Book cover of “Sister-in-Law“ by Arjean Apolinario


  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Arjean Apolinario
Leysa Frank witnessed something that really broke her heart the night before her wedding. She decided to push her plan of seducing Frederik Wilford for her sister, Diana Frank-Wilford, to taste her sweetest revenge for making her feel worthless and unwanted. 

Chapter 1


I am Leysa Frank, 23 years old, a professional lyrical dancer and an owner of a clothing store.

I have an older sister, Diana Frank-Wilford, 28 years old, who is already 5 months married to Frederik Wilford, 30 years old. His family is the owner of big and prestigious hotels around the globe, not just that they also own huge malls and private islands. He's really rich, his family is so damn rich --and he's freaking hot, tall, and handsome.

And I have a secret crush on him – just a simple crush, like how I idolized handsome actors that I saw on televisions and social media platforms.

One time, I found myself fantasizing about him and me, fucking each other. Cause com'on! He's really hot and oozing with sex appeal.

I also planned to seduce him, one time. But I stop myself from doing so, because he's my older sister's husband. Duh? Even how much I wanted him, I can't hurt my sister's feelings. I knew that she really loves him that much. And actually I have a long time boyfriend that I love so much and I wanted to be with forever, and we will tie the knot next month. It’s just that I feel a little bit attracted to Frederik, because he is so handsome and sexy. Oh well, my fiancé, Daniel Apolonio is also handsome and hot, but he is really nothing compared to Fred. But I love Daniel so much that I know who loves me, too. If he doesn’t love me, he wouldn’t ask my hand for marriage. And we also planned to have a double wedding with my sister, Diana and her husband, Fred but then because of some Filipino wedding curse they called “sukob”, that it’s a bad luck for two sisters to get married in the same calendar year, even though we were not really siblings by blood, we just followed what the elders’ said. So Daniel and I just waited to change the year before getting married, which is already next month, and also for us to have our own wedding exposure.

But I witnessed something the night before my wedding that really broke my heart. I decided to push myself by seducing Frederik Wilford for my sister to taste my sweetest revenge for making me feel worthless and unwanted. I thought she's a great person, a good sister that loves me so much but damn! She's a fake innocent whore, a two-faced bitch that wants to fuckin' get everything to me.

I will get my revenge, double – no! Triple the pain she had caused me.

Just wait and you will feel the sweetest vengeance that you can ever feel, Diana, my fake slut one of a kind sister.



"Your wedding is tomorrow, sis. Are you happy?" my older sister Diana asked me while combing my hair, because we are now here in the room reserved for me in one of the islands owned by Fred, Diana's husband. My wedding is tomorrow and it will be held by the sea as the sun goes down. Well, it's my dream beach wedding with my loving longtime boyfriend, Daniel Apolonio.

I smiled sweetly to her when our eyes met in the mirror in front of us.

“Yes, I am so happy. You know that I love Dan so much, he is my first boyfriend, and he was the only man who I can see my future with. And the only person that was close to me, who was close to you. And you have so many good things to say about him, that made me decide to marry him, you know what you say is more important than the opinion of others. So I know he really is the one," I answered honestly to her with a smile posted on my lips.

I noticed that my sister's face suddenly became anxious, but she eventually smiled. That's why I just ignored what I saw.

“How about you and Frederik, sis? How is your married life?" I asked her. It's been six months since they got married, it's just a private garden wedding - I and Daniel are the only ones who are present to witness their wedding ceremony and a few friends of Diana and Frederik. Unlike my wedding tomorrow, where many guests were invited and my parents are also present to witness the important day of my life. At my sister's wedding, our parents and even her husband’s parents were not present because they were all busy with handling our family businesses. Oh well, the important thing is that they are already married and happy.

“Ah, we got along just fine, I feel secured and loved by him, which was a good sign for a happy marriage. Because I love him so much, Ysa-- more than how much I love myself that’s why I definitely cannot handle it when one day I’ll suddenly lose him,” Diana answered that made me a little nervous because even though how many times I tried to refused it to myself, I also sometimes fantasized about me and Fred, together in a room doing something, something sexy and hot. He is so handsome that I can’t help not to stop thinking about it. Well, I think there is no wrong about it though, because it's only based on my fantasies. And it never crossed my mind to actually seduce him and do it; I still love my fiancé more than anyone else. And it was just a simple short-term attraction to my brother-in-law, nothing more, nothing less.

“Don’t worry, sis. Frederik will never leave you, he will not trade you for someone else, alright? So you better go back to your room, I am sure your husband is already looking for you.” I said to her. She is about to turn her back at me and leave my room, when she looked back at my direction and said,

“Don’t get out of your room tonight, just sleep early and have a beauty rest because tomorrow is your big day, you should be the most beautiful bride, okay. And always remember, I love you so much."

And I just smiled at her and nodded as a response.


I was blown away by the knock I could hear from outside my door. I looked at the time on my cellphone’s screen and it was eight o'clock in the evening. I got up and approached the door to open the person who was knocking from outside. Maybe it's Dan, because he hasn't called or texted me the whole day, so maybe he just wants to pay a visit ‘cause he already misses me even though we were forbidden to meet until tomorrow, and I felt a tingling sensation at the thought I have.

But I was so disappointed when I opened the door; Frederik’s anxious and uneasy face appeared in front of me, which made me also feel worried.

What is my brother-in-law doing here, outside my room-- in front of me?

