Book cover of “Secret Lady Demon“ by As_RedDiel

Secret Lady Demon

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Ongoing
  • Language: English
  • Author: As_RedDiel
A well-known holy hero is granted the opportunity to be reborn after she defeats her husband, who was known as the Demon Contractor. Despite her deep love for her husband, her husband had turned into a villain in their kingdom. She had promised to stand by him through thick and thin, but circumstances led her to break that promise... When reborn... 

Chapter 1

The three elongated horns of the infected wolves, sharp with poisonous blades, kicked and lashed at all the flesh, writhing in fear.

Out of the blades of the fortune of God Sayren, the wolves howled their favorite tune at night when they visited their food source.

Many people in this little town are running for their lives while praying for God Sayren's fortune. God Sayren is the Goddess of Security and is also rumored to be the one who managed to give assistance to the warriors who fight against beasts.

Mainly, the townspeople never left their town because they couldn't. They aren't allowed to bequeath to the nearest town because of the threat of a much more powerful monster blocking them than the monster living around in their town.

And if they try to leave, they can’t reach the boundary of the other neighborhood town, and surely they will die in just a second, or before their arrival, they will be out of basic necessities due to the many stops that they need to make. Each route toward the other town had monsters scattered in the area, in possession of barracks, or a deathly crow. So, they don't have any other choice but to put themselves behind fear. Their lives are at risk.

“We already took the amount of this basement. We can't keep up with them. Hope the mercy of God Sayren bless on us," the priest said with hope in his tone, a priest located in this town. Only the wanted amount of the chamber can prolong life against the beast aboveground. This room is only made for larger pennies, or in other words, only for nobles.

As the priest clasped his hands together, everyone inside the basement also did what he did and prayed individually for their safety. ' Cries. Groan of sorrow invades the whole corner of the room.



Yet, as their 'prayers' message the Gods to awaken their blessings upon them, giving their safety as a gift of security, they can still hear the sorrow and hopelessness of the helpless citizens.


"P-please h-have mercy on me! God Sayren! Protect me!"

While above ground....

The wolves showed their many sharp teeth as they chased the thug-looking man before piercing him with their horns. The blood flew everywhere, splattered above the land and grass, as his scream cried along the blow of rotten air.

"1," the dull-gray lashes of "Masked-Man" flicked her sword, pointing at the man who has been busied by the lustful wolf by eating his dumb belly.

"2," then she pointed down her gaze at the wolf in front of the man made cave. Surely a bunch of people hide there.

"3" wolves in this place are not a simple wolf that people usually know nor cute. It is rather called the standing huge wolves with three elongated horns. A wolf, nearly as high as the hell of Satan's horn and eternity of fire of pain.

"4." Her eyes molded in anger but deeply bored at what she sees in the scene. Infected wolves are mostly not attacking so fiercely or actively. It is simply wandering and knows how to hunt if it eyes its own prey. Wolves don't seem dangerous, though at first sight, they move along with their use of brains. Even they are monstrous products of the sudden eruption of unknown solipsism.

"5," and this place is odd. Furthermore, it is not new that wolves have mostly eaten flesh, nor have other creatures devoured humans. But how they have seemed eaten by hunger is abysmal. As if they hadn't been fed weeks or months ago.

"6." About a decade ago, people became aware of their existence but unaware of their sudden hang of savor. The townspeople were surely affected by something unusual in this place that lured out these wolves. She can sense the unbalanced pressure surrounding the area, but the core isn't located around it.

"7," what would that be? Is it a thing or a spell? An item that made their desire grow stronger to flesh out meat.

"Our Dawlli is in agony. Aging is merciful torture. Our praise is not enough! Not all of us trust God!" The priest shouted in fury. Anxiety is causing them to be agitated and restless. The outside noise is clear on their behalf. It is more clear. But their basement is severely covered by the destroyed hall of the town to protect it from balling into meals.

People got scared and cried on their knees. Desperation in their tight clasp and a shout of praise swarm all over the place. The spasming of tears reached the ground as the terror raised more clouds of blood.

The 'Masked Man's' lip twitched. 'How pathetic!" she said in her mind with disgust.

'They are only digging their own graves.'

"Yet insufficient if they are still breathing," she said in her mind. She expected this to happen. The details of their plan to make a safety hall like this are not rigid and stable. She can see how they plan to die. And their sound is only dragging the wolves in their direction.


"Do the gods always fondle this? How demented!" she then sighed. People always rely on the gods of what they believe; they always ask for their help and seek their hands. And always the one who responds with love and pity is the false gods, or what they buried along with the truth, Dawlop.

The 'Masked Man' jumped and swung her sword while in the air before stroking it to thrust for not a keen one. Peirce is deep on its head while rampaging in its throe.

