A Tale of Betrayal and Revenge: A Review of "My Revenge to My Cheating Husband" by Black Widow

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Did you know that revenge is a dish best served cold? In Black Widow's novel, "My Revenge to My Cheating Husband," a woman scorned takes this adage to heart, weaving a tale of betrayal, heartache, and ultimately, revenge.

“My Revenge to My Cheating Husband” is a Black Widow story where we are introduced to Hadley, a professional cardiologist who gets disappointed by her husband only to be disappointed by him again. Despite being depicted as a heartless woman in the beginning because of the bitter experiences in her life, Hadley sets out on a voyage of redemption and revenge and turns into a woman who takes her own decisions. The plot of the story is quite intriguing and the events that occur in the story are quite unpredictable that a reader will have to read the story to the end.

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“My Revenge to My Cheating Husband” is a story that revolves around Hadley, a cardiologist, who finds out that her husband Benedict has cheated on her and decides to get back at him. Their marriage which was shown to be a fake for the sake of money makes the story even richer. When Hadley begins to feel betrayed, she meets Jethro, her intern, who is the complete opposite of Benedict, honest and sincere.

There are many twists and turns in the narrative especially as Hadley is out to get revenge. Eva, being a doctor, tricks situations to get what she wants and causes a series of events that reveal the true nature of Benedict. At the same time, the tension between Hadley and Jethro increases, and the sexual harassment line becomes vague.

This story is woven around the basic issues of life, love, treason, and the relations between people. Hadley’s change from a heartless woman to a woman who could love and feel vulnerable is one of the main themes in the plot line. The novel also analyzes issues of power and manipulation as Hadley as a smart and manipulative character takes revenge.

Towards the end of the story, the readers get to discover the characters’ hidden intentions and ambitions. Benedict behaves the way he does because he is an emotionally stunted man who cannot commit to anyone and needs their approval, while Hadley seeks revenge because she wants justice for herself and others like her and needs genuine affection. The climax of the story is a confrontation that reveals the darkness in the character and their sins that they have to pay for.

The novel ends with an element of suspense, making the reader to think about love, forgiveness, and revenge. Black Widow’s “My Revenge to My Cheating Husband” is one of the most interesting stories that depict the ugly side of human feelings and the outcome of deception.

Book cover of “My Revenge to My Cheating Husband“ by Black Widow

My Revenge to My Cheating Husband

  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Author: Black Widow
Hadley Louise Carter was a successful cardiologist in Manhattan, renowned as one of the youngest experts in her field. In a calculated move, she agreed to marry Benedict Anderson, a flawed but wealthy man, because her parents promised to fund her investments in stocks and shares. Their marriage lacked love, but everything changed when Hadley met Jethro Gutierrez, an intern under her supervision at the hospital. Jethro, despite being in a relationship with Kathleen Stewart, brought an unexpected light and cheerfulness into Hadley's life, making her believe in true love once again. However, chaos ensued when Hadley discovered her husband's affair with Kathleen. The situation grew even messier when she chose to shield Jethro from this truth, wanting to spare him heartbreak. Just when it seemed like the mess couldn't get any worse, an unexpected twist occurred: Benedict realized he loved Hadley after all.

Writing Style

Black Widow in “My Revenge to My Cheating Husband” is clear and to the point in her writing style. There is very little use of proverbs, idioms, or any other type of figurative language, and the grammar is simple. This enables the development of a rhythm of a swift-moving story, and the text is laid out in a clear manner so that even a reader with a minimum of prior knowledge will not get lost.

First person narration from the viewpoint of Hadley makes the reader develop a close relationship with the main character. This is because the reader is in Hadley’s head and thus feels her pain of betrayal and then her desire for revenge.

The author also employs dialogue to the extent of revealing the personalities of the characters and their relationship. The conflicts are present throughout the novel, especially in the dialogues between Hadley and Benedict, which are spiteful and sarcastic because of their deteriorated marriage.

However, the writing style also has its drawbacks. At times the absence of detail is almost palpable and the reader feels that they were not given enough to visualize what is taking place. The action in the movie is relatively intense and fast which, at times, detracts from the complexity of the characters.

Nevertheless, the above-discussed minor issues can be said to be adequately compensated for by Black Widow’s writing style which gets the job done. The plot and dialogue make the novel into an interesting read, while the first-person perspective puts the reader into Hadley’s shoes and lets them experience the emotional turmoil.

Characters Development

The characters of the story “My Revenge to My Cheating Husband” are fully developed and have many layers. The main character of the novel is Hadley, and she experiences a great change throughout the story. Initially, she is cold and distant because of her traumatic past, but she eventually starts to warm up. Her journey of revenge is not only to punish her husband but also to find herself and the side of her that is capable of forgiving.

