Book cover of “God of Olympus“ by Taylor Brooks

God of Olympus

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Taylor Brooks
“Aphrodite, my sweet, even though pain, even when I am put on trial, I will continue to serve and praise you! I shall prove my love and devotion to you!” Michail cried out again with every ounce of energy left in him. He is ready to do anything to win her love. Aphrodite is impressed by his loyalty and devotion. But the mortal can’t get the godd... 

Chapter 1

The heat scorched his skin as Michail trudged his way down the deserted path, grains of sand filling his sandals as his feet slightly dipped down the thick and hot earth. Beads of sweat outlined his forehead, and his thick beard did not help him underneath the sun. Despite the heat, Michail was determined to reach his destination; his months of planning, hoping, and praying finally came down to putting his devotion towards the goddess Aphrodite into action.

He couldn’t help but smile that curved upon his fleshy pink lips as his eyes closed for a moment, envisioning the goddess standing in front of him in all her glory and beauty, with her aura blinding him and filling his body with warmth, love, and positivity Aphrodite radiated. He could almost feel her soft touch when his feet stumbled upon a rock, his imagination interrupted, and he was awoken by the scorching heat of his journey.

It only pushed him to keep going as he neared his destination, the sight of Mount Olympus growing and growing in height.

Finally, after a few more grunts and sweat dripping down his forehead and arms, he reached the perfect spot to begin his worship in hopes of getting the goddess's attention.

He removed the satchel from his body and let it fall to the ground, looking around him. There were no trees in sight, not even shrubs, plants, or boulders. Several meters ahead of him was the forest that outlined Mount Olympus, its height rising above the clouds, the tip nowhere in sight.

He wasn't sure if this would work. Here he was, standing a good distance away from the legendary mountain, the fog collided with the clouds hiding the continuous height of the earth as slivers of light escaped through the gaps. Would the goddess Aphrodite really hear him? He's never heard of anyone in his town trying to do something like this, but he was sure he would be the first. And he was willing to do anything to get what he wanted.

“Oh, my sweet, sweet goddess Aphrodite! I call upon your majestic and sublime glory!” Michail began as he lifted his hands in the air, open palms pointing towards Mount Olympus. “I come before you, humbled and meek, asking you to show me your beauty and love!”

He paused for a moment. The sun continued to thaw his skin, and his sweat only grew. He was both nervous and tired from his walk. But he wasn’t about to give up.

“Aphrodite, sweet and true! I, Michail of Athens, stand before you with praises and a troubled heart! I adore your beauty for it blinds me, it ignites the fires within me, and I can no more restrain the beating of my heart and singing of my songs…show me your love and your sweet, sweet, divine face!”

His heart hammered against his chest as his throat began to feel dry from his crying and exhaustion. But he didn’t just go there only for his plan to be ruined – it was only the first attempt of many. His second option, however, was something different, more torturous; but he was ready to do anything, not when he waited years for his plan to be put into action.

“Aphrodite, my love, if you do not answer me…if my sweet cries and genuine outpour of feelings do not satisfy you, I leave you no choice,” he cried out again, his deep and rich voice slowly cracking and breaking. He needed water, and he was nervous to begin his act.

He settled down on the hot sand, sitting in front of the mountain as the heat continued seeping through his skin. With every minute, his body thirsted for water, and hours from now, his stomach would begin churning on an empty gut.

He planned to stay there and starve himself for as long as it would take for the goddess to answer and heed his prayers. Nothing could be more devoted than a man sacrificing his days for his beloved goddess.

Seconds turned into minutes, and minutes turned into hours. His skin began to burn from the sun, and the sweat did not stop leaving his pores. His throat was dry, and his stomach growled, begging for food.

He closed his eyes and gripped his clothes with sweaty and shaking palms, not wanting to show weakness and hesitation in front of the mountain where the most powerful gods and goddesses resided. It was possible that not only Aphrodite could be watching him, but a few of them as well. It was no new news that the immortals would roam the mortal world as they wished, disguised in unfamiliar and mundane faces.

“Aphrodite, my sweet, even though pain, even when I am put on trial, I will continue to serve and praise you! I shall prove my love and devotion to you!” Michail cried out again with every ounce of energy left in him. His subconscious screamed at him to stop that this was a ridiculous plan and he should just flee like a coward. But he couldn't, not when he's planned for this for most of his life.

“Please, my love, show me your beauty! Show me your mercy! Show me you!” Michail cried out again. But the pain was becoming too much for him. His head began to spin from the lack of water his body needed, and the heat worsened his situation. He was tired, hurt, and thirsty. If he stayed there for another hour, he was sure he wouldn't survive.

The afternoon had passed, and evening came. With the lack of food and water to sustain his body, Michail remained restless on the ground, eyes drooping, yet he was thankful for the cool breeze the evening offered. Stars glittered in the cloudless sky, and the moon nestled among them, bright and round.

“I will not leave, my queen!” Michail exclaimed. “Even if I have to die here, I shall not give up. I have only started my journey to see you. I will not stop until I come face to face with your beauty!”

His mind cried out to give up and go home where he could be in the comforts of his bed and the satisfaction of eating the bread and wine that remained untouched on his table. But he couldn't bear to return as his mind fought the urge to surrender to exhaustion and collapse underneath the cold evening.

He would stay and prove his devotion; not even a storm or hail could stop him this time.


The following morning had arrived. Michail was no better than he was yesterday. His skin turned into blisters, and it was difficult to move around. His head throbbed, his throat was dry, and the corners of his eyes were a blur of black spots. He could lose his life little by little.

Despite his pain and the possibility of falling unconscious underneath the midday sun, he smiled up at the beautiful, cloudless sky, staring at the hidden peak of Mount Olympus, wondering if the goddess he hoped for was there, watching and listening to him.

“Good morning, beautiful and loving Aphrodite!” Michail greeted as he forced the corners of his lips to curl into a smile. “I shall wait for you once again, no matter how long it shall take me. I know you are listening, and I shall stay here and wait for you to rescue me. Are you not pleased with my devotions?”

But he only received silence, which was expected.

“If you see me, and you really do care for me, will you show yourself to me? Will you stop me from succumbing to another trial that will threaten my mortal life?” Michail challenged, making sure he raised his weak hands in emphasis. “Because I am ready to once again prove my love and devotion to you, my goddess, as I begin this day and the rest of the days until my very last breath.”

As Michail raised his head, the world around him began to spin, and his vision began to fail him. Just when he fell to the ground and his head hit the damp soil, a blinding white light met his eyes, and a sudden gush of warm wind was the last thing he felt before he went unconscious.

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