Book cover of “She Looks Like Her“ by lostwinterstar

She Looks Like Her

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: lostwinterstar
Ginny and Selene were inseparable best friends despite their opposite personalities—Selene's carefree nature contrasted with Ginny's seriousness. Ginny found solace in Damian, Selene's boyfriend, and their growing attraction led to a fateful kiss that Selene witnessed. Tragically, a fire broke out, taking Selene's life. Years later, Ginny and Da... 


Ginny’s POV

It was dark outside, and I could hear the loud crickets.

I looked at the wall clock positioned at the top right corner of my office and saw that it was already 7:39 PM. The firm should have closed 39 minutes ago, but because of the numerous paper works, I still hadn’t been able to close up.

Due to my busyness in the past few days, I only realized now that it’s already June 6.

Oh right… Gail and I actually planned to meet today.

I sighed heavily.

June 6.

The date that always haunted me.

It had been seven years since that day… but my feelings remained unchanged every time this day came. It’s still saddening… and regrettable.

I stood up from the swivel chair where I was sitting and looked at our picture placed in the small drawer where I keep my files in my office. I had my arm around her, and she had hers around me in the picture. We were also wearing matching outfits—if I remember correctly, I gave it to her as a birthday gift. We used to be so close to the point of being inseparable.

As I looked at the picture, I also remembered how happy we were. How carefree and easy life was back then… before I committed the biggest mistake of my life. A mistake that I still regret… but continue to make even now. There’s just no way around it… I really love Damian. And it turned out… he also loves me. How can we stop that? Our situation is difficult because what cost this relationship that we have was Selene’s life.

Damian blamed himself, too… but he was able to let go of it and always told me that we didn’t intentionally start that fire… and we still tried to save Selene back then, but we just couldn’t.

“I miss you, Leaf…” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. If she were still here, would she still let me call her ‘Leaf’? Maybe… maybe not. I’ve committed such a huge sin.

“I will never tire of apologizing to you… I love you, my best friend.” I embraced that picture frame as tears slowly escaped from my eyes.

I took another deep breath, wiped away my tears, and then placed the picture frame back where it was earlier.

After that, I packed up my things to go home. I organized the scattered papers on my desk based on their dates and then placed them in my file organizer. I also threw away the crumpled papers where I had scribbled some calculations earlier.

Just when I thought that everything I needed was already in my bag, I noticed my journal under my desk. I retrieved my journal, and since the cement in my office was still a bit dusty as it hadn’t been tiled yet, I dusted off my journal. While I was dusting it off, I noticed that there was a sticky note on the cover. A red sticky note. I hadn’t read what was written on it yet, but I was certain that I knew that handwriting. I recognized it. I couldn’t remember whose it was, but I knew I had seen it before.

As I read what was written, goosebumps started to spread all over my body.

Beware of Autumn; it will surely make you fall

Beware of Autumn; it will come, and vengeance is for all

Beware of Autumn; it will be back, and it will get what you stole before

Beware of Autumn; with it, a leaf will be broken, and its heart will be torn

Beware of Autumn; it will surely make you fall—fall into pieces.

—Your Greatest Downfall.

I dropped my journal in fear and unease from what I read, and my heartbeat gradually intensified. Is this… is this a threat? Is this really for me? As far as I know, I don’t have any enemies. I haven’t done anything wrong… well, except for Selene, of course. That’s the only grave sin that I committed as far as I can remember. Besides that, there’s nothing else.

I know I’m a good person. Could… could this be her? But… it’s not possible. She’s already dead. She has been dead for seven years. A ghost is an inanimate object… it’s impossible for a ghost to write when I know for a fact that a ghost can’t hold something tangible. But… but I’ve seen some films where ghosts can harm people… they can even control things.

My mind was spinning with all sorts of thoughts. I need to breathe… I need to calm down.

Maybe this isn’t meant for me. Maybe… maybe it belongs to my officemate, and it accidentally got stuck to my journal. I closed my eyes and shook my head.

“This must be a mistake…” I exhaled deeply and then tore up the red sticky note.

I jolted as someone suddenly spoke. “Ready to go?” It was just Gail.

She laughed. “Did you see a ghost or something? What happened to you?” She even raised an eyebrow at me.

I thought she had already gone home… turns out she was still here.

I didn’t know why… but I found myself lying. “Oh… nothing…” I swallowed hard. “I… I was just surprised to see you. You just appeared out of nowhere.” I forced a laugh to lighten the mood and to conceal the anxiety I was feeling from Gail.

“Anyway, are you done posting about The Fall Cafe on Food First and on other social media sites?” I asked her while tidying up my desk and closing my bag. ‘Food First’ is a social media app where restaurants can freely post, and users can easily find them.

“Of course… who else would do it!” She raised an eyebrow. “Okay… so… you’re not going home yet? Let’s just go straight to the cake shop and then to the cemetery?” She nodded.

“Yes. Let’s hurry so that we won’t be late in visiting Selene today. We used to go early in the past years.” I sighed. “Maybe… maybe she’ll understand that we’re busy.” Maybe… I hope so. Sigh. I’m really sorry, Selene.

I momentarily forgot that today is your death anniversary.


“Hey… we’re here.” Gail tapped my arm, and I slowly opened my eyes. I must have dozed off without realizing it. I’m sure it’s because of exhaustion. We have so much workload right now… and I can’t request a leave because it’s not allowed, and it would be embarrassing for Selene’s parents.

Yup. I’m working as an accountant in my late best friend’s parents’ firm.

Aside from feeling embarrassed about it, I also don’t want to ask for any favors from them because even though they don’t show it, I know deep down they still harbor some resentment towards me for what happened seven years ago. I understand because even I haven’t fully forgiven myself.

“You look really exhausted, girl…” Gail sighed, and worry was evident in her eyes. “You haven’t used any of your leave for this year, and it’s already halfway through… maybe you should swallow your pride and request a leave. It’s your right as an employee,” Gail added.

I just shook my head. Gail already knows what I’m going to say, so I didn’t bother responding. After getting out of Gail’s car, we walked towards Selene’s grave.

Our landmark for Selene’s grave is the large mango tree, which is near where Gail parked, so it took us less than two minutes to reach Selene’s grave. As I looked down at her gravestone, my heart started pounding… out of nervousness.

Selene has a new gravestone. The gravestone is marble black, and the texts were all in gold. It’s almost similar to the previous texts on the gravestone—her full name, her birthdate, the date she died, and ‘A loving daughter’ at the bottom. But there are added texts… and they’re slightly smaller compared to her name, birthday, and the other texts. Apart from that, they’re in red color, not gold.

The added texts were, ‘Autumn has come.’

I looked at Gail and instinctively grabbed her arm.

“W-why?” Gail furrowed her brow.

I pointed to the carved texts on Selene’s gravestone, and her eyes widened as she squeezed my arm.

I don’t know what the hell this means… but I’m scared and nervous.

First, the sticky note… and now this. Why… why do I feel like Selene’s getting back at me? I know… I know I sound crazy but… but is this her? Is this her ghost trying to get back at me after seven damn years? I closed my eyes and let out a sigh, with all these thoughts swirling in my mind. Maybe I’m just overthinking all of these. I hope I’m just overthinking.

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