Book cover of “Lovely Secret and Lies“ by Elena Titania

Lovely Secret and Lies

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Elena Titania
"I like you," he said, and I returned my gaze to him. Did I hear it right? "You must be sick," I uttered. He chuckled. "Correction. We are both sick, Johan." *** Johan Williams is a 17-year-old lad, a normal high school student, dating his childhood sweetheart out of similarity, not love.     He knows something is wrong. He isn't attracted to... 

Chapter 1. I Love You

"I love you,' he says. Before I could say a word, he gently held my face and kissed me on my lips.

"I love you as well.' When he pulled away from the kiss, I responded. His eyes were filled with sadness and love. What went wrong, and why do I feel like this is the last time I was going to see him? He sighed as he rested his brow on my head.

"What is it, Haru?' Something is wrong, I inquired. It's there in my bones and I can feel it.

He was weird today.

"There isn't anything, Johan.' He smiled sadly at me. Why do I feel like there's something I'm supposed to know?"

"Are you sure, because your face shows you're worried?' I cupped my hands around his face and looked him in the eyes. "Tell me, what's wrong, is there anything I can do to help?'

"Whenever you look at me like that, Johan, it turns me on.' He said this while still smiling at me.

"Don't try to change the subject, Haru, what's the matter?' I know him well, and when he's like this, he always tries to change the topic and say something else. I'm having a bad feeling about this.

"Can we...discuss this later?' he asked, staring at me. 'Please.' He begged me to listen to him.

I'm pretty sure he will tell me when the time is right, but I still want him to depend on me. After all, I love him from the bottom of my heart.

I love him and I will do anything to be the person he wants me to be and make us work.

I nodded in agreement. 'Okay." We began walking silently down the road. Then he asked, 'How is your mother doing now?'

We kept walking, and then I said. "She's fine, it's just...,' I hesitated. Then I shook my head to clear my mind of any negative thoughts. 'I can only hope for the best, she's getting married?' I informed him casually, like it was no big deal.

'What?' he asked, surprised. 'I'm not sure, but why are you telling me this now?' He stated.

"I could have told you, but you were too busy. I didn't want to bother you and cause a diversion.' I elaborated.

"It's not a diversion. It's good news, Johan,' he laughed as he tapped me on the shoulder, then frowned at me.

"Yeah." I muttered.

"I've been meaning to ask, what about your father?"

I stared at his lovely eyes and turned to my feet as I strolled. "He left before my younger sister, Elsa, was born." I answered.

"I'm so sorry, I shouldn't have asked." He apologized.

"You don't need to, he was a complete jerk and to this day, I don't know why he left and Mom wouldn't tell me, she keeps saying he did some sort of faggot stuff and warned me never to talk about him again." I elaborated, my gaze darted towards the sky.

"You don't seem happy, do you?' He inquired. "About your mother's marriage."

I turned to face him and said. "I'm content; at the very least, she has found happiness in her life, it's been years, like ever since I was born, I've ever seen such a happy smile. So, I hope her marriage will last, however...,' I lowered my gaze to the ground, both hands in my pockets.

"However, what?' He inquired, perplexed.

"I don't like the man, something about him doesn't feel right.' I stated.

"Have you discussed this with your mother?' He raised a question.

"I did, but she just said, 'Don't worry, Johan. He's a very nice man, and once you get to know him, you will like him. she says.'' I mimicked my mother's voice and rolled my eyes like hers. 'Stop laughing, Haru,' I exclaimed when I noticed he had begun laughing.

"She's seriously such a lovesick fool,' I groaned.

"Hey, don't talk about your mother that way,' he said, but as soon as he said it. He burst out laughing again and collapsed on the ground. What's so funny that he's laughing so hard?

"Haru, stop laughing.' I said. 'Come on, what's the big deal?' When I saw that he wasn't stopping, I became irritated and began walking away, leaving him to laugh his head off. But I liked how he was chuckling.

It made me happy because he had been moody for a while, but seeing him laugh now chills me with excitement.

"Wait a minute?' He yelled and dashed after me. 'You didn't have to leave like that, babe,' he said, still gasping for air. 'And you didn't have to laugh so hard that you couldn't stop laughing.' I grumbled, pretending that what he was doing was bothering me.

"Come on, you were so amusing, cute, with that face you were making that I didn't have a choice. I couldn't stop myself, you know,' he admitted, still holding back his chuckle.

I sighed, what could I do, he would still laugh, better to let him be.

"It's getting late; could you please escort me home?' I studied.

"No problem, babe,' he said with a smile.

He kissed me and wished me a good night after escorting me home.

"Do you know how much I love you, babe?' Why was he hugging me, he whispered in my hair. 'Always and forever remember, Johan, that I will never stop loving you?' He hugged me so tightly as if it were the last time I'd ever see him.

"I love you as well, Haru, and I will remember that forever.' I said this while kissing him on the neck. I still have a bad feeling about this. He said we could talk later, but perhaps I should just give him some time to tell me about it.

After that, he waved at me and exited through my gate, which I had closed.

My life begins.

Johan Williams is my name. I'm seventeen years old, with a younger sister and a best friend named Jack. I've always been who I am.

My other best friend's name is Ava, and my girlfriend's name is Charlotte. These are people who meant a lot to me before I met Haru.

Okay, I understand what you're thinking. I'm a fucking worthless cheater. That I am deserving of death right now.

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