The nearby wolf noticed her appearance and suddenly ran in her direction with hunger mixed with rage. She then quickly struck a sparkling dark ray in the direction of the wolf before it could reach her. She spread her wings and flew at mid-level in the air.

She could see the two wolves on the ground; they were siblings. She bit her tongue. This is one of the things she always wrote in her journal. Monsters have hearts of their own. " Romantic!"

She smirked and slashed out her sword, happily meeting the wolf race. She grasped and held her sword long enough to penetrate through another skull. This is the killer's past time around.



Drive on the ground.

Leap openly at the close wolf.


Wield with grief.


Laugh of annoyance.

And she roughly and mercifully struck the pointed shape of the sword on its eyes as exactly as she did to other wolves closing in feet in her direction.

Without further ado, seconds never had order nor luck; it was her way of managing her spotted prey. Penetrating sword on the wolf's chest.

"This sh*tly creature had the nerve to f*cking soak me with their rotten blood! Screw you pest!" She shouted.

'My hair is wet right now and stinks.' Damn, I'll be facing damn lectures later! '

"But before that, I need a shower."

Ooooppppppsssss. She was about to shun when she heard voices on the ground; she nearly forgot the people in the basement desperately praying for God Sayren. “As if that bitch would listen. That damn b*tch is fake and a user. Protection, my ass.“

She narrowed her eyes on their direction (the basement with a pile of rubble at the top of it), and she expected it would drag their closing end. The blood of a huge wolf above their door was splattered and carried through their gate. They will be swimming exactly in their deaths. They couldn't remove the debris, and the destroyed part of the hall covered their door. It needs more man strength inside to lift it, or it will be impossible for them to restrain it.

They will die anyway.

She is about to utter her goodbyes to the town when she is stopped by a teenager in dirty, worn-out clothes with blood and ash. "Child of God, save my elder! My grandma is in there! We separate our ways while we take hidden routes." She stares at the child.

He is still young, but he was sacrificed in this hell just to save one life.

It is not her mistake for morons to plant hidden zones underground in bombed halls. The basement where they took refuge is not for saving and sparing their lives ( literally, there is no safe place around the world); it is all full of threats. And saving their lives with their pathetic idea is a waste of time. Saying a safe place in hell is not far from being an idiot.

And surely, That Gay God Sayren is watching right now, forwardly looking for her response. As if she would give any answer that would entertain that darn god.

"Death is inevitable; I don't play sword for saving the pathetic ideas of yours. You town, agreed, of that sentimental basement built with your tax for safety zone. It is not my duty to save them, and neither is the Child of the Gods blessed in me."

The teenager dropped his jaw in disbelief. And horror at what he heard from her.

That gay God is always amused by the kindness of anyone. She blessed her loyal servants with her grace, blessing the newborn child who is chosen in her eyes with abilities to scout people and not letting them lose hope. That gay God was never fond of bad manners and betrayal. And she's worse than called to be kind by God. She always turned her back when people were in need of her help or were actually happily entertaining herself by peeling them alive.

“Yes, she is not fond of betrayal from her people, but she always loves to betray them when in need.”

God of protection? Ridiculous.

'There is no chance I will let the gods have their amusement. '

“Clyde, you can save them,“ she said to Clyde (an angel), who has been with her all along. “The false gods can't see a pure angel, so you can save the people in the town if you want.“

Clyde has invisible skills that only she can see. He is her guardian angel after all—the one who always guards her like a kid. Without a word, Clyde went back and did what she said.

She bit her lips, preventing herself from showing a smile, before flying away from the town. But something blocked her in mid-air; she didn't notice it, which is why she bumped roughly into the invisible barrier in front of her and fell fast to the ground.

She grunted when her back hit the ground, and her head got unluckily hit by a sudden strike of the wind that led to her losing consciousness. However, instead of losing her whole consciousness, she felt like she was sent to another place. A place that has a different vibe than the world she came from. A world that is full of the beautiful gloss of the environment and sparkling feathers flying along the peaceful weather. Then, when she turned her sight to the place of the sudden sound of the flute, she saw a man with a blurry face standing and lending his hand, waiting for her to reach it.

And said it with a deep, hoarse voice.

“It's been a long time, my flame. Have you missed me?"

“Who are you?“

And she was just there, confused, but she could feel the tears falling from her eyes, flowing down to her cheeks, and falling down when they reached her chin. She's crying unknowingly. And her heart was at peace before a sudden stroke of the red sky, hammering the beautiful fences of this world and showing the opposite of it, from the sky, the clouds, slowly turning back to her hell place.

As if that place was just a piece of imagination created by the impact she received. “What was that?“ She said, holding her head because she was feeling fuzzy.

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