Book cover of “Pregnant with My Alpha Bully's Baby“ by Ariel Liza

Pregnant with My Alpha Bully's Baby

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Ariel Liza
Claire Fort is a nerd girl who always gets bullied by rich kids in school. On her 18th birthday, she wishes for her suffering to be over as well as to find her true soulmate. But fate has a wicked sense of humor. Soon after, Claire’s mother remarries, and the girl finds out that her new stepbrother is none other than Ethan Greenwood, her school bul... 

Chapter 1. Another Nightmare

This is another day that hurts me so much, I have to go to school.

Maybe that’s normal for others. But It felt like suffering, pain, and torture that never stopped for me every time I came to school. Because all the kids in my school always bully and ridicule me.

Today is my birthday, I turned eighteen and this is my last year in school. But I just hope that all this torture will end soon.

In the corner of the school hallway I saw Mia, my classmate, she is the rich, pretty, and the most popular girl in my school and dating Ethan Greenwood the prep.

“You weird girl! You always annoy me every time I see you!” Mia pushed me hard.

“I’m so sorry, Mia, I just want to get to class immediately, I’m afraid I’m late.”

Then not long after I saw Ethan who approached Mia and kisses her cheeks.

Ethan Greenwood is the handsome and popular guy in my school, he is the son of a famous billionaire family in London, that’s prestigious and everyone respects him and treats him so well because of his family.

Ethan has brunette hair and magnetic iced blue eyes, which is so charming, and I believe he easily makes anybody fall in love with him, because of his physical attributes.

But people will never know about his real personality, which is so bad and opposite to his gorgeous looks.

“Surely, you’ve never had a true love like me, isn’t it? Do you know why? Because you’re ugly and weird! Jake was just using you as his reputation because of your teacher’s pet.”

Mia spilled her coffee into my shirt, I felt so hot, and my shirt got dirty.

“Mia, please stop this! And Jake never used me, you should know that!”

“Feel it! You deserve it!” Ethan giggles.

“Yeah, goodbye nerds! You have to hurry with my work later, if you don’t, I won’t let you go home!” Mia keeps attacking me.

It wasn’t long before I saw Jake coming toward me.

Jake is my boyfriend, we’ve been dating for almost 3 years, and he was the jock in my school, he’s so handsome, just like Ethan. But their personality is opposite, Ethan seemed rude and mean to me.

But Jake is too sweet and always protects and gives me a lot of affection, he makes me better on my worst day, but we never go deeper in our relationship, just the normal relationship. And Jake looks stronger and stockier than Ethan because he was the most handsome athlete in my school.

“This is enough! You shouldn’t have hurt Claire like this, this is too much!”

Jake looks worried about me, he holds my hands, and his touch feels very comfortable and warm to me.

“I will never let them hurt you, Claire, this is too much, they don’t just abuse you verbally, but this is physical.” Jake can’t take his eyes off me.

“Oh Jake, she deserves it, she’s just the ugly nerd, don’t make her become rebellious and fight against us.” Mia kept yelling at me.

“No, this is enough. I want you all to leave, Claire. Or you will regret doing this to her.”

Jake looks angry, I’ve never seen him angry like this before, the look in his eyes also changes and looks scary.

Eventually, Mia and Ethan left Jake and me, but they were still gazing at me, they look so mad at me.

“Jake, thank you, you saved my life.”

“They need a better punishment to stop bullying and abusing you verbally and physically, you have to tell me everything too if they dare to hurt you again.”

“Yes, I will do that, Jake.”

“Okay, please promise me and I will always take care of you, and today I give you a free ride, you can come home with me.”

“Yes Jake, I will go with you, I hope I can repay all of your kindness, you’re the most kindness person, and you always help me when I’m in trouble.”

“No problem, Claire, I’m your boyfriend and would love to help you too because that’s unfair to you.”

I nod, and I feel so happy, I could feel the butterfly in my stomach around him, he always treats me well and protect me.

I feel that Jake just feels worried about me and I should still appreciate him who has been willing to help me and doesn’t need to be too attached to him.

Furthermore, I’m afraid of being heartbroken even though he was my boyfriend, I want to avoid depending on him much, I aim to be independent.

But I guess I can’t help it, I think I’m falling in love with Jake.

“Claire, are you okay?” Jake’s pretty gray eyes kept deeply gazing into my eyes.

“Yes, I’m fine, Jake,” I reply to him nervously, and I feel a butterfly in my stomach again.

“We’ve arrived at your place, I want to spend my whole day with you, but I think today is enough, and your phone keeps ringing too.”

“Yes, it’s my mom calling me.”

“Okay, see you later Claire, and don’t worry about anything, I will always be beside you to protect you because I love you, Claire.”

“Jake?” I felt my heartbeat and blushed my cheeks, I suddenly have no words and kept staring at him.

“Never mind, see you tomorrow, I’ll wait here to take you to school together with me.”

As soon as I got home, I felt that my mom was in a rush, she seemed in a rush to prepare everything.

“Oh Claire, you have finally come home, hurry and change your clothes and wear this beautiful dress because we will have special guests, you must look beautiful today.”

“But mom, why? And I prefer to wear my clothes too, I’m uncomfortable wearing that beautiful dress.”

“Don’t too much asking me why. Just do what I tell you, and you must change your clothes immediately, don’t make me ashamed because of your looks. You’re so outdated, Claire.”

I looked at myself in the mirror and slowly started to take off my glasses.

I take off the old clothes that I have been wearing for a long time because they make me comfortable and start to change into the most beautiful dress I’ve ever seen.

Not only that, but I’m wearing that beautiful dress, doing my hair and my mom came to my room, and she does the makeover for me.

Furthermore, I looked back at myself in the mirror, I looked young, beautiful, and charming, and my current appearance was entirely different from the image of old Claire.

I feel so spectacular and beautiful, I have never felt this way before.

“Claire, now you’re looking so stunning, and you are ready to meet my special guests, I wait for you downstairs.”

“Yes, mom.” 

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