Book cover of “The Billionaire's Playmate“ by divinedreamer

The Billionaire's Playmate

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: divinedreamer
Regina Sanders, an illegitimate daughter of a multimillion-dollar conglomerate, needs a pretend husband to fulfill her father's will and become a CEO. When her former best friend turned enemy, billionaire shipping tycoon Seven Drakos, proposes a contract marriage, Regina sees it as the only way to achieve her dreams. Seven has his own reasons for p... 

Chapter 1

[Twelve years ago]

There were a number of different things Regina hated, and the top on that list was parties. She hated them so much, especially when they were top-notch parties for only the prestigious and highly influential.

There was nothing to like about them. Everyone pretended to be happy with one another, flaunting their wealth at the slightest opportunity. The food was great, but served in little quantity which people of her class would totally frown at.

Donations were made without the tiniest bit of sincerity. Worst of all, Regina and her mother always had to work three times as hard as they would on a regular day.

Being the daughter of a common cleaner never had any perks attached. It simply meant Regina also had to tag along with her mom to parties where they could at least eat some leftovers and clean up after the party guests.

Regina’s mother, Sylvia Matthews, was a single mother with too much pride than was required for someone of her class. She always felt entitled to a much better life and tended to do a terrible job at cleaning most of the time, leading to her inability to remain employed at a place for long.

Sylvia always dreamt of getting married to a wealthy man who would take her and Regina out of their dumpster apartment, and then she would be her own boss, ordering people around just like they did to her.

Having always lived a reckless and carefree life, she had to take her life more seriously when she got pregnant without a father for her baby in sight.

“Why do I have to wear this?” Regina frowned at the skimpy maid uniform her mother was holding up for her to see.

The skirt was very short, and the shirt was definitely a size or two smaller than what she usually wore. Regina was sure that she would be showing her panties if she were to bend over to do the cleaning, and she shuddered at the thought of appearing seductive in front of the rich and proud party guests.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong with this dress. It is the perfect fit for your slim and tall figure. There are very young, rich, and powerful guys here. It’s the seventeenth birthday party of one of the guests here. She is from a wealthy family, and hence, all her friends from high school are here to celebrate. You need to look your best. What if one of the rich guys takes a fancy in you?” Sylvia smiled.

Regina stared at her platinum-blonde mother incredulously. Sylvia, at thirty-two, was a real stunner with voluptuous curves, nice teeth, and excellent skin tone.

Regina and Sylvia were a total contrast to each other. Regina, at fifteen, was shy, whereas her mother was lively and outspoken. She was slim and tall, whereas Sylvia was of average height and had bountiful curves.

Regina had to get braces to salvage her terrible dentition when she clocked thirteen. A procedure her mother had to work endless hours and sacrifice so much for. Regina had a mane of long black hair, which was completely different from Sylvia’s beautiful platinum-blonde hair.

The only similarity between them was their beautiful facial structure. Regina got her mother’s green orbs, long eyelashes, fair skin tone, cute button nose, and full lips.

Regina wondered when exactly her mother would desist from imagining a fairytale moment happening to both of them.

“Mom, this doesn’t make any sense. I don’t want to look like a tramp. I don’t want anything to do with those rich, proud folks,” she told her.

“Why not? Are you satisfied with our situation? We can barely afford basic necessities, our rent is long overdue, and you have been out of school because I can’t even afford to pay your tuition fees. Wouldn’t it be great if you had a rich boyfriend? I want to give you the best things in life, but I can’t. I just can’t. Don’t you hate me for that?” Sylvia asked with unshed tears in her eyes.

Regina sighed because she knew she would have to do as her mother wished. Sylvia knew how to make her do as she pleased. Regina could never go against her mother when she used emotional blackmail.

She loved her mother very much, regardless of how she had been forced to grow up quickly in order to work hard by Sylvia’s side. Sylvia had the tendency to overspend whenever she had the chance.

She took Regina out and spoiled them both whenever she got her paycheck. As much as Regina didn’t like that of her mother, she understood that Sylvia simply wanted to make her daughter happy.

“Okay, Mom. I will wear the stupid costume, but this will be the very last time I wear something like this, okay?” she asked Sylvia.

“Oh, darling, that makes me happy. You forgot to leave that title behind. It’s Sylvia, remember?”

“Whatever,” Regina rolled her eyes. She was never able to understand why Sylvia preferred being addressed with her name instead of “Mom.”

“We are sisters, more than mother and daughter. That’s why you must always call me by my first name, my dear Reggie,” Sylvia said, hugging her.

“Okay, Mom,” Regina laughed to annoy Sylvia.

