Book cover of “My Obsessive Doctor“ by Anizz Suranizz

My Obsessive Doctor

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: Anizz Suranizz
As an intern at Rege Hospital, Alberto thought he had everything figured out - until he met Vega. A brilliant and successful doctor, Vega's beauty and intelligence were captivating, and Alberto couldn't help but feel drawn to her. However, what began as a casual lunch in the hospital cafeteria quickly turned into a seductive game, and Vega's intent... 

Chapter 1

First Meeting

That day, a man walked into Rege Hospital. The man is tall and thin. His skin is white.

His hair is brown and short. He has a pointed nose. He is Alberto Cala, usually called Alberto.

At Rege Hospital, he is only an intern. He is not an employee there.

Rege Hospital was the hospital that Alberto had previously chosen. Alberto stepped forward with great confidence and enthusiasm.

Alberto really hoped that he would get a lot of new knowledge from the doctors and pharmaceutical workers there. So, he chose Regency Hospital. That morning, he immediately rushed to the hospital cafeteria before he went to the pharmacy because he is rarely able to eat during break time.

It's because the daily lives of the employees and interns at Rege Hospital are very busy. So, sometimes the employees and apprentices have to go through their break time and can only eat when they go home.

When Alberto arrived at the hospital cafeteria, he noticed that it was quiet and no one was buying food or eating there.

There are only food vendors who have just opened their outlets. Not far from the outlet, there are many tables and chairs to sit on. Alberto immediately stepped into his favorite hawker stall and bought food there.

After that, Alberto looked for the nearest chair and ate there alone. At that time, suddenly a woman wearing very tight clothes walked closer to him.

The outfit consisted of a blue short-sleeve shirt and black trousers. However, unfortunately, her curves were covered by a white coat specially worn by the doctor as he walked closer to her. From this, Alberto could guess that the woman is a doctor.

From her quick walk, Alberto could guess that the doctor is either an important doctor at the hospital or a surgeon, because usually only the two types of doctors walk fast. Her white and tender hand held the phone as she called.


"Please prepare it first!"

"I've sent the recipe!"

“I’ll go there.”

When she was near Alberto, she immediately put her phone in her bag. Her eyes were narrow, with both blue irises focused on Alberto. Alberto guessed that she had something important to tell him.

Maybe it concerns his internship as a pharmacy worker there. What was clear was that he must be prepared if he would be reprimanded by Doctor Bernardo (a senior doctor at Rege Hospital) like yesterday.

In fact, Doctor Bernardo wrote the wrong prescription. Alberto only read the prescription that had been written, prepared the medicine, and gave the medicine according to Doctor Bernardo's prescription. But Alberto was the one who was completely scolded because the medicine was wrong.

Alberto was dizzy from remembering that.

He also didn't know for sure about the doctor's position or whether he was a specialist or general practitioner, but what was clear was that the woman is a doctor. The doctor's gait was very elegant, which showed off her long legs. The woman has long, blonde, wavy hair and smooth white skin.

The doctor wore glasses with black square frames that Alberto thought disturbed her beauty. Alberto really wanted to take the glasses off of the woman.

Alberto concluded that this woman is a smart doctor based on her inquisitive and filled gaze. Her height is approximately 180 cm.

Once near Alberto, the doctor immediately smiled at him, which made Alberto smile back at her. Her sweet smile made her look even more beautiful in Alberto's eyes.

"Hi!" She greeted kindly.

"Hi!" Alberto replied kindly.

"Can I eat here?" The doctor asked Alberto for permission because she might not be allowed to sit next to him.

"Yes, you can. Just relax!" Alberto answered casually.

Not long after, the woman took the chair in front of Alberto and sat down elegantly on it. Then, she crossed her legs sexily.

Suddenly, the woman put forward her hand to shake hands with Alberto because she wanted to get to know him. Alberto immediately frowned because he was confused by the woman's sudden behavior.

But then he understood that the woman wanted to shake hands with him. Therefore, he immediately shook the woman's hand, feeling a bit embarrassed.

He felt ashamed, because he felt he was just an intern there and not a doctor. Indeed, at Rege Hospital, there's discrimination in the treatment of employees and those who are only interns.

