Book cover of “Contract with Best Friend“ by Taylor Brooks

Contract with Best Friend

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Taylor Brooks
Put a finger down if you've gotten drunk and hooked up with your best friend/crush/widower/a successful CEO and ended up bound by a contract that will literally change everything in your life. What? No one? Well, Monica definitely has done that. 

Chapter 1

"Oww... my head..." Monica groaned, her hand lazily grabbing her head. She was dazed, confused, and hungover as hell. She opened her eyes, her gaze scanning her surroundings. Everything around her was spinning, and she quickly shook her head, trying to make sense of what was going on.

"Ugh..." She groaned once more, attempting to shake herself awake, but to no avail. Monica pinched the bridge of her nose, her arm lazily hanging off the side of the bed.

"I'm never drinking this much again..." She said, her voice barely a whisper as she looked around, easily recognizing the small space. "Well, at least I'm still in my apartment."

Her hand widely fumbled with the nightstand, attempting to locate her phone, but found nothing. "Huh..." She wondered, opening one eye and staring at the empty nightstand. "I usually keep my phone here..."

She yawned, stretching her arms out, but suddenly, the throbbing pain returned, and she clutched her head in response. "Damn..." She cursed under her breath, still looking for her phone. "How much did I drink yesterday?"

She laid down again, her gaze stuck on the ceiling fan as her mind raced, attempting to remember what happened last night. "Actually..." She mumbled, her eyes squinting as she tried to remember anything, but the pain in her head was too much. "What even happened last night?"

Before she could even think about anything else, the throbbing headache came back again, and this time, it was much harder than last time. "Jesus..." Monica mumbled, opening the nightstand and taking out a few headache pills. She grabbed the glass of water on the nightstand, downing a few pills in one go. She shook her head as her gaze went downwards. She grabbed her head, her long dreads falling over her face.

She was a mess.

"What even happened last night? Dammit, I can't remember..." Monica's eyes travelled to the faint sunlight pouring through the windows, gently dancing across the bedroom floor. "At least I still get to sleep a little more before I have to get dressed for work."

Monica closed her eyes, gently falling back on the soft pillows. She covered herself with the light sheets, ignoring the pain coursing through her head. "With any luck, I'll wake up without this damn headache..."

Thank God I didn't do anything stupid last night, she thought, a small smile forming on her face. I was really scared I would wake up in someone's house or in someone's bed.

Suddenly, a faint snore alerted her, but she quickly dismissed it, her head gently downing in the soft pillows. "Ugh, Steven snores. I have to keep this in mind..."

Monica furrowed her brows, her eyes still closed. "I thought he was a quiet sleeper." She lazily wrapped an arm around the large body next to her, enjoying the gentle warmth coming from it. It was a cold morning, and she was naked, so she grabbed into anything warm that was next to her.

Wait, who am I holding on to? She asked herself, her eyes slowly opening.

Her view was blurry, and she shook the sleep away from her eyes. After a few moments, it became clear as day...

"Oh, shit! Steven Robinson!" She squealed, quickly untangling herself from him. "Oh, no, no, no, no!"

She was about to squeal again as her heartbeat became faster and faster, her mind racing with thoughts. She placed a hand on her mouth, her eyes wide with surprise. "Shit, Monica! What the hell did you do?" She whispered, sitting up on the bed. Her eyes were glued to the large frame of Steven, watching sleep peacefully.

"He's your best friend, you idiot!" Monica whispered to herself, rubbing her temples. "How could you do this?"

Her brows furrowed with worry as she returned her gaze at him, her eyes glued to his peaceful expression. Sure, I wanted to do this for a long time, but not like this, she thought, slowly swinging her legs and sitting on the edge of the bed. She leaned over, grabbing her head once more as the headache came back for her again.

"What did I do? Did I seriously have sex with one of my best friends? Shit..." Monica mumbled, pinching the bridge of her nose. "This is bad. This is seriously bad..."

Her heartbeat quickened as she thought about the awkwardness of her meetings with Steven from the point forward. She thought how they wouldn't be able to be in the same place ever again, and she thought about how stupid this was. Her gaze slowly travelled back to the sleeping figure of Steven, her mind racing with questions.

