Book cover of “The Kingpin Returns! Book 2“ by Yay Yay

The Kingpin Returns! Book 2

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Yay Yay
Leaving behind the position of heir to Top-Sky House, an economic and commercial tycoon, Jonathan Wang, is left with almost nothing. But in his pursuit to reclaim his true identity, he accepts to start afresh with empty hands. His foster brother, Derek Henry, took advantage of Jonathan's trust and usurped his Wang family's heir status by changin... 

Chapter 1

Two months later.

Crimson Ridge, Fairies district

In the warehouse of Orchid Cosmetics Company in Crimson Ridge.

Jonathan had been working here for over a month.

He is a warehouse worker - the lowest position in this international cosmetics company.

At three in the afternoon, Jonathan checked the goods received today and prepared to finish work.

"Hello, Director Miller!"

"Hello, Director Miller!"

Hearing these polite greetings, Jonathan, notebook in hand, glanced over.

A man in his thirties with a bulging belly walked up, his face slightly scrunched as if he were dealing with a headache.

"Dear nephew, dear nephew!"

The man enthusiastically approached Jonathan, causing the other warehouse employees to look on with envy.

Even Director Miller didn't treat the department head this way in the warehouse department.

Yet a newcomer like Jonathan received such treatment.

There were rumors that Jonathan had gotten his job at the company thanks to Director Miller's backing. Everyone else completely believed this to be accurate, so in the warehouse department, no one dared to cause trouble for Jonathan.

After all, he was close with the sales director.

After Director Gregory approached, Jonathan smiled and said: "Director Miller, aren't you busy? You still have time to come and find a warehouse worker like me?"

"You need to correct that a bit. You can't call me Director Miller. You have to call me Mr. Miller!"

Gregory laughed, then said: "I'm in trouble. You have to help me!"

Just as suspected!

He only came running when he needed something. Jonathan had suspected that Gregory's visit wasn't for anything good.

Jonathan scratched his head and asked: "What's got you so frazzled?"

"Sigh, isn't it because of that newly opened Summon store? I signed a supply contract with the Summon store not long ago, but now the agency's people have come knocking on the door."

"Nephew, if this matter isn't handled properly, I might lose my position! You have to think of a way to help me!" Gregory grumbled.

After hearing this, Jonathan understood the whole story.

There are only a few significant areas in Crimson Ridge, three of which have agencies. Apart from these three areas, they can develop freely.

But in the areas with agencies, they must be able to ship goods arbitrarily.

And among the three areas with agencies is their Fairies district.

Half a month ago, a Summon store in the Fairies district opened, and the store owner came to see Gregory, intending to bypass the agency and get goods directly from Orchid Cosmetics Company. By doing so, they could eliminate one intermediary layer, resulting in more profits.

This violated the usual rules, but the owner of the Summon store had clout, so Gregory dared not refuse and had to sign the supply contract.

But now this matter has caused consequences.

As the agents sought answers directly from the source, if Gregory didn't handle it skillfully and the situation was reported to the head office, not only would Gregory be in big trouble, but the branch director could also be punished.

It's no wonder that Gregory was so anxious.

"Uncle Wang, don't remain silent like this. Tell me what your plan is. Don't hold back. Remember how I've supported you since you joined the company!" Gregory's anxiety was palpable, his voice heated.

Jonathan pondered momentarily before responding: "There is a way, but there's no turning back now. Even though the solution isn't entirely above board, it might work. The thing is..."

"Enough with the 'thing is,' I've already scheduled a meeting with the Fairies district representative. You need to make some arrangements right away and come with me! My career depends on you!" Gregory interrupted before Jonathan could outline his plan.

Jonathan chuckled, pointing at his notebook: "Mr. Miller, I've got work here!"

"Mr. Tạ!"

Gregory's voice rose, calling out sharply.

The warehouse manager quickly hurried over.

Gregory immediately switched to a more serious demeanor, stating: "I need Jonathan to accompany me on important business. Please handle his work."

"Of course, no problem! Jonathan can go anytime!"

Jonathan was speechless. All he could do was leave his current task and say: "Okay, Mr. Miller, wait for me at the company's entrance. I'll change clothes."

"Ten minutes."

A few minutes later, Jonathan was changed and headed out the door. By this time, Gregory was waiting outside in his A6. Seeing Jonathan approach, he gestured impatiently: "Get in!"

As Jonathan climbed into the car, the A6 sped off instantly.

"You're here too?"

Only then did Jonathan notice another woman in the back seat, and he greeted her.

The woman was dressed in a crisp white business suit, her makeup subtle and refined.

After moving to Crimson Ridge, besides his landlord, Jonathan first met this woman, Daisy.

Currently, she was Jonathan's neighbor across the street.

She had introduced Jonathan to Orchid Cosmetics, which led him to meet Gregory, the sales director.

Initially, Jonathan had yet to plan to work for this company.

However, after moving to Crimson Ridge, he had yet to gather much information on Derek besides that he had changed his name and was about to marry a wealthy heiress in about a month.

Jonathan wanted to investigate the past events, but approaching the Wang family was definitely out of the question, as it would be like sticking his head into a snake pit.

Starting with the family with close ties with the Wangs for many years wasn't a bad idea. The problem was that family's company was strictly managed, making it impossible to get close to the man who claimed to have ties with Nathan Wang.

If he recklessly used Nathan Wang's son's identity to seek information, he would not only stir up a hornet's nest but might also be regarded as a lunatic and be thrown out.

Coincidentally, Daisy was working at Orchid Cosmetics Company, and the CEO of the Crimson Ridge branch of Orchid was none other than Derek's soon-to-be wife.

After some contemplation, Jonathan decided to step back and join Orchid to meticulously investigate the incident from the past.

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