Book cover of “Our Little Dirty Secret“ by Rue Spears

Our Little Dirty Secret

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Rue Spears
"I don't do dates, and I most certainly am not looking for a relationship. I am, however, looking forward to ripping that blouse off you." *** Octavia Cosmo and Keir Hydra are childhood friends; they come to a compromise after being in a series of unhealthy relationships with their past partners to be in a friend's beneficial situation to satisfy... 

Part 1. Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This book contains mature content. Reader discretion advised.

Hydra Mansion

"Fuck," Keir moaned as he placed his hand on her head motioning her to reduce her pace as she was at the edge of making him lose his mind but she didn't stop rather she continued gagging on his manhood swiftly and at intervals, she would meet his eyes with a smile on her face.

"Damn," Keir moaned again this time loudly as he released into her mouth, watching her take all of him as she swallowed. He didn't know how they had gotten here but he was pleased, his parents had organized a get-together with all their shareholders and as usual, Octavia had suggested they go have their meeting in his office.

It wasn't new to them getting butt naked in his office and depriving pleasure of each other, it all started a year ago when Octavia had gone through a devastating breakup. It was so devastating that it made the headline news, she had come back home from her baecation with a swollen lip, black eyes, and a swollen cheek. She looked like a boxer and Keir regretted telling her to date that bastard.

He didn't understand how a man would beat a woman to this point just because of some flimsy excuse, he had called the police immediately and got the idiot arrested despite Octavia's plea that he should let the matter be. No one had the right to hurt his friend like this, not when she had barely healed from her previous relationship.

It started to Dawn on him that he and Octavia were having issues being in a relationship when he also encountered two heartbreaks that year, his relationships barely ever lasted some months. He couldn't understand what these women wanted that he wasn't offering, was it the sex? Was it the money? Was it the attention? He had everything to give but still, yet they just ended up either cheating on him or not being able to go on with the relationship.

Octavia one day came up with the idea that till they could figure out this whole relationship thing they could take pleasure from each other, it was a good idea as they were childhood friends and had come to an understanding on certain issues but Keir had suggested they sealed it off with a contract that came with rules and regulations.

The deal was signed, their lips locked and here he was a year later getting his dick sucked like never before. He placed it back into his pants when he realized she was done, he picked her up and scooped her onto the little couch in his office as he bent down to pleasure her.

He raised her gown over his head and dived down, fuck! She wasn't wearing any panties. He didn't see that coming, it seemed she already knew this was going to happen. He had barely touched her when a knock on the door popped up loudly, he felt Octavia shiver as she pulled him up dropping her gown down immediately.

“Who the fuck is that?” Keir barked not believing this was happening right now when things were about to go down between him and Octavia, he stared at Octavia who seemed tensed about the whole situation then he stared back at the door waiting for whoever might be at the door to fucking respond.

“Sorry Sir, madam was asking of you and she seemed keen on coming to get you if she doesn’t see you at the event soon.”

“Very well, go and stall her a bit,” Keir yelled back as he heard the footstep fading away slowly, he heard Octavia chuckle as she tried to wriggle free from Keir's clutches, this was part of the reason she didn’t like meeting up in his house, especially during special events like this but she didn’t know what had gotten into her today. She had even decided to go commando which was something she would never find herself doing.

The worst part of meeting up in his house was that she was constantly reminded that his security team was fully aware of their little escapade but several times Keir had reassured her that none of them would dare tell a soul.

“What are you doing?” Keir asked noticing she was withdrawing from his advances.

“What do you mean what am I doing? Do you want your mum to walk in on us?”

“It won’t be that bad,” Keir teased and got a look of disbelief on Octavia’s face as she stood up adjusting her gown hurriedly, while Keir sighed and took a seat on the couch adjusting his hard-on that was already suppressing in his trouser. She couldn’t even imagine Laura, Keir’s mother walking in on them. She was sure the news would spread and Laura would be hellbent on getting the two of them married. Keir’s mother had in some way chipped in them getting married in some of their conversations, everyone always felt it was her joking but to Octavia, she could swear she was sure that she wasn’t bluffing about the whole thing.

She rushed to the table and opened her mini purse as she brought out her mirror to check on her makeup, she wasn’t one to do much makeup, just a little powder and her lipstick. She took the lipstick from her bag and reapplied it hurriedly.

“How do I look?” she asked Keir returning the lipstick and the mirror to her mini purse as she stared at him. Keir stared at her smiling as he walked up to her and placed a kiss on her lips.

“You look good,” he reassured her. “I will leave first.”

Keir adjusted his tie and walked out of the office, Octavia stared at the door counting the seconds in her head, if she was to come out she was going to take the passage leading to the kitchen because Laura hadn’t seen her come in. She adjusted her gown once more and walked out of the office.

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