Book cover of “Pillars of Haven“ by Sileas Hills

Pillars of Haven

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Sileas Hills
“He’s all that, huh?” he spat. “Yeah, he’s knowledgeable, has gorgeous eyes...” She trailed off, glancing up at him. “Gorgeous eyes, huh?” he murmured, watching as she swallowed hard. “Uh huh, and he’s quite se—” she yelped when he pulled her to him. “He’s all these things, but is he this?” He kissed her. India has always been different. Bu... 

Chapter 1


The Abysthe Journals

History was written for men, by men who wanted pomp and glory and immortalization on the rough pages of books. It did not want the stories of women—their lives, loves, and reigns. These were just footnotes in the long line of male conquerors.

This history, though, is one that refused to be silenced, and it all starts on a cold, windy night in our fair realm.It was the reign of Queen Reagent Isla Savant, a refined noble queen with a daughter who was as beautiful—with hair as red as flames and eyes that were as green as moss—as she was arrogant. She was a princess, a crown princess. Hence, all things were meant for her pleasure.

Ilaide Savant was the flighty princess of the Pillar of Glass, one of the kingdoms in the Haven.

All were used to her flights of fancy and delusions, but only one would birth dangerous, disastrous consequences.Ilaide had found love in the arms of the King of the Pillar of Stone, Treston.

The two kingdoms were not friendly. Years of war and the immovable pride of men had seen to that. As such, Queen Isla was against the union, much to her daughter’s well-known discontent...

***Ilaide flicked the blood-red gown that shimmered in the light. Her hair flowed down her back and twined in an intricate braid that would be the fashion of all noble ladies of the Glass for weeks to come and the Stone as well when she married Treston.“You will not go to Treston. He is the Stone king, Ilaide,” her mother ground out, and she resisted the urge to sigh.

“You can’t stop me, mother. I love him,” she replied. Her mother seemed ready to linger on this quite unsavory topic. Treston was a handsome, virile man, and to top it off, he was a king. Ilaide would not settle for less.“He doesn’t love you. Not as you think and not as you should be loved. He is from Stone, and it is not in their nature to love,” Queen Isla said, the last words she whispered.“And how would you know what love is, you who has never known it?” Ilaide asked, her voice shrill, seeking to wound, and she did succeed. The pain was fleeting, but it lit the queen’s eye, and then it bled to rage.“Leave this palace, Ilaide, and you will return not. Not you and not your baby,” the queen said, her tone calm and final. Shock washed over Ilaide, but the queen was resolved in the way parents often were to teach their child a lesson, and so, like all children, Ilaide rebelled. She stood straight.

“Very well, I shall leave. I will invite you to the wedding,” she sneered, “but remember, this throne will not forever be yours, Reagent,” she turned away with all the righteous security of a naive arrogant child.

Ilaide thought herself clever in the ways of love and men. She was as stunning as the most treasured stone in the kingdom of Glass. She was a noblewoman. Hence, there was no reason a man would not be won by her charms. But Treston was not a man who reveled in beauty. He was from the kingdom of Stone, and he was immune to such triviality.

Treston was a strong king. He had been one for over two decades. He was a proud man. Unlike other kings, he had grown to be a stern man. As a ruler responsible for his people, he needed to be. But it also had left him jaded.“And we will take the child once it is born like the prophecy says?” his advisor Kal asked.“Yes, the child will be the key I use to seize control of both Glass and Stone.”“And the princess, my Lord?”“We shall keep her until the child is weaned. Then she will be taken care of.”The sound of a gasp made him stiffen. It was expected. After all, the girl was very spirited. She would have discovered this sooner or later.

“Ilaide, my dear, how is your mother?” he asked, walking down the stairs, and there was no reply.

Ilaide froze, plastered against the pillars that stood tall at the castle entrance, hoping it would hide her from the castle. She lightened her steps and called her power to her summoning the already tempestuous wind. Breath heaving, she ran. Pushing the wind behind her, covering herself in the dust it raised and the barrier it served, shielding her from Treston and his men. She ran toward her horse and clambered on, urging him toward the border town, toward the pillar of Glass, hoping to cross, to get home, but then her mother’s word rang a tune.

“Leave this palace, Ilaide, and you will return not. Not you and not your baby.” Tears stung her eyes, turning them red, and pride twisted and unfounded grew with a muffled curse. She turned away and urged the horse far and hard to the borders that led to the realm Terra. She touched her stomach and made a vow. She would bear this child. She would be queen, and all would rue the day they had crossed her.

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