Book cover of “Billionairess's Suitor“ by Prody doll

Billionairess's Suitor

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Prody doll
Bella Dubois seems to have it all - wealth, success, and beauty. Her life has been peaceful, and she could afford any luxury... except for a man. So, when her father issues an ultimatum, demanding she find a partner to secure her inheritance, Bella's world is turned upside down. Enter Ethan, a struggling young man with whom Bella strikes a deal. Wi... 

Chapter 1

Climbing the stairs, with a rush as he had appropriately thought about Bella’s proposal, he hoped in his heart with a sweaty face and trembling hands, that she had not changed her mind considering the offer that she had made to him.

“You must have been a fool to have let your pride and ego deceive you from accepting her offer,” Harris murmured to himself, as he walked to Bella’s office.

Covered with so much tension, he could not wait for the lifter to open up for him to reach her office, so taking the stairs was the only option he could think of as his spirit had already arrived at her office, while his body was still on its way.

The sound from the pounding of his heart could make a person wonder what the matter was all about, but Harris knowing how important that was to him, had picketed the security at the reception after the receptionist had informed him that he was not able to meet with the Manager without an appointment.

Badging into her office unannounced, Bella stood up from her table with a chaotic look and a feeling of excitement as she saw Harris standing before her, she yelled out in anger, thinking back at the humiliation that she had received from him.

“What the hell are you doing in my office?” Harris could see the anger that was burning in her eyes, and swallowing the lump that had formed in his throat, making it impossible for him to speak out, he said:

“I accept the deal to be your fake suitor,” Harris entered Bella’s office unannounced as he spoke out accepting her offer.

Bella rising to her feet in her office, felt delighted as her inheritance was going to be saved, and she was not going to be looked at like someone who could not have a man in her life too.

“You can sit down then so that we can discuss the terms and agreements of our contract,” Bella spoke out letting out a smile as she extended her hand to Harris for a handshake. Harris without hesitating took her hand and shook it, he also smiled at her.

“Ms. Bella, I tried to stop him from entering your office, but he was determined, and before I could call security, he had already walked towards your office,” Tracy spoke out with so much regret on her face.

Listening to what he had just said, Bella was satisfied that he had come to his senses, though it had taken him forty-eight hours to realize that. Turning to her secretary, she told her to return to her duty post as she would take it from there.

“As you wish ma’am,” Tracy spoke out as she closed the door behind her, and returned to her desk.

“May I have a seat?” Harris inquired after using his eyes to screen her office thoroughly. Wowed by the things he was observing, he could feel that she was living in wealth and affluence, but for some reasons that he couldn’t understand, her decision to hire him to pose as her husband was bizarre and he felt like he was in a movie.

Not knowing how he was going to manage to live with a stranger for six months, but knowing that it was the opportunity, he had to fake it for a better life with his aunty. Thinking of how he was going to elucidate his sudden engagement to his aunt, his thoughts were suddenly interrupted when Bella spoke to him.

“You may have a seat,” she spoke out softly, pulling her chair as she sat down. The lines that had formed on her face were very glaring and Harris could help but wonder why she was staring at him in that manner.

Clearing her throat and asking what he was doing in her office, he let out an enormous sigh of despair and with a sorry look, he apologized for being rude the other time at the market as it was not in his nature to be like that.

“That is in the past, so let’s talk about why you are here as I do not have all day, Mr.” She mumbled but suddenly paused as she had not asked his name before.

“Harris, my name is Harris Rodney.” He let out a smile on his lips. Bella still feels irritated with the way that he had treated him the last time that they had met, told him to stop with the smiles as that was not the reason why he was at her office.

A cold feeling had taken a more significant part of him and realizing how tough she could be, he was ready to do anything she wanted just to be able to get the offer again.

“I cannot believe that he is sitting here, in my office, and to make things better, he has accepted my proposal.” Bella’s heart skipped over and over again, but she did not want him to feel like she was still as desperate as she was the first time she had met with him to make her offer.

Picking up some documents from her table, he could not stop staring at her natural beauty and questions like why she had not been able to secure a man for herself, kept on popping into his mind, but Harris not wanting anything that would scrape off his chances of having the money that she was offering, propelled him to seal his brims and to converse only when it was essential.

Done with the folder in her laptop that she was working on before he entered, she raised her eyes to him saying, “My initial offer still stands, and I will prepare a file for you to go through and understand what this deal is all about.”

“Alright, I have no issue with that Ms. Bella,” Harris spoke out.

Going back to the files that were on her table, there was silence in the room, and Harris noticed that she was no longer with him, he bit his lips as sweat dimmed his forehead, and he spoke out gently while he asked, “What about the monetary part?”

That concern met with her ears, and with a thoughtful stare, she opted for him to begin with the deal first but Harris was not in agreement with that.

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