Book cover of “Vampire's Tale of Love“ by O. Gabriel

Vampire's Tale of Love

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: O. Gabriel
He has nothing left to do but revenge after his fiancee passed away, leaving his heart broken. It has become his mission to track down the people who killed his mate. While vengeance lurks in the shadows, love wanders the streets. Despite the new partner's persistent pestering, he continues his quest! 

Chapter 1

The night weather wasn’t bright neither was the night calm. Heavy rain poured down. The lightning flashed and thunder roared. There was an unsteady wind that blows across the land interrupting the spooky sound of the woods. The wind keeps blowing the leaves of the trees and the birds have gone into hiding due to the heavy rain. Scott Mann was relaxing with his girlfriend Lydo on the Eve of New Year at a log cabin inside the woods. He’s one of the best deputies working under the sheriff’s department in Bailey County, Texas. Lydo’s apple body figure sat well on her wafer-thin body. She’s the dream girl of every man with a good taste of a lady.

   When she broke into a smile, she displays her white shiny teeth. She has diastema which makes her smile more fancy and desirable to look at. Her pink lips often taste like a strawberry. Scott desires more of her kiss than anything else. She always whispers to him in a soothing voice. She had just had an orgasm. He hadn’t. He was still rock solid hard.

He kissed her.

“I love you,” he said.

“I love you too. I feel safe with you especially in your arms,” said Lydo.

 “I feel so safe with you too,” Scott told her. “You and I have become one, I like that. You are the only person I want and desire. All your sweetness and smile,” Scott said and then kissed her.

“I love how you too,” Lydo told him with smiles. “You are so charming. What did you eat tonight?” Lydo asked sternly.

He smiled and continued, “To me, having you around is enough dinner for me. I only desire you and will always desire you. Staying around you is so sacred and special to me.”

 On hearing this, Lydo said, “I will always be around you.” Scott raised his head to look at her. “I will always be with you. Your words are so dear to me. I love how you view me and love me, I will always be in your arms and grow old together,” she said.

Scott brought his lips close to her forehead and kissed her with both hands gently grabbing her. “You will always have me and we shall grow old together.”

            Not quite long as they are relaxing on the bed smiling and staring at each other, they started hearing a cry for help outside the log cabin. It was already late in the night as the pale crescent moon shone like a silvery claw in the night sky. Scott wanted to dismiss this incident as though he heard nothing but the scream came again and again.

“Help me!”

“Please… Someone help me!”

            He quickly jumped up from the bed. Whoever is out there needs helps. The voice that called for help was a female’s voice. For this reason, Lydo didn’t like the idea of her boyfriend going out in the dark to play a hero.

“What are you doing?”

“I can’t just ignore the person out there. I need to help. It’s my job as a deputy.”

Scott slid his foot into his boot quickly picked up a touch light and headed straight to the door. He quickly pulls the door towards him to open it as he stepped outside.

             The voice never seized calling for help. He quickly shuts the door behind him as he turns on his touch light. Following the voice, Scott walked straight towards the east woods where he believed the screams were coming from.

"Oh shit!" he exclaimed on seeing a beautiful lady. Her skin is glossy looking, red hair, with a perfectly shaped figure stuck in a sinking muddy swamp. She has pencil-thin eyebrows that eased down gently to her eyelashes with a pointed nose. Her red hair tumbled over her shoulder. No one could resist her honey-sweet lips. Scott couldn’t resist either as he stare with keen honey-sweet lips that were lilac soft. She struggled to get out of the mud. Her wasp-waist had already been covered with the mud. She was almost sinking and needed help to be drawn out. Scott for a few moments was carried away, and he was gazing at her glossy skin and wonders what a pretty lady like her is doing out here by this odd hour all by herself..

"Help me please," said the lady with her soothing voice as she fixes her eyes on Scott for help while she struggles with the sinking mud.

             Scott became aware of the danger and if he should do nothing, she will eventually go down into the swamp and never be seen again. He pulled out a tree branch and stretched it towards the lady to pull her out. "Hold onto this firmly, I will pull you out with it,” he said.

As the lady grabbed the tree branch, it slips her hand. She was already covered in mud except for her shoulder and head.

"Oh-oh!" Scott exclaimed on seeing this. Scott thought of another best way to save the lady and it occurred to him the only way out his to pull her out without a tree branch as the lady is almost sinking. He reaches out his hand, grabbing her by her hand. Scott also held one of the tree branches as he started pulling the lady out.

 With one hand, Scott held the lady and with the other hand, he held a tree branch to avoid falling into the swamp. He’s a nice Deputy and all his life he has desired to help people; that’s why he joined the force. Helping the lady out from the muddy swamp, Scott stared with concern. "Are you alright?"

"Thanks for your help."

“What in the hell are you doing here by this odd hour?”

“I was being chased,” she replied.

“Chased by whom?”

            The lady dragged herself up. Her feet weren’t stable. She teetered towards an oak tree and then turned towards Scott. “Do you believe in gods or supernatural creatures?” she asked.

On hearing this, Scott became spellbound and unsure of what he believed in. He never believed in anything supernatural. All his life, his father has brought him up being an Atheist and as a deputy, he has never encountered any supernatural creature.

Seeing that Scott wasn’t speaking, the lady fixes her eyes on him and then grinned. “Whether you believe in them or not, they believe in you and they are all coming to wreak havoc,” she said and then disappeared into a cloud of thick black smoke.

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