Book cover of “The Billionaire's Wife's Revenge“ by Missy Anna

The Billionaire's Wife's Revenge

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Missy Anna
Sarah Harper was about to end her life when a woman with a half-burnt face approached her and said, "Pretend to be me! I'll pay you a lot of money that will solve your problems." "What? What are you talking about?" Sarah said. She started to think that the woman next to her might be a little insane. "I am the wife of a wealthy businessman named B... 

Chapter 1. Job Offer

Sarah Harper sat on a deserted beach, staring at the pill bottle in her hand. Her tears had dried up so much that she couldn’t cry anymore. Her whole body was aching, especially her dislocated shoulder. Five hours ago, a loan shark named Antonio Russo came to her and beat up her grandmother as punishment for not being able to pay off the debt left by Sarah’s parents. She felt guilty because she had failed to protect her grandmother, the only family she had. If she died, maybe the government would take care of her grandmother, and the loan shark wouldn’t be able to disturb them anymore.

She poured a dozen of sleeping pills into her palm and stared at it. But before she could put them into her mouth, suddenly, someone nudged her arm, making all the pills spill onto the beach sand. She looked up in annoyance to find a woman with a half-burnt face standing nearby, looking down at her intently.

“What the fuck?” she snapped.

The woman snorted, “You think ending your life is the solution?” She muttered and threw her body on the sand next to her.

Sarah frowned, quite surprised that the woman’s voice resembled her own. “Who are you? Oh, forget it! I don’t care who you are! Can you get out of my way? Your presence is not wanted here! Trust me, I don’t care about any of your problems because my life is almost over,” she babbled, quickly picking up a pill from the sand.

The woman snorted, “You think leaving your grandmother alone is the solution?”

Sarah’s hand stopped in the air. She looked up and stared at the woman in surprise. “How did you know about my grandmother?” she hissed, thinking for a moment that she might be the emissary of the loan shark.

The woman chuckled as she waved her hand. “Don’t worry! I am not the emissary of the loan shark who beat you up! Can you calm down now? Let me talk! At least give me ten minutes! If you still want to continue with your ridiculous idea after I finish talking, I will gladly let you do it,” she said firmly.

Sarah felt like she was hypnotized. She nodded while still holding the twelve pills she collected from the sand.

“Your problem is money, right? If you can repay your family’s debt to the loan shark, you and your grandmother will get freedom. Is that so?”

“If you already know the problem, can’t you just get to the point? What exactly are you trying to talk about?” Sarah said curtly.

“We have a similar profile,” said the woman flatly.

Sarah glared in surprise. “Similar? What do you mean?” she asked with a perplexed face.

The woman didn’t answer. She opened her phone, looked up a name on the internet, and showed it to her. “It’s me before my face burned...”

Sarah looked at the phone screen in surprise. Their faces were not very similar, but their eyes and stature were almost the same. And one thing she just realized was that they sound exactly the same! “Suppose I agree with your words, then what?” She asked as she handed the woman’s cell phone back to her.

There was a pause before the woman finally said, “Just pretend to be me! I’ll pay you a lot of money; that will solve your problem.”

“What? What are you talking about?” Sarah said; she started to think that the woman next to her might be a little insane.

“I am the wife of a wealthy businessman named Benjamin Abbot.”

‘Okay, this woman really is insane...’ Sarah mumbled.

“We had only been married for a year when suddenly a stranger kidnapped me. He raped me and set me on fire while I was in my own car. Lucky me, I managed to get out after breaking the car window and survive to this day,” continued the woman, her eyes red from tears of anger.

Sarah tried not to believe the story, but deep down, she knew the woman was telling the truth. “Then why don’t you go back to your husband?” she asked, frowning curiously.

The woman laughed, the smell of tobacco wafting from her mouth. She seemed to be a heavy smoker. “You know why? Because I believe the person who did that cruel thing to me was someone from the Abbot family.”

Sarah frowned, “How do you know about that? Didn’t you say the man who kidnapped you was a stranger?” She asked, still unable to understand what the woman was talking about.

“Well, I heard that man call someone right after he raped me. He said, Mrs. Abbot, everything has been done. Please transfer the money to my account right now! I heard it so clearly that it felt like the words were dancing in my head,” the woman said, her hands clenched and shaking.

Sarah gulped. She got goosebumps listening to the woman’s story. It all sounded so natural. But maybe that woman was just good at fabricating stories. She was still trying so hard not to believe it.

“Okay, let’s assume I believe all your stories. Then what can I do by pretending to be you?” she asked, playing with the pills in her hand.

“I want you to go to my husband and find out who did this to me!” said the woman. She turned and glared at her.

Sarah took a deep breath. “First of all, our faces don’t quite look alike! Just because we have the same eyes, posture, and voice doesn’t mean your husband won’t be able to tell which wife is real and which one is fake, right? Secondly, I’m getting perplexed. Why don’t you tell your husband the truth? Wouldn’t it be easier for you? I mean, if he really loved you, he would still accept you,” babbled Sarah, regretting her last words that might offend that woman’s feelings.

“Okay, I will answer one by one so that everything makes more sense to you. We are not very similar, and that’s right! But our eyes, postures, and voices are! So you will pretend to be me and tell everyone I had plastic surgery. Isn’t it true that even after plastic surgery, someone’s eyes, posture, and voice won’t change? My husband won’t be able to tell the difference if you follow how I move, talk, and everything!

Secondly, I didn’t tell my husband everything because he is very close to his whole family. They even live in the same mansion because my in-laws don’t allow any of their children to leave the house until they die. They want to always be together like that with their children.

You can imagine how close their relationship was, and I couldn’t tell him that one of his siblings or maybe his mother had planned to kill me!” chirped the woman firmly.

Everything started to make sense to Sarah, and she nodded twice. “Yeah, I understand now, but sorry, I can’t help you,” she said hesitantly.

“You don’t even know how much money we’re talking about here!” The woman muttered with a loud snort. Sarah waved her hand. “I wouldn’t know if you tricked me anyway!” she said as she rose from her seat.

As she was about to walk away, the woman said, “We’re talking about one billion dollars, no less than that, and we will sign a legal agreement so you don’t have to worry that I will trick you. Besides, why would I?”

Sarah’s steps stopped for a moment. She refrained from turning her head, but her body betrayed her. “You’re lying, aren’t you?” she accused with narrowed eyes.

“I took my ID with me when I got out of the car because my bag was wrapped around my chest. Look inside!” The woman threw a black luxury pouch that had been partially burned.

Curiously, Sarah opened the pouch and looked at what was inside. An identity card with the name Victoria Jane Abbot was printed on it. She looked at the photo on the ID and then at the woman before her. Although only one side of the woman’s face was intact, she could still clearly see they were the same person. She also found a business card in the name of Victoria Jane Abbot with the words CEO of a company called Spectrums.

“I want a clear cooperation contract in front of a lawyer! If you mess around and don’t pay me according to what you promised, I will sue you legally!” said Sarah. She must still have confidence, even though she actually had no choice. The woman with a half-burned face smiled. She knew that soon, she would get her revenge.

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