Book cover of “The CEO's Lawful Wife“ by Perry will

The CEO's Lawful Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Perry will
In an attempt to break free from his family's pressure, the popular CEO Carter Colton gets into a contract marriage. However, as time passes, Carter becomes captivated by Audrey's extraordinary talents, which are crucial for his company's success. Audrey falls deeply in love, believing his feelings are the same, but Carter is only holding onto her ... 

Chapter 1. Introduction

It was summer, the sky was luminous and serene, a stunning day for Audrey to relish the cool breeze from the garden.

She was fond of watching the raising sun, rather, she took the liberty of extending her visit from one household to another, attempting to convince all prominent men and women in Florida her father invited for the anniversary of their company to not show up.

She understood the anniversary was a disguise her father Mr. Norbert Jayden was utilizing to try to find a convenient prospect to sell out the company to, and Audrey was bent on sabotaging that plan.

J.and. J was established by the JACE family, they were the finest designers in Florida, most people deem their hands as creators of the very best designs but after Helen Jace got married to Norbert Jayden, the company had to thrust from the Jace family to the Jayden which conveyed the title J.and. J

For Helen, that company was her life, and she made certain her daughter Audrey understood that. However now she was gone, Norbert got married to summer, who brought in their illegitimate daughter home. The company was on the verge of collapsing and Even though Audrey believed it could be saved, summer thinks it was worth nothing, and the only solution was selling it off and starting afresh with earnest money.

Somehow Audrey was able to convince the potential buyers that the Jace family was angry because they did not approve of Norbert marrying their daughter to rip where he did not sow and as such curse the company and anyone it will ever belong to. Now she could finally seat outside and watch the setting of the sun.

" You are in a good mood today" her nanny's daughter Emma walks into the garden carrying a tray of juice which she placed on the long wooden bench in the garden that could be occupied by five sizeable humans.

For Audrey, this garden had a more profound meaning, everything in it was planted by her mother, ranging from berries, lemon, lavender, cinnamon, and even apple which causes a pure and magical scent always emanating from the garden.

The apple tree at the center of the garden was casting a lake of claw shadow unto the grass that gave the garden a peaceful scenery

Audrey never allowed any of the maids in the mansion to trim the flowers, water them or even come close to the garden except for Emma her best friend because to her, that garden was her sanctuary and her mother never failed to remind her of the essence of these flowers and how they would bring life to her when she least expected.

It was a routine to always come here every morning to enjoy the setting of the sun on the flowers causing a deep scent of rose before going about her daily life, but today, she had things to deal with, so she left earlier and when she arrived back home, Emma could tell her mood was better.

" Were you able to convince the buyers not to buy the company?" hearing Emma's question, a devilish smile formed across her lips.

" They were petrified, you need to have seen the look on their faces"

" How long do you think you are going to keep this up, you need a strategy to convince your father not to sell the company"

Audrey grabs the glass of juice from the tray, biting her lip.

" Father isn't the problem, it's summers. She desperately wants the company to be sold and has the father wrapped under her arm".

Emma offers herself a seat on the wooden bench close to Audrey. Her face round flushing, her warm beige skin was glowing under the reflection of the sun, and her dark smooth hair dripped over her shoulder. She sat down, her slender waist getting comfortable on the bench.

" What are you going to do?"

" The ECO-FASHION AWARDS is coming up which will be held in Hong Kong, and I intend to sign up"

Emma's eyes popped wide, she couldn't help but burst into laughter

" What! What funny?"

" You want to sign up to enter a competition big companies compete in. Really, Audrey? This is your big plan".

" Why Emma? You don't have confidence in my designs?"

" Listen to me Audrey, your clothes are nice, your designs are the best in the whole of Florida, but girl you will be competing against the likes of Carter Colton, not to say you have no resources whatsoever for the designs"

" I can do it, I know I can"

" Can we come up with another plan, for me, that is a long shot that would likely not work. Audrey, J. and. J is about to crumble and while you run off to Hong Kong, you might come back home to nothing"

" But this is our best shot, J.and. J will get more clients and publicity, and not to forget, we will be featured in the AMT magazine".

" But you do know our chances of winning are slim, I mean no offense, but you are a nobody compared to those you are going up against"

" I will win at all costs, you can't persuade me otherwise" she anxiously tapped her left leg.


Carter Colton stood at the large view from his office, the company is in the center of the city, and from his office, he could view most of the city.

His office was decorated with wooden furniture and dark finishes that contrast with the neutral tone of the wall. Carter Colton was not just the lord of fashion, he also had eyes for decorations as such made sure his office was decorated with the finest designs to improve the aesthetic of the office.

He held a glass of whiskey and a cigarette, a rare and exotic scent of collagen could be perceived throughout the office.

He wore a black tailored suit that was specially designed and branded by him.

COLTON FASHIONS is regarded as one of the top five best fashion companies in the world and the brain behind it was regarded as a god which came about in his nickname 'fashion lord'

The foreign wooden door clicked open and Liam walked in, dressed in a blue suit and black shoes from the latest collections of the AUDIT LUXURY. He was holding multiple files, yet he can keep his posture stable.

" Boss there is a new update from Florida" Liam announced placing the files on the desk in the middle of the office. Carter Colton gulped in the last sip of whiskey down his throat, dropping the stench of cigarettes on its plate. He turns to stare at Liam, his brow furrows as he picks up the files.

Carter Colton had visited Florida once for a vacation with his mom when he was just eighteen years, previously he had decided to take the part his father took by serving in the army but after an encounter with a girl he met there who did magic with silk and cotton with her bare hands, he decided he was going to take the part of a designer and for once, he never regretted it. He spent several years in Hong Kong before moving to Italy where he started his company but later moved the head office to New York. His main ideas were to be closer to home, all this while still hoping he would find that girl who captured his heart for the first and last time in his life.

" Mr. Norbert is selling J.and. J?"

" Yes Boss, but there is a rumor going on that the company is hunted by the spirit of the deceased Jace family"

Carter Colton chuckles slightly, placing those files in the top drawer of his desk.

" Buy of the company increase the payment. Settle everything up as quickly as possible".

" Yes Boss"

" Is there any update on her?" He slowly released the grip he held on his face, just the thought of her made his expression tender.

" Nothing yet, but while am in Florida, I'll find out much that I can"

" Why is it so difficult to find just one girl with all the informants we got. Get me something to hold on to and make sure it's legit".

" Yes, Boss!" Liam bows his head before retiring from the office.

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