Book cover of “My Ruthless Ex-Husband“ by Midnight Snow

My Ruthless Ex-Husband

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Midnight Snow
“I hate women like you! Yes, I will marry you, but you will live in hell!” He roared while his eyes glared at her. She clenched her fist, holding the pregnancy certificate. She didn’t have a choice but to cling to him... He was the only one who could save her and her family from a huge debt. “Thank you... As long as you acknowledge the child in m... 

Chapter 1

Tracy took out her phone and quickly scribbled a message for her husband. "Congratulations on your third anniversary... Arrive home early. I have a surprise for you that you will undoubtedly like..."

Tracy put down her phone and headed to the kitchen to resume cooking after sending this message. Her skin is glistening. Earlier, he was unconcerned with the news.

"Ma'am, I'll assist you..." replied the servant.

Tracy shook her head and grinned. "There's no need... I'd want to cook for him so you can go back to work."

Tracy inspires jealousy in the servant. "You're too kind, ma'am." I'm certain Sir will be pleased tonight."

Tracy smiled but did not respond. Are she and Sean truly in love? Tracy smirks at herself since she knows it's all for show.

Sean got home at seven o'clock in the evening, and the maid eagerly departed.

Tracy just set the table. She felt the warm breath on her neck, then the finger on her chin, as she was cooking the supper. Tracy turned, but before she could say anything, Sean pecked her lips - it was passionate and exploratory.

Tracy was surprised for a second and reached out to push him away, but Sean put his arms around her waist, gripped her chin with his long fingers, and his dark eyes narrowed slightly. Then a word was spewed forth that had no warmth to it. "You expressly requested that I return. Isn't it just for this?"

Tracy quietly explained: "No, today is our third wedding anniversary, and I have a gift for you."

Sean released go of her, straightened his shirt, and added gently, "The gift is unnecessary." After all, your shocks have always shocked but not delighted me."

Tracy's lips pursed, and without retort, she turned and went about her business.

They soon begin to eat...

Tracy sat across from Sean and poured him a glass of red wine. She took up her glass and said, "To celebrate our third wedding anniversary, cheers."

The man's attractive features under the spotlights. Sean Pattinson's hard jawline is frigid and deep, the bridge of his nose is straight, and his thin lips are slightly lifted, suggesting that he is dissatisfied with the celebration. Tracy grinned, not expecting him to reply to her. Sean took up the wineglass and raised his head to gulp it.

She proceeded to pour a second cup... then another when she finished the first. Tracy was finally intoxicated after several drinks, laying on the table staring at the guy who had never been concerned by her. "It's our anniversary, Sean Pattinson... Could you please give me a small smile?"

"What exactly do you want me to do? Do you want me to go crazy with you or accompany you to this extremely boring anniversary?" Sean shot back.

"How can it possibly be boring?" Tracy makes a comment.

Sean grinned, as if he'd heard a joke, and then murmured. "Then will you let me go all the way?"

Tracy shook the remaining liquid in the cup, and the soothing light wet her eyes slightly. "It ought to be able... No way. "

Sean didn't want to spend time with her, so he went upstairs. In irritation, he undid his tie and removed his jacket, and as he unbuttoned his shirt, a pair of soft small hands curled around his back, and the fragrance of wine followed.

"Don't be concerned. My gift has not been delivered..." Tracy murmurs seductively.

Sean turned around, placed his hands in his pockets, and stared at Tracy without saying anything.

Tracy's cheeks were flushed, and a set of innocent eyes peered at him, causing onlookers to freeze. Sean's deep throat knot rolled, even though he didn't want to acknowledge it, but the woman in front of him was undeniably lovely. She has the ability to melt any man's heart.

He wouldn't have been in the way if she hadn't placed him there in the first place. Then his attention is drawn to her fiery lips... Sean raised Tracy's chin without hesitation, pushed his lips, and forced her apart as Tracy's small hands crept into his shirt.

Tracy could feel Sean's searing kiss, but she refused to give in. Tracy reacted to the kiss with the same fervor. Tracy was overcome with passion and failed to see that Sean had already placed her on the bed.

Sean gripped Tracy's arm with both hands and silently taunted her, "Didn't you say you don't want to?"

"Don't you realize that what women say differs from what they think?" Tracy replied.

Sean scoffed, lowered his head, and kissed her again.

Tracy was more vigilant tonight, her teeth biting his lip as the rusty scent of blood filled their lips. Who will prevail and who will dominate the other in the kiss?

Tracy blew up the surprise she had planned for Sean just as he was going to fetch the condom from the side table. "Sean Pattinson, let's get a divorce."

The guy who was hovering over her halted. "What exactly are you talking about?"

Tracy repeated her words despite knowing he heard it properly. "Let's go get a divorce."

As Sean stood up, his passion evaporated in an instant. "How much money do you want?" Tracy had always been like this. Sean became used to the methods that came out in a constant stream in order to beg for money without having the means.

"Not even a single penny." Tracy scribbled a divorce agreement beneath her pillow. "... see? You may sign it if there is no issue."

Sean's expression was solemn and melancholy. "Tracy, you had better know when to stop. I don't have time to play this boring trick on you," he answered bitterly.

"Didn't I promise to surprise you tonight? I believe that my gift is the best for everyone."

Sean glanced at her expressionlessly and felt for some reason that her grin was a touch unsteady.

Tracy laughed. "Sean, I wish you a happy divorce."

Sean's thin lips lifted, and he inquired a few seconds later. "Are you sure you're serious?"

Tracy gave a nod. "What? This is happiness... I'm sure you like it."

"Fine! Don't you dare to be sorry!" Sean abruptly ended this statement and slammed the door shut.

Tracy lowered her gaze to the divorce document she was holding. Sean didn't even bother to look at it.

Tracy packed everything that night. She just placed her belongings before becoming Mrs. Sean Pattinson.

Sean purchased jewelry, purses, shoes, and clothing, but Tracy left everything behind. It's not worth it for her.

Tracy still picked up the divorce document that was laying on the chilly coffee table after she departed.

Tracy glanced at the dining table as she passed by, and the dinnerware in front of Sean was immaculate, and he had not moved at all.

As expected, this wedding anniversary is as unpopular as ever. It's thankfully overwhelmed by divorce anniversaries.

"Surely, Sean is hurrying to tell his lover that he is finally free..." Tracy felt a feeling of comfort as she sat in the cab, looking out the window at the passing countryside.

She is preparing to return to her ghetto after three years as a phony Mrs. Pattinson. Tracy gives a sour grin.

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