Steven groaned, and her eyes widened, afraid of what would happen if he woke up. Her heartbeat quickened as he almost opened his eyes... but he fell back to sleep. Monica let out a breath she didn't know she was holding, her heart still beating faster with every passing second. Steven moved his arm, causing the sheets to slide off him, and Monica's heart skipped a beat.

Her eyes went wide as she followed the falling sheets, slowly showing more and more of Steven's fair, light skin. As the sheets moved away, more and more of his skin was revealed, each bit of bare skin sending shivers down Monica's spine. Her eyes went wide as she stared at his stubble that covered his intense jawline.

"I shouldn't look, but a sneak wouldn't hurt..." Monica mumbled, her gaze slowly drifting towards Steven's wide chest, his toned abs, and all the way to V shaped skin just above his covered groin. Monica's mind was elsewhere, admiring the ridiculous physique of the man she slept with last night...

...But he was also her best friend...

Dammit, Monica, stop looking, she thought to herself, looking away for a moment, attempting to distract herself, but her gaze slowly drifted back to Steven's chiseled body. She felt her legs quiver as her eyes drifted over his covered groin. The sheets didn't leave much for imagination.

I should stop looking... but I can't, she thought to herself, her shocked gaze still staring at Steven's muscular frame. She tries her best to pry her eyes away from her best friend's body, until, finally, she succeeds. Her gaze travelled downwards as she grabbed her head, rubbing her temples as panic coursed through her body.

"What did I do? What did I do?" She asked herself, her gaze pointlessly travelling the room. A small, playful smile formed on her face. "Well, I always wanted to sleep with him..." She mumbled to herself before she quickly shook herself awake from her fantasies. "No. Not like this..."

Monica was just thinking about what to do when something caught her eyes. "My dress..." She said, her voice disappointed in herself as she saw her dress on the floor. Slowly, making sure not to alert Steven, she got out of bed, her footsteps quiet and silent. Moments later, she picked up the dress, smelling it for a moment. "Oh, yeah, this smells like alcohol and regret."

She continued to pick up the rest of her clothes, doing her best not to alert Steven. Soon enough, she found her purse on the floor next to her underwear. "Please don't be late, please don't be late..." Monica mumbled, slowly pulling her phone out of the purse, her eyes carefully staring at the screen as she unlocked it.

She let out a quick breath of relief, her eyes glued to the time on the phone. "At least I still have an hour to get dressed." She said, slowly making her way out of the bedroom, her eyes taking one last look at the sleeping Steven on her bed. Soon enough, she was in her bathroom, standing in front of her mirror.

"This was such a mistake..." She shook her head, looking over her reflection. She took a closer look at her face, making sure to remove the makeup from her deep bronze skin. She took a deep breath, staring into the reflection of her brown eyes. She was attempting to calm herself down, but how could she when her best friend is still sleeping in her bed?

"Jesus, Monica..." She said, gently leaning over the sink. "You really screwed things up now. God, I was never good at handling my drinks..."

She splashed water across her face, feeling the cold liquid wash over her, attempting to forget that anything happened. Slowly, but surely, the memory of last night slowly came back to her. "What happened between me and Steven?" She mumbled, her mind racing, and suddenly, she remembered everything. But there was a problem...

She remembered everything. "Oh, no..." She mumbled as the memory of last night hit her like a truck...

Last night...

Loud giggling and fumbling rang across the empty, quiet apartment, until suddenly, the drunken figures of Steven and Monica stumbled into Monica's bedroom. With a loud bang, Steven barged into the room, carrying a giggling Monica in his lap as she tightly wrapped her legs around him, a wide, drunken smile on her face.

"Woo!" Monica cheered as she and Steven fell into her bed, their giggles filling the room.

"Hey, wait a minute! This isn't my house!" Steven said, his hair and suit messy.

"It's my apartment, silly!" Monica, giggling uncontrollably.

Steven furrowed his brows, his eyes glued to the wide smile on Monica's face. "What's so funny?"

"I have Steven Robinson in my bed!" Monica giggled once more, her figure barely able to sit on the edge of the bed.

"So?" Steven furrowed his brows once more, a lazy smile on his face.

"So? You're so silly!" Monica playfully pushed Steven, but her hand remained glued to his chest. "I've always wanted to have you in my bed!"

"You... you do?"

