders in our society.” She stopped for a breath and then continued.

“I’ll finish up with this;” she glanced around the green carpet on the podium in the middle of an almost hushed space. Behind a tall standing fan at a corner of the hall, there stood a guy who was dressed in the same hoodie as the one she had encountered in the boutique. 

She looked away from him and finally said, “this is just the beginning of my mysterious journey. You shall all see as I approach my desired destination soon. Thank you.” 

She stepped down from the podium. A resounding round of applause and gleeful noise filled the hall in accolade to her brilliance.

The graduates were all called to a chamber in the hall; they lined up horizontally as they were being given their certificates, crowned, and congratulated by the state’s chief judge, who was present. 

Star was congratulated twice for her remarkable profile and was given an official letter to meet with the chief judge for a meet-up. Star was so occupied with meeting and greeting after the event that she had no time for herself. After what seemed like a bash of hours, she went to meet Father Andrew, who was sitting in the lobby waiting for her.

He wore a white gown which was perfect for him as it had become an integral part of him. He had a suite of various designs of white gowns. The particular one he wore was quite distinctive. Also, the white crucifix pendant on his chest gave him a religious symbol. Anyone would understand who he was upon seeing him. 

“Father,” Star called out as she moved closer to him, “I’m sorry for keeping you waiting for so long.” 

Father Andrew, who was apparently reading a book he was holding, “Rising of the Beast,” looked up at the beautiful Star. 

“I hold no offense against you, dear. You are eventually living up to your name. Take this!” 

He stretched the book in his hand to her. 

“Take your time to read it as I have to leave for the Chapel, it’s 6 pm already.” 

Star collected the book and bid him farewell. Now, It’s only her on the white sofa where Father Andrew sat before he took his leave. 

She rolled her eyes with relief. She rested her head on an arm of the sofa. Her straight, brown hair fell off her shoulder as she tilted her head backward; her heartbeat was in rhythmic assonance with her breath as she decided to cool off the whole tension she had all day. 

“I’d like to get an autograph?” She squeezed her face as if she heard the sound of deep confusion. She was later amazed as she lifted up her face to see a cute-looking guy dressed in a wine suit. His eyebrows were neatly shaped; his lips were prim and small, toned red with a perfect parting in his mouthpart, which became more apparent as he added, “Please.” 

Star signed on the book placed before her, in a short scribble inscription, ‘STAR.’ 

“Thank you… I’m Kelvin,” he said. He went his way as soon as Star acknowledged him. The guy who Star had noticed wearing a hoodie was a few feet away from Kelvin. He eventually moved towards Star as he left.

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