"Oh Fred, what are you doing here? What’s wrong, it’s already late at night," I immediately asked him.

"Is your sister Diana here?" Curious and wondering what’s really happening, I still shook my head in response.

"But did she pass by here a while ago?" he asked again.

"Yes, we were just together this afternoon, around 3 pm. Why Fred? Is my sister missing?" I asked him again worriedly, even though I already knew the answer based on his reaction.

"3 pm? But I haven't seen her after our family lunch, Leys. Where could she ever be at this moment of time?"


"But I told Diana earlier to go back to your room because you might be looking for her. Who else knows that my sister is missing?" I replied to him, because I am also worried. It was almost five hours ago when I last saw her.

"You are the first one I went to, Leys. Because you are the only person I remembered that with Diana earlier," he replied with a worried tone and a terrified look on his handsome face.

Frederik and I just decided not to let our other relatives know that my sister was missing and we would just work together to find her, immediately.

We part ways, so we could find my sister quickly. I am on the north side and he is on the other side of the island.

“Diana!!!” I shouted but I still did not get any response nor see the bulk of my older sister anywhere. I didn’t realize that I am already crying with so much anxiety and fear that I can’t find her. That’s why I search and search for her until I ended up in the dense part of the island, the forest. I am so afraid to enter a scary dark place but my concern and urge to find my sister is more dominant than my fear of entering the forest.

I am already tired of walking around the area but still no sign of Diana when suddenly I heard grunts. It is close to the rocky part of the forest but it was already far from the most proper part of the island where we were staying.

I took a step forward in that part, and I was surprise on what I clearly heard and saw. And my tears just suddenly flowed out of my swollen eyes from what I witnessed-- my older sister, Diana and my fiancé, my dearest fiancé, Daniel —having sex under a tree in the dark secluded part of the island in the middle of the night. And it was as if my heart and whole being were torn apart by what I am witnessing right now. It really hurts, dammit!

But instead of showing up myself and attacked them, I just chose to keep hiding behind the rocks as I covered my mouth that could possibly create any noise due to my relentless sobbing.

Even though I wanted to leave to get away from the pain I am feeling because of what I am witnessing right now, I still pretended to be brave and stupid while watching them continue having sexual intercourse.

I clearly saw everything I need to see, the way my fiancé pumped hard inside my sister’s feminity. And every time they moan and groan that proved the pleasure they feel, is also a pain in my heart at the same time-- the gradual rupture of my heart, and the destruction of my whole perfect world. I do not know what right emotions to feel right now, but three things are for sure-- I feel worthless, unwanted, and broken.

All I could do was to pick out my cellphone and record the shamelessness of the people I thought who loved me, the most.

And I felt even more pain when I heard the words they said to each other. I just can’t take it anymore, that’s why I shut my eyes close and just listened to their moans and words of pleasure they are both saying to one another, because I just can’t leave—I just can’t!

"Fuck! I love you so much, Diana. Shit ….Ahh! I really love fucking you every time we have the chance," Daniel said with a hoarse voice. And I am not that stupid not to understand what he just said, now I get it, why in our seven years of being together, he never asked me to have sex with him that makes me the happiest girl because I thought he had respect for me and he could wait until we got married.

But it was all lies that I thought was true, respect? No, it’s not that —he actually never respected me just by the thought that he was having an affair with my older sister, Diana. He already found the sexual happiness in the pussy of my flirtatious sister that I thought was clean, innocent, and very kind. That turns out to be a deceiver, a total deceiver who was just using her angelic innocent face to get everyone's sympathy.

"Ahhh... you really taste good, Dan-Dan. That's why even though I love Fred so much; still we never had sex because my pussy just wants you, only you. Ahhh... I'm about to cum. Shit --I can't get enough of you, you're so good," Diana said flirtatiously, she’s a whore! A total fucked up bitch, they are both disgusting.

I watched them until the obscenity they were committing ended. Until I heard all the truths I need to know, that they have been hiding for a long time.

"Is nothing really happening between you and Fred? Why, he is your husband and you are his wife?" my fiancé asked.

"Yes nothing is really happening between me and my dearest husband, we are just making out and sometimes I am giving him a blowjob. And if something was about to happen, he would suddenly have a phone call which he can’t just not answer. And he will just leave me there hanging, it's really good that you are here and giving me the sexual satisfaction that I always wanted," my sister replied and snatched the cigarette from Daniel's mouth, and consumed it. I didn't know that my sister was also smoking. Anyways, why should I wonder about it? Well, I didn't even know she was a flirt, a dirty whore.

"I told you before, that I will just break up with your sister and get married with you. But you still chose Frederik Wilford.”

"I already love Frederik, and you know I don't feel anything for you. It’s just that you are good at pleasing me that’s why I still chose to see you even though you are getting married with my sister tomorrow. Also, that sweet naive sister of mine, you really have to marry her because she will be the only heir of Frank's riches. Dammit! If only the Franks had not given birth to that bitchy Leysa, I would have been the heir of our family,” my sister's long litany.

So now, I finally understand, I understand why my sister used to force Daniel on me, that is why.

I just can't accept the fact that I really gave all my love to the man I thought who loves me too.

I forcefully wiped away the tears that were falling nonstop on my cheeks, and painfully whispered…

“I will be gone for now, but when I decide to come back, I will make sure to make all of you taste my sweetest revenge for making me feel worthless and unlovable, most of all— to you my dearest adopted sister.”

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