"Of course I do!" Monica said, shaking her head. "But I always tell myself to be a good girl and don't say anything about it." Monica lowered her voice to a whisper, her eyes lazily looking around. "Don't tell Monica I'm telling you any of this, okay?"

"But you're Monica..."

"Oh, dammit! Now she knows that I told you!" Monica raised her arms dramatically before crossing them against her chest, a confused look on her face.

"Wait, wait, you wanted to sleep with me?"

"Sleep with you, kiss you, any of that sexy stuff, you know?" She said, falling back into the bed, her inches away from Steven's. "I really hope Monica doesn't know about any of this."

"And why didn't you say anything?" Steven said, his lips inches away from Monica's.

"And ruin our friendship? No way!" Monica said, repeatedly stabbing Steven in the chest with a reassuring finger. "You, Steven Robinson, are my best friend in the whole damn world!" She remained silent for a moment, her expression falling as she stared into Steven's blue eyes, feeling herself drown in them. "And you will never be my lover..."

They remained silent for a moment, their gazes locked. It was intense, and Monica could feel the heat radiate from Steven's body. Their lips came closer to one another, their skin inches away...

But Monica quickly backed away.

"No, you should go. We can't do this." She said, sitting up on the edge of the bed.

Steven sat next to her, wrapping an arm around her shoulder. "Do you want me to?"

Monica stared into Steven's eyes, and she felt a magnetic force pulling her towards him. She wasn't able to think straight, and wasn't able to hold herself back. "No, I don't want you to go..."

Without another word, their lips crashed against one another, and Monica felt a rush of excitement wash over her. Their mouths twisted and turned, both of them drunk on the feeling of each other's lips. Unable to control herself any longer, Monica wrapped an arm around Steven's neck, pulling him closer and deepening the kiss even further.

She placed a hand on Steven's chest, her hand snaking its way underneath his loose shirt. She felt the heat coming from his body. She felt his need for her as she felt sweat dripping down his wide chest. He wanted it just as bad as she did. Steven deepened the kiss further, his hand running through her side swept dreads.

Too soon, their lips parted ways, and they stared into each other's eyes. They were panting, and they could feel chills running down their spines, but it was the most excited they have ever been in their entire lives. Monica felt her pulse quicken as she realized just how close Steven's large frame was to her.

They remained silent for a moment, both of them knowing what was about to happen. Without another word, they quickly started to undress one another, both of them not caring about anything else other than their desperate need for one another. Monica stood up, pulling Steven with her and, with quick, fumbling fingers, she unhooked his belt, quickly removing his pants.

Without another word, Monica's soft fingers wrapped around Steven's cock that was gently hanging between his legs. Her fingers started stroking as she watched him groan and moan under her touch. She was hungry for him, and she wasn't planning on waiting any longer. With a playful smile on her face, her eyes glinted with mischief as she slowly fell to her knees, her soft fingers still wrapped around his hardening cock.

She smiled at him, watching through hungry eyes his expressions as she continued to stroke his cock. Without a warning, she wrapped her gentle lips around his throbbing cock, and Steven let out a loud moan. Not waiting for an invite, Monica's lips continued moving up and down, her ears filled with moans coming from Steven.

Suddenly, he dug his fingers into her dreads, pushing her mouth even deeper. Monica placed her hands on his muscular hips for stability as he continued to push her mouth up and down he cock, the feeling of her lips on him driving him closer and closer to his breaking point.

Monica's lips continued to suck on Steven's throbbing cock, her mind unable to even think about what she was doing. Loud groans came from Steven as he pushed her lips even further down his rock-hard cock, and she wrapped her arms around his legs, desperately trying to steady herself. Slowly, almost teasingly, Monica's soft lips slid down Steven's cock until she got it out of her mouth. With a mischievous smile on her face, she stood back up, staring up at Steven.

"Oh, we're far from done..." Monica whispered, placing a hand on Steven's bare chest and another on his cock, stroking him slowly as she watched him moan under her touch.

"Good, because I wasn't planning on stopping here..." Steven said, his voice barely a whisper.

Quickly, Monica turned around. "Unzip me." She ordered, her skin shivering in anticipation.

She felt Steven's cold fingers brush against her warm, bare skin, and a blast of excitement coursed through her veins. "I think I might take my time with this dress..."  Steven's fingers moved slowly, teasing Monica with his every touch. Suddenly, he planted his lips on her neck, planting a trail of fiery kisses along her neck, all the way to her collarbone.