“You are insufferable,” Sylvia laughed.

By the time Regina had gotten ready, Sylvia whistled in delight.

“You look amazing, my dear. Unfortunately, I can’t join you this evening. I would have worn a similar costume like yours,” Sylvia frowned.

“Why not?”

“I have to work at the hotel until tomorrow morning. Mrs. Parker doesn’t want any older workers at the party. It’s for youngsters like you.”

“Okay, then. See you tomorrow,” Regina said, putting on her trench coat and walking out of the staff room.

“Take off the coat, Reggie!” Sylvia called after her.

“Okay,” Regina replied and took off the coat, forcing herself not to feel uncomfortable at the thought of being so scantily clad.

The shirt was so tight that it hugged her tiny breasts, and the skirt showed off her thighs and long legs. The heels even made the entire outfit even more slutty.

Regina made her way over to the manager’s office, where she was going to get instructions on her work for the night.

“Are you Regina Matthews?” The plump, dark-skinned woman asked. She was short and had a very unfriendly countenance that made Regina hate the job she had to do even more.

“Yes, I am.”

“My name is Mrs. Parker, and I do not entertain nonsense. Grab the cleaning tools inside the bedroom and get yourself to the following rooms,” she said, handing her a list while eyeing Regina’s uniform.

“Okay, ma’am,” Regina replied, heading inside the room to pick up the cleaning trolley.

“I must warn you not to disorganize anything in room 405. We have a very big client residing there. You start cleaning in the party hall. There will be other cleaners available to assist you. Whatever you do, you must finish cleaning all those rooms before midnight. That’s when all the rich kids will return from their outing. Do you understand?”

“Of course, ma’am,” Regina nodded.

“Get going. I don’t like your face,” the woman said, her lips curving into a frown.

Regina quickly wheeled the trolley away, wondering why the lady was so unfriendly. It wasn’t as though she wanted to see her after all.

As expected, the party hall was a mess due to the fact that a birthday party had been going on since 8 a.m.

Regina vacuumed, scrubbed, and wiped the floors, starting from her section in the hall down to room 404, until she felt as though her hands were going to fall off.

She peered at her wristwatch and discovered it was almost 11 p.m. She just had to clean the very last room on the list.

With a yawn, she used the master key and let herself into the room. Regina used her old tiny camera, which she had gotten for herself at a yard sale for cheap, to take photos of the room.

She wanted to be sure that she didn’t put anything out of place. She tied her hair up in a loose ponytail and got to work.

There wasn’t much to clean, actually. It seemed the guest staying there barely used the room or was very neat.

Regina cleaned anyway, just in case she was criticized for not doing her job. Sylvia had worked so hard to get them that cleaning contract at such a high-class hotel. She couldn’t ruin things by doing things however she pleased.

Regina took off her shoes and sat on the bed to take a rest. She had been on her feet since that morning, cleaning from place to place with her mother.

It was a Saturday, and instead of someone of her age being at home resting, she was up and about, working hard. Regina tried her best never to envy her peers, but sometimes, it was impossible not to feel frustrated at their lowly status.

She deserved to have fun at birthday parties like that one hosted in the grand party hall. She deserved to check into such an expensive hotel and have as much fun as she pleased. She deserved to have a father just like the rest of her friends, so why didn’t she?

She felt a single tear drop from her eyes and then another, and before she knew it, she was crying. Regina cried silently, willing herself to finish up with cleaning and leave the room, but she couldn’t.

She rested her head on the pillows and closed her eyes, imagining a better life for herself and her mother.

Regina closed her eyes until she fell into the welcoming arms of sleep. What appeared to be a lifetime later, she was awoken from her sleep by a gentle tap on her shoulder.

“Hello, sleeping beauty, did you perhaps lose your way?” a calm voice asked.

Regina blinked, trying to come to terms with her surroundings. “I am so sorry. I was cleaning and lost track of time. I apologize for sleeping on your bed,” she said in a rush before getting up from the bed to pack up her stuff and leave.

She looked up and stared into eyes as clear as the ocean. She had never seen such aquamarine blue orbs before, so she was quickly hypnotized and continued staring at the beautiful young man in front of her.

He looked about eighteen or so, with a slightly muscular physique and long blonde hair. Regina felt like she was staring at a teenage actor or boyband member.

“Who are you, and what the hell are you doing here at this hour?” another voice came.

Regina turned around and collided with eyes as dark as black coffee. The guy was tall, lanky, and had the face of a Greek god. She noticed his jaw tick as though he was pissed off, and Regina instantly had the feeling that she might have just ruined her job at Sanders Hotel & Suites.

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