Book cover of “To Love and to Lust. Book 1“ by Teefabulous

To Love and to Lust. Book 1

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Teefabulous
Friendship tested. Desires ignited. Secrets unveiled. Is it possible for one man to challenge what seems like an unbreakable bond between two best friends? As Elizabeth falls head over heels for Matthew, a clash on Victoria's first day sets off a chain reaction, pushing their friendship to the brink. 

Chapter 1. Prologue

Tears rolled down Victoria's cheek as she saw the hate in the eyes of her friends. She shivered in tremor not because she was scared of Elizabeth but because of the hate her best friend had come to have for her.

Her heart clenched as she tasted the salty water that rolled down her cheek. "Why?" She muttered."

She wanted to know where she had gone wrong, what she had obviously done to her friend to make her want her death. She wondered how it all happened and what could have made her best friend come to a decision like this.

Elizabeth scoffed. "Why?" She laughed hysterically. She rolled her eyes at Victoria as she held onto the knife in her hands tightly.

More tears ran down Victoria's cheek, her friend sounded bitter. She couldn't believe it. The Elizabeth she knew was scared to hurt a fly.

She was the one who preferred peace to violence and here in front of her, was another person entirely and she wasn't sure if she could call her a friend.

"Why did it have to come to this? Why! Why Bee?" She asked, choking on her spit as she shouted.

"Shut up! You lost the right to call me Bee the day you fell in love with the man meant for me!" She spat out with venom laced on her tone.

Elizabeth's statement left Victoria speechless. She couldn't believe Elizabeth would go this far for a man. They had never had an issue concerning anything and knew how to overcome every challenge in their life.

She wondered who that man was that could have made her friend come to this point. "A man? Who? I do not know what you are talking about?" Victoria said clueless.

She had no idea what Elizabeth was talking about. The last time she checked, Elizabeth liked a man and she hadn't introduced him to her yet.

Elizabeth laughed hilarious. "You think I'm crazy? You think I do not know what I'm talking about? Then you must be a hypocrite! That's what you are, Victoria!" She yelled.

"You act all friendly and clueless but the truth is, you have always been jealous of me! You wanted everything I wanted but couldn't have them! You think I do not see the way you get along with my sister or how you try to be like a daughter to my mother?" She huffed.

"You think I do not see it all? You are such a pretentious bitch! A chameleon! You are every sick thing in this world! You act all good on the outside but the fact is you are never a good person!" She shouted.

"I...I do not know what you are talking about?" Victoria cried out.

She was hurt that her best friend thought of her this way and was hurling harsh words at her. Her stomach churned that moment and she wished Elizabeth would tell her what her crime was.

"Of course you wouldn't know what I'm talking about because you never know!"

"You are nothing but a liar! A deceitful human being and I was a fool for letting you stay in my life for so long. So I will have to end you because I cannot tolerate you stealing everything I own!"

"I will not let you have him! If I can't have him then you won't!" She shouted.

"Who exactly! Tell me who it is that I stole from you? What is the name of this man because I do not know who you are talking about! I told you I liked someone and you know that too. We talk about everything to one another so who is it?" Victoria shouted furiously.

"Exactly! We talked about everything but you lied! While I was being honest, you weren't! All you cared about was lying to me! You said you liked a man named Jason but the truth is, you have been lying!"

"Lying about what? That's his name. Jason! I am so confused. Utterly depressed at your accusation and it hurts so much I cannot take it." Victoria placed her palm on her chest as she expressed herself to Elizabeth but Elizabeth wasn't fazed by her action at all.

"Liar! That's what you are. You started talking about this man two weeks after I told you of a man I met. You knew my password and everything related to me and you saw his number and found means to get his attention, didn't you!" Elizabeth shouted.

To say Victoria was confused would be an understatement. She was in a situation where she didn't understand anything Elizabeth was saying. She didn't know where all the accusation was coming from and she was baffled by it.

"I do not know what you are talking about." Victoria said.

"Then I will help you understand."

Elizabeth took in a deep breath and breathed out. "You are a big liar and I know that because you are denying even when you know what I'm talking about. Does Mathew Smith ring a bell?"

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