A shiver of excitement ran down Monica's spine as she felt his fingers slowly unzip her dress. She had always wanted to sleep with Steven Robinson, and she wasn't planning on stopping now. She bit her lower lip in anticipation as Steven teasingly took her dress down, appreciating every bit of bare skin he could find as the dress slowly made its way to the floor.

And, soon enough, their clothes were nothing but messy piles scattered across the floor.

Heat rose to Monica's cheeks as she felt Steven approach her from behind, his lips kissing her shoulders as his hands massaged the curve of her breasts. She felt his throbbing cock on her warm skin, and her eyes widened with excitement. One of Steven's hands sneaked its way down Monica's body, appreciating her curves as his hand sent a wave of pleasure through her body.

Soon enough, his fingers reach their destination between her legs, and she let out a loud moan, her eyes closing shut as his fingers moved inside of her. "Oh, Steven..." She mumbled between moans, her mind unable to focus on anything else but the feeling of Steven's cock approaching her from behind and his fingers in her wet pussy.

"We could stop..." Steven whispered, his lips still kissing her neck as his fingers moved faster, sending jolts of electricity down Monica's spine.

"Don't..." Monica's eyes closed shut as one of her hands dug into Steven's silky black hair, her moans becoming louder and louder. "Don't stop..."

Steven's fingers slowly moved away from her wet pussy, taking his time with her. Slowly, he gently pushed her into the bed, her bare back facing him. Without another word, Steven's body slowly approached Monica from behind, teasing her even more.

Steven's throbbing cock slowly entered Monica's slippery pussy, and loud moans filled the quiet apartment. Monica's eyes shut as she felt his cock gently slide inside of her pussy. She let out an ear-piercing moan as her back arched, but suddenly, Steven's hand forced her face down on the soft mattress.

Moans escaped Monica's lips as she felt Steven bury himself inside of her and repeat the process, pressing down on her. He placed his hands on Monica's shoulders, steadying himself as he plunged himself into her repeatedly. Monica smiled uncontrollably, every thrust of Steven's cock sending waves of burning pleasure through her veins.

"Faster..." She mumbled between moans, her face pinned to the mattress.

Without another word, she felt Steven increase his speed, thrusting his throbbing cock into her wet pussy time after time. With each thrust, she felt herself approach her edge. With every thrust, she felt burning pleasure build up within her, begging and wanting to be released. Monica's moans filled the apartment, followed by quiet grunts from Steven as he mercilessly thrust himself into Monica.

Monica's expression's changed as she felt herself reach her breaking point. "Steven..." She mumbled, her moans becoming louder and louder. "I'm about to..."

As he kept moving, Monica's legs began to quiver and vibrate out of control. Steven buried his cock inside of her, planting a trail of kisses down her neck as he watched her go over the edge. Monica's legs continue to quiver and her moans only became louder and louder as Steven continued to press into her.

"Shit, you're tight..." Steven mumbled as he thrusted into Monica, feeling himself approaching his edge.

Monica continued to smile as she felt Steven's cock twitch and throb inside of her, his movements becoming faster and desperate. Steven wrapped his hand around her neck, bringing her face up as he continued to plunge into her. Their lips meet in a rushed kiss, their moans and grunts booming throughout the apartment.

"Monica, I'm close..." Steven mumbled, feeling an intense wave of pleasure approaching him as he slowly took his throbbing cock out of Monica's drenched pussy.

Monica flipped over with a mischievous smile spread across her face. Her delicate fingers wrapped around his cock, and it throbbed intensely under her touch. "Do it..." She whispered, an inviting smile on her face as her fingers stroked his cock, her hand moving up and down quickly.

With a loud groan, Steven felt himself reach his breaking point as his cock throbbed one last time, letting out strings of warm liquid landing on Monica's breasts.

"I want it all..." Monica said, watching Steven's expression twist as she drained every last bit of his warm liquid.

Steven laid down next to her on the bed, both of them sweating and panting. They had satisfied smiles on their faces, but they didn't care how they would deal with this the next day...

Present time...

"Shit, shit, shit..." Monica mumbled, still leaning over the bathroom sink. "That was so bad. Hot as hell, but still bad."