Alberto's position in that place is just like a helper. In terms of caste or throne, his position is the lowest.

So it's no wonder that many people insult, degrade, and mock him. The doctor immediately understood Alberto's embarrassment.

"I'm Vega." The woman introduced herself in a friendly manner.

"What's your name?" Doctor Vega asked again.

"I'm Alberto." Alberto said his name while bowing his head.

Afterwards, he looked into Doctor Vega's eyes. They shook hands. Then they continued eating their food.

"You're an intern, right?" guessed Doctor Vega, as she knew from Alberto's movements.

"Yes, Doc." Alberto immediately nodded his head.

He didn't dare to look at Vega at all, except to stare secretly. Because it's a habit at Rege Hospital, interns are not allowed to look the doctor directly in the eye.

"When did you start your internship?" Doctor Vega asked when Alberto started his internship.

"Last February," Alberto replied.

"When will the last day be?" asked Doctor Vega curiously.

"March." Alberto replied succinctly.

"By the way, I'm the doctor here. Here's my phone number!" Doctor Vega gave Alberto her business card.

Alberto immediately accepted it and put it in his pocket, because he might need to see Doctor Vega later. Indeed, Alberto's position is close to the doctor. So, of course, he needs to communicate with the doctor.

"Call me if you need me!" She ordered, to which Alberto immediately nodded his head.

"Okay, Doc." He couldn't say anything other than “Okay.”

Clearly, Alberto knows that Doctor Vega only wants to be contacted when he is in need. So, he can't contact her when he is not in need.

"And your phone number?" Alberto frowned because he was confused with Doctor Vega’s means.

"Can I have your phone number?" Doctor Vega kindly asked for Alberto's phone number.

"Sure, Doc." Alberto mentioned his phone number.

"By the way, where do you live?" Alberto mentioned his address.

"Oh. There!" Doctor Vega nodded her head.

"Not too far from here!" Doctor Vega made a remark.

"How about you, Doctor?" Alberto asked again.

"My house is far from here." After that, Doctor Vega mentioned her address.

"Okay, Doctor."

"How is your internship experience here? Is that good?" Doctor Vega asked Alberto's opinion, as she wanted to hear it from him.

The question immediately made Alberto look left and right, because he won't dare and can't say that when there are many people. Afterwards, he saw that the place was crowded with Alberto's seniors.

Previously, the place was quiet. Alberto asked in his heart. "How is it that it's so crowded now? It was quiet."

"Maybe they want to eat too." Alberto commented from his heart. This condition immediately made Alberto close his mouth tightly, and his brain started thinking about the right way to answer Vega's question.

"What should I answer?" Alberto thought.

Alberto immediately answered with diplomacy. "Yeah… Like usual, Doc! You know, I'm an intern."

"What do you mean?" Doctor Vega immediately frowned, as she was confused by Alberto's words.

Her eyes looked at Alberto sharply, as she wanted to know more and wanted to observe his expression. Vega's gaze made Alberto feel uncomfortable, as he was lying.

"Yeah… Like usual, Doc!" Alberto's eyes glanced left and right. His eyes tried to avoid Vega's gaze, but Vega kept staring at Alberto.

"It's hard for me to explain!" Alberto found it difficult to say what he wanted to say.

"I understand. You must have found it difficult. You can tell me more in the chat later," she pleaded.

Afterwards, they continued their meal until Doctor Vega finished eating before Alberto.

"I'm sorry! I must go to the operating room! I have to operate on another patient." Doctor Vega requested permission to depart from Alberto.

"Okay, Doc." Alberto nodded his head.

Not long after, Doctor Vega stood up and was about to walk away from Alberto. When she was near Alberto, she immediately whispered in a sensual tone. "Later, come with me!"

"What's for, Doc?" asked Alberto in confusion.

"Yeah. Just help me!" whispered Doctor Vega in a sensual tone while looking at Alberto's eyes with a wild gaze.

"Okay, Doc." Alberto nodded his head again.

Not long after, a man, standing not far from them, immediately threatened Alberto. "Just wait, Alberto! I'll get revenge on you."

When Doctor Vega turned around and approached the man, the man smiled. He said it kindly. "Doctor Vega, please come with me!"


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