Book cover of “Bound by Her Alpha“ by Zaynab

Bound by Her Alpha

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Zaynab
“Rose…” “Come to me, Rose…” “You belong to me…” My heart skipped a beat when I heard his voice at the back of my mind. Someone was calling my name. Who? Why? I couldn’t wrap my mind around all this stuff until one day I received a strange message: Get ready. Your mate is coming for you. Mate, my foot! Is it a prank or what? Do you believe ... 

Chapter 1

Rose Greyson

Working and studying at the same time hasn’t been easy. You barely have time for yourself. If you’re not in school, you’re at work for the whole day. An exasperated breath left my lips as I lazily dropped my bag on the bed. My door was kicked open immediately as I threw myself on the bed.

I didn’t need to be told who the person was. We were the only two living in the house.

“You’re back early today.” My mother’s voice reached my ears.

“Yes, Mom,” I answered lazily without looking up at her.

I normally come home by 9:30 pm or 10 pm, but today, I got on the good side of my boss. And even at that, he gave me a day off. I guess I deserve an accolade for my hard work.

“I warmed the pasta not long ago. It’s still warm,” her voice sounded again.

I planned to take a small nap first, but my stomach wasn’t agreeing with me. It made a weird and hungry sound, making me snap my eyes open.

I muttered incoherent words, proceeding to get myself off the bed. Mom was still standing. She looked not in focus.

“Mom,” I called, walking up to her.

“Eat first, and let’s talk.” And with that, she turned and left the room.

I knew something was off when Mom used that attitude. I didn’t put too much into what she said and followed suit.

Our living room is not that big and spacious. We moved to the house a month ago, yet some of our belongings were still lying around covered. I don’t know why Mom chose a quiet place among all the houses in the city. But then, that’s my mom for you.

I made my way toward the dining area, which consisted of three chairs. I uncovered the lid that was covered on the plate.

My stomach immediately turned at the sight of the pasta. I wasted no time digging in. Mom spared me a glance from the sitting area, and I flashed her a smile. I know what the look was about, though. She always warned me to always compose myself and eat slowly. But who cares when I’m damn hungry?

I cleared everything on the plate, took it to the kitchen, and washed it. I came back, meeting Mom in the same position I had left her. I cleared my throat as I sat beside her on the couch.

“So, Mom, I’m done eating. What do you want to talk about?” It might not show on my face, but I’m curious to know what she wanted to talk to me about.


My eyes shifted to the white envelope in her hands. With my brows raised, I collected the envelope. “What is it?”

“See for yourself.”

I opened the envelope and took out the contents of it. “Admission letter?” I read out. “Admission letter for what, Mom?” I asked, shifting my attention back to her.

Last time I checked, I started college last week, then what is it with another admission letter?

“Didn’t you read what’s stated there?”

“I did, Mom, but I don’t understand.”

She spared me a look that told me something was indeed off. “You’ve gotten admission into another college.”

It took me some seconds to register what she had uttered. “Why? I’ve already started. What do I need this for? It—”

“You’re leaving that school and will start this one.”

I didn’t know when I rose to a standing position. I was completely confused about what was going on. Mom had a way of doing things her way without consulting me first.

“What’s the reason? I barely reached up to two weeks since I started school, and now I’m leaving? I seriously don’t understand, Mom,” I tried to stay as calm as I could.

“I’ve made the necessary preparations. You’re starting tomorrow.” She stood up and was about to leave.

“Mom! Why do you always try to control my life? For goodness’ sake, I’m not a small kid!” My voice was in a high pitch.

“You might think I’m doing all this for my sake. But one day you will understand. Everything. And my decision is final. You’re starting tomorrow. Goodnight.”

I watched as she sauntered out of the living room. I was in that standing position for more than two minutes, trying to piece together what had transpired in the ten-minute conversation with my mother.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t seem to understand why she was doing all that she was doing. First, it was the sudden move from one city to another, then changing schools. I felt like she was hiding something from me. If not, then why all the sudden movements?

Now what? Does that mean I’m starting all over again? A new school and a new life? Just like that. It’s not like I made friends at school. But then again, what will people say if they don’t see the new student again?

Many thoughts ran through my mind over the night. I could barely get enough sleep. I constantly kept thinking about what would happen the next day. Would I be able to adjust to the new environment? Would I be able to cope? I was lost in thought when I fell into a deep slumber.


I heaved a sigh for the tenth time as Mom drove me to my new school, glancing out of the window. We barely exchanged words during breakfast, and Mom was giving me the cold shoulder. Sometimes, I couldn’t understand her; some days, she was chatty, while other days, she was quiet. I wondered if it was because she missed Dad. I missed him, too. It had been a year already, but it felt like yesterday. I remembered our last day together when he promised to take us all out for dinner, which never happened. That was the end.

As the car came to a halt, I turned to Mom, unable to tolerate her silent treatment. She was the only family I had, and I always aimed to make her happy.

“Mom,” I said, hoping to catch her attention. She focused on me immediately.

“I know you’re doing this for my best interest. It’s not that I don’t want to listen to you. I just want to know why we’re rushing everything as if we’re on the run,” I voiced out.

She reached for my hand, which was resting on my lap, and took a deep breath. “Everything I’m doing is for your sake, dear. Trust your mother. Come on, we’ve arrived at your school,” she said as we stepped out of the car.

We walked through the big gate and into the school, with me following Mom’s lead. The school was way bigger than my previous one, but maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. We stopped in front of an office, and Mom knocked on the door.

“Come in,” a female voice resonated from inside.

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