Book cover of “The Mysterious Wife of Mafia Boss“ by Yay Yay

The Mysterious Wife of Mafia Boss

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Yay Yay
Caroline Anthony faced a terrible incident that nearly made her quit journalism. It occurred during her assignment in Summer City, where she was chased by a powerful businessman, Simcha Scott. Desperately fleeing, she ended up in Raymond Edward's hotel room, who was under the influence of an aphrodisiac, and he assaulted her. She thought the ordea... 

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This book contains scenes that may depict, mention, or discuss sexual abuse. Reader discretion advised.

The sound of footsteps resonated incessantly on the fourth floor of the Pansy Hotel. The relentless noise was amplified by the hurried paces of about five men, all with a shared intent, chasing after a figure clad in black before them.

Their decisive steps caused the entire floor to tremble. The severity of the situation was vividly portrayed with each passing second as voices incessantly shouted:

“Catch her!”

“Damn it. We can’t let her escape!”

“Quick, follow her! This way...”

Cloaked in black attire that concealed the slender, tall figure, the person being chased mustered all her energy to run forward. However, she was increasingly exhausted, gasping for breath from the exertion. One thing was inevitable at this point: if she didn’t run, she was done for!

The raucous, menacing voices relentlessly swarmed around the fleeing figure. The pursuers gripped their sharp knives tightly, poised to pounce and finish off their prey the moment they caught it, like bloodthirsty predators ready to slaughter their enemy. The danger emanating from them perpetuated the already intense atmosphere.

The fleeing figure turned down a corridor, with the men frantically following. The situation had become critically dire. Despite being closely pursued, the relentless men were determined to snuff out the bearer of earth-shattering secrets.

A noise reminiscent of a collision echoed, causing the pursuers to hesitate momentarily. They looked towards a narrow passage to their left and yelled:

“Over there, she’s over there!”

“Catch that bastard!”

“She’s done for...”


As vigorous footsteps slowly faded, the girl hiding behind a large pillar heaved a sigh of relief, having narrowly escaped the brink of death. However, her survival would be questionable if she didn’t find an escape route soon.

Fortunately, this individual was quick-witted and prepared for the dangers of this scary situation. In the nick of time, she skillfully fired a small stone using a handheld slingshot, misleading their predators.

Frantically scanning their surroundings for an escape route, the girl was filled with anxiety and fear. However, she could not let panic compromise their chance of escape: ‘The balcony? I could escape from here.’

Without wasting any time, the idea that flashed in her mind was put into action. Slipping away from the large pillar, she quickly made her way toward the balcony only a few steps away. Standing on the patio, looking down, the girl realized the distance to the ground was too far: ‘There’s no other way. It’s now or never.’

Pressing a button on her belt, the emblem on it loosened immediately. With determination, she pulled out the symbol in front of her stomach. Behind her, a long, sturdy cable-type wire appeared, and a harsh voice echoed, reaching the ears of the mysterious figure in the black night:

“We lost sight of her.”

“Search thoroughly.”

Darn it! They’re returning, and the time is drastically reducing. The moment of life and death is approaching. There’s no room for any more hesitation. The slender figure hastily threw the badge towards the metal railing. Instantly, the hooks sprang into action, clinging to the balcony railing, tightening to the utmost, leaving no gap.

The mysterious girl hurriedly climbed over the railing, with both feet clinging to the part of the brick protruding below the metal bars. Breathing deeply, both hands gripped the cable between the belt and the badge tightly adhered to the balcony railing. ‘It’s a risk I’ll have to take.’

Despite thoroughly preparing the tools to support the task when caught in a bad situation, this person expected to avoid finding themselves in a situation where they’d have to use them. However, reality is always brutal to the point where she’s caught off guard.

Summoning all courage, coiling her legs for momentum, then giving a strong push, her body began to free-fall. The expectation was evident in her eyes as she sought an escape route. However, the movement suddenly stopped. “What’s going on?”

The body was suspended in mid-air, feet unable to touch the ground. The danger was confirmed. The cable needed to be longer! Trouble begets trouble. When misfortune arrives all at once, it can’t be anticipated, and this situation is utterly desperate!

The menacing voices were still being persistently transmitted to the ears of the person in black, who was currently dangling on the second floor. Although the group’s representative was on the fourth floor, the sound echoed clearly. The runaway could perceive it very clearly... they were approaching the balcony area.

In a dire situation, one can only act on instinct. The stock position of this person was right next to the balcony of a room on the second floor, where the cable stopped. She hid at the end of the line, accepting that hanging like this was a specific death sentence. Sooner or later, she was about to be discovered!

Thinking led to doing. The girl in black raised both legs slightly and straightened them so her whole body formed an ‘L’ shape. Gathering all her strength to swing her body, the movement grew stronger each time. The mysterious girl leaped behind, making a powerful forward thrust.

The moment her entire body fit snugly into the vacant space within the balcony of a room on the second floor, she swiftly touched the button on her belt to reel in the hooked badge clinging to the metal bar on the fourth floor back to its original position.

The sturdy cable disengaged, and the entire runaway body fell straight onto the balcony, her legs bending beautifully on landing. Cautiously observing again, she found the room curtains had been carefully drawn inside the glass door leading to the balcony.

Lightly turning the door handle, to her surprise, the balcony door was not locked. Gently pulling the curtain to look inside, the intruder suddenly felt a jolt in her heart upon encountering the fierce red eyes staring at the balcony door.

A beautiful but terrifying face and a gloomy, murderous aura gave the black-clad person a sudden chill. He sat on the sofa, both hands gripping each other, wearing the hotel’s bathrobe. His tall figure appeared tormented and uncomfortable.

Outside the floors, those dangerous individuals were still avidly hunting the fugitive. At this moment, this girl couldn’t leave the strange room she had just set foot in.

But it seemed the danger was far from over. Looking at his icy face and fierce eyes inspiring terror, no one could find a sense of safety. It was as if she had just escaped from a devil’s grasp, only to enter a wolf’s den, a bloodthirsty wolf inadvertently.

The voice of the restrained person rose, mysteriously seductive. Could it be a woman?


A scream emerged from the man in black, taken by surprise as the dangerous man lunged at her, gripping her throat and slamming her body into the wall. How audacious of him to invade the private room of a notorious individual.

“Who are you?”

His veiny hand tightened around her small neck as if intending to crush it. What madness! He wanted an answer from the intruder, yet he was throttling her savagely, equivalent to executing her.

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