Benedict, the novel unfaithful husband, is first introduced as a stereotypical character. Nonetheless, the protagonist is depicted as being weak and insecure throughout the story although there is a build up of his character. His change is not as drastic as Hadley’s but it brings more depth to the story.

Jethro, the intern with the appeal of a young George Clooney, provokes Hadley’s transformation. When he shows her kindness and genuine interest, Hadley feels emotions that she thought she no longer possessed. The portrayal of the main character, Jethro, ’s internal conflict regarding his feelings towards Hadley and his girlfriend's treachery is another narrative level.

Language and Themes

The language used in the novel is quite vulgar and blunt, which matches the feelings of the characters. The author employs dialogue in a manner that helps to give insights into the characters’ nature and interactions. The themes of love, betrayal, revenge, and forgiveness are also evident through the characters’ actions and behaviors. The novel also deals with such important aspects of life as people’s self-realization, their individual development, and the nature of interpersonal relationships.

Strengths and Weaknesses

The book “My Revenge to My Cheating Husband” is truly an interesting one because it tackles the theme of human relationships and the repercussions of betrayal. The story is full of emotions starting from the moment Hadley discovers her husband’s affair to her planning of revenge and her journey of getting over the affair.


Engrossing Plot: The plot is rather intense and full of numerous dramatic moments and surprises, so the reader will not be bored. The story line is well developed and constantly provokes the reader’s curiosity until the last part of the story.

Relatable Characters: The viewers can easily relate to the characters, even when the situations depicted are rather exotic. The feelings of pain, anger and desire of revenge that Hadley feels is something that many readers can appreciate.

Exploration of Complex Themes: The novel focuses on such issues as love, treason, vengeance, pardon, and transformation. It deals with the theme of passions and vices and the impact of people’s decisions and actions.


Predictable Ending: The ending is good and logical; however, it is far from being original. The conflict appears to be solved quite hastily, and there is not enough depth in this aspect.

Lack of Depth in Character Development: On the same note, the characters are real in a way and their growth could have been much more complex. Despite this, some characters such as Benedict are partially developed to the point where they are two-dimensional all through the story.

Simplistic Writing Style: The prose is simple and comprehensible which, however, does not make the narrative very profound as some of the readers might expect. There is a very small use of literary devices and the language used is very plain and straight forward.

In general, “My Revenge to My Cheating Husband” is a rather interesting and enjoyable story. Despite the mentioned shortcomings, the advantages of the novel exceed the shortcomings. It is a story that will be appealing to people who have been betrayed and who would wish to take vengeance.

Thematic Exploration

"My Revenge to My Cheating Husband" by Black Widow explores several profound themes:"My Revenge to My Cheating Husband" by Black Widow explores several profound themes:

The Illusion of Perfection: The story starts by painting Hadley’s life as the American dream, which she is living to the envious of her friends. Nevertheless, the presentation of her fake marriage and the husband’s unfaithfulness destroys the image of an ideal world, which was created by the beautiful appearance.

Betrayal and Revenge: The novel gives a vivid portrayal of the theme of betrayal as well as the effects of the vice of vengeance. The protagonist Hadley’s decision-making process in the beginning of the novel is to punish her husband for his betrayal, but she evolves throughout the story to learn about forgiveness.

The Complexities of Love: The theme of love is presented in the novel through various kinds of relationships. The plot of the movie presents different aspects of love: the loveless marriage of Hadley, her love to Brandon which she lost, and her forbidden feeling to Jethro.

Self-Discovery and Growth: The novel is also a story of the main characters’ transformation and their search for personal identity. The events that happen to Hadley make her face her past and deal with her issues, thus changing her from a cruel and ruthless woman with no feelings into a loving and sensitive woman who is capable of love.

The Power of Forgiveness: The element of revenge is present in the beginning of the story, but the story’s moral is forgiveness. It is also about forgiveness where Hadley forgives her husband and herself to be happy and free from the chains of hatred.

Black Widow manages to integrate these themes into the plot very well, bringing out strong emotions in the readers.


Thus, My Revenge to My Cheating Husband by Black Widow is a thrilling story about betrayal, revenge, and love. Even though the writing is not very complex, the plot is rather intense and the characters can easily be identified with. Therefore, it is evident that the themes and the development of the main character make it worthy to read the novel. Although the plot is somewhat predictable and the characters are not very well developed, the advantages of the story overshadow the shortcomings.

I would suggest this novel for those who like reading novels about revenge and those who want to dive into the sinful side of people. It is one of those books that you can hardly put down and its message will linger with you even after you close the book.

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