She turned on the shower, but her mind was still racing with questions, especially knowing that Steven was still right there in her bed. You really had rough sex with him? The man that still can't get over the passing of his wife? Monica asked herself, letting the water run down her body in hopes of attempting to forget about what happened, but it was carved in her memories.

"Maybe... maybe it's not so bad?" Monica asked herself, feeling the cold water run down her deep bronze skin. "I mean, his wife passed away three years ago. Maybe he should move on? Maybe I helped him move on?"

Monica got out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her body and hair. "Yeah, I think I did help him move on with his life. Granted, maybe it wasn't the best way..."

She walked towards the closed bedroom to find something to wear before heading to work. "Maybe he will appreciate it..." She smiled to herself. Monica was guilty about it, but even she couldn't deny that she was excited about it. "Maybe this is the start of something special..."

She extended her arm out to open the door, her fingers brushing against the door handle. Suddenly, the towel she wore around her body dropped. "Seriously?" She went to grab it, but her foot accidentally kicked it backwards. "Not my day, I guess..." She mumbled as she bent over to grab the towel, her backside facing the bedroom door.

Suddenly, she heard the bedroom door open, and a voice followed. "Monica, I heard you outside and wanted to tell you—" Steven was suddenly interrupted by the view of Monica bending over in front of him, her bare skin showing. "Oh, my God!" He yelled out, immediately looking away.

Monica felt heat rise to her cheeks as her eyes went wide. In one smooth move, she quickly covered herself with the towel, not bothering to attempt to tie it again. "Steven!" She mumbled, her cheeks turning deep red. "You're up!"

Steven mumbled with his words, attempting not to stare at Monica's body that was only covered with white fabric.  "As I was saying…'' He fumbled with his words, sweat dripping down his face as he ran a hand through his short, black hair. "I mean, as I was saying, I was just about to leave. Jessica must be worried sick about me."

"Oh, how is she?"

"She's great. She's growing up too fast, though." Steven smiled warmly, thinking about his four-year-old daughter.

"Does she miss me?"

"All the damn time..." Steven said, a smile forming on his face. "She always asks about you. I should probably go, though." Without another word, Steven walked past Monica, his hand accidentally brushing against her bare skin, and heat rose to both of their cheeks.

"Wait..." Monica called out, stopping Steven in his tracks. "I was hoping we could... you know, talk about what happened..."

"What is there to talk about?" Steven said, adjusting his suit's jacket.

"You know... last night was pretty fun, wasn't it?"

"Last night was a mistake, Monica. Nothing more than a drunken mistake."

Monica felt the world disappear around her as Steven's words hit her like a wall of bricks, shattering any fantasies she had about both of them being together. She swallowed hard, attempting to keep a normal face and not explode into tears. "But it felt pretty personal, right?"

"We were both drunk as hell. It could have felt like anything." Steven placed a reassuring hand on her bare shoulder, staring into her brown eyes. "Look, it was just drunken sex. It meant nothing, right?"

Monica opened her mouth to speak, but nothing came out. Her entire body was shaking, but she did her best to hide. She had always hidden her feelings for Steven, this was nothing new to her.

"Monica? Are you okay?"

"Me? Yeah, yeah, I'll be fine..." Monica said, plastering a fake smile on her face, her vision slowly becoming blurry with tears. "I understand what you mean. Totally was a drunken mistake." Monica's words caught in her throat for a moment, as she looked away. "It meant absolutely nothing..."

"Great, I knew you were smart, Monica." Steven said, fixing his hair. "I've got important meetings to get to. The company can't run itself, you know."

"Right..." Monica mumbled, nodding her head along, but her spirit was getting crushed with every passing second. "You should go. You've got more important things to do..."

With a small wave, Steven left the apartment, and left Monica standing alone in the hallway, pointlessly staring into the open space. She let out a deep, shaky breath as she turned around to face the bedroom, her gaze downwards. Every step she took became heavy as her mind raced with thoughts and her vision became blind with tears.

She entered the dimly lit bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed, rubbing her temples as a few teardrops slid down her cheeks, landing softly on the floor. She took a deep, shaky breath, attempting to calm herself down. "Why did I think this would be something?" She mumbled, her gaze lifting up to the ceiling. "Why did I think he would ever be interested?"

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