Book cover of “Meet My Wife. Book 2“ by LiL A

Meet My Wife. Book 2

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: LiL A
"Do you like hearing me with another man?" his wife asked as she came downstairs, wearing nothing but a robe. He nodded, his heart racing with a mixture of emotions. He couldn't believe how turned on he was by the whole situation. As she sat on his lap, she whispered in his ear, "I want you to watch me as I pleasure him. It's what we both want, i... 

Chapter 1

Disclaimer: This book contains explicit scenes and adult language. Reader discretion advised.

"Did you lose any Ben Wa balls doing squats?"

"Yes, Master. Once, still. May I go to the bathroom?"

"You may."

"Thank you, sir."

I called Sharon and asked her to please not come over tonight.

"Why not?"

"My ex-wife is coming over, and she's already pissed at me and I don't want to further piss her off by having yet another female here. Feel free to pack up your things and check out of the Hyatt tomorrow. You can stay here the balance of your trip."

"The ex, huh. Will I get a chance to meet her?"

"Don't know. I'm going to encourage her to stay the night, but she may walk out ten minutes after she arrives. If she does spend the night, she might not be interested in the idea of another woman. We'll see. I won't lie to her about our relationship, or anyone else's for that matter."

"Has she ever had sex with another woman?"

"Not to my knowledge."

"I'm surprised, really surprised."

"I wasn't really into turning women into rug munchers before. That kind of came about because of my situation with the Smiths. I figured Phillip should get some spare nookie, and if one was going to be in the house, why not watch a couple women make out. It is popular porn. I told you I'd never had a threesome before."

"I almost thought you were lying about that, it seemed so natural to you."

"Nope. You and Becca were my first."

"Well, I guess I'll see you tomorrow."

"If Jeri doesn't kill me first."

Sharon laughed and hung up.

When Laura returned, I asked her if she could make escalloped potatoes from scratch or I should buy a package mix.

"Get two packages, sir. They make good leftovers. I have some house cleaning to do if we're having company. I'll give you a grocery list. We're running out of some other things as well."

"I'll take care of it."

We finished our workout and went upstairs to shower. We washed each other, but I didn't get her off and I didn't let her play with me either. I got dressed and went for groceries, buying everything on Laura's list plus four T-bone steaks, and a couple bottles of really good red wine. Not as expensive as we had in the restaurant last night, but a couple hundred dollars a bottle good, which was usually good enough. The main difference between a $400 dollar wine and $23,000 dollar wine was rarity. There probably wasn't a lot of that 1999 vintage left, but the same wine from the same vineyard from six years ago would be substantially less than one twenty years old, because more bottles existed in the wild.

I thought of what I wanted to wear when Jeri saw me. She'd always liked me in a suit, but since the Smiths would be jaybird naked and I had no clue what Jeri would be wearing, I went with my typical casual wear, a snug fitting polo shirt and khaki pants. I was vain enough about the work I put in to keep myself in shape to want to show it off a little, and Jeri had always liked my bod. In fact, the sex we had was always great.

Fguring the steaks for 15 to 20 minutes, we put the escalloped potatoes in the oven so they'd finish about the same time, and I was shooting for six to eat. I opened a bottle of the red to breathe, then started cutting up vegetables for a salad.

At five after five, the doorbell rang and I told Laura to get it, while I stood in the kitchen so I could see Jeri's reaction. Laura threw open the door and Jeri stood there for several seconds, dumbfounded. I'm sure part of it was Laura's nudity, but Laura was a goddess, and people were usually a bit stunned when they first saw her, especially in her altogether.

"My God. You're gorgeous," Jeri finally spit out.

"Thank you, Miss Tyson. You're very attractive yourself. Would you please come in. I don't want to stand in my doorway like this for too long."

"Of course, I'm sorry." Jeri stepped in and Laura closed the door.

"Please come into the kitchen. Master is helping me prepare a salad."

Jeri looked up and saw me watching her from the kitchen. I saw the hint of a blush as she saw me, then she followed Laura to the kitchen where Laura offered her a glass of wine. Jeri took it, and took a sip.

"Hello, Jeri," I said. "It's good to see you again."

"You're looking as good as ever. Single life must agree with you."

"It always has. I hope you're doing well."

"I've had my ups and downs. I looked up willing cuckolds. I find it hard to believe there are people like that."

"I did too, when I found out about it."

"So how did you and Laura meet?"

"I was at the club near the Hyatt on the day our marriage was annulled, looking over the crowd, hoping to find someone to take back to my room for a few hours. Laura approached me and asked me to buy her a drink. I saw the wedding ring on her hand and declined. I said I didn't fuck married women. She told me her husband didn't care, and called him to prove it. We sat down in a relatively quiet part of the club so I could learn more. She explained that he was a willing cuckold and had wanted her to have sex with another man since shortly after they married. She'd refused, but they'd recently discovered he couldn't have children, so Laura agreed to have sex with another man to have a child. She sent a picture of me to her husband and said I'd invited her back to my room and asked if she should go. He said yes.

"In my room, we sent another picture of Laura holding my cock close to her mouth and confirmed if he still wanted me to fuck his wife. He said he did. Then shortly before we started fucking, I called him and told him he could listen if he wanted. He listened for over two hours as I fucked Laura, masturbating five times as he listened. I picked up and he was still on the line. I told him Laura was tired and had gone to sleep, and I'd fuck her again in the morning before sending her home. He masturbated twice more after that.

"Laura was not fertile at the time. She wanted to ensure Phillip was really on board with me breeding her before he ended up raising another man's child. I was of somewhat the same opinion, so I arranged to be out of town during her next fertile period. By the way, I picked up another company while I was in San Francisco. But that's beside the point.

"After our marriage went kaput, I didn't think that I would ever be having children. I'm not made for marriage and children should be raised in a stable home environment. I looked at this as an opportunity to have a child, who would be raised by stable parents, and would be given the right opportunities in life, and in fact, possibly even more than one child. If I could find others like Mr. and Mrs. Smith, perhaps I could do the same thing with them. I assumed that when their child was conceived, things would go back to normal for them. Perhaps they would, at widely separated times and places, indulge in similar activities. That Phillip would want to watch Laura be fucked by another man. Laura would consent on occasion because the taboo had been broken and she would welcome a little diversity in her sex life.

"What I didn't realize, is they were both already broken. That Phillip was so enamored of his wife's extra-marital sex, he would do anything, allow anything, to watch it occur. He would endanger his career as a lawyer to ensure it would happen. That Laura so loved the sex she got outside of her marriage, she would do anything, become anything, to get it. In other words, just before she is scheduled to become pregnant, she is considering becoming a free whore, streetwalking Seattle, giving away sex for free, or becoming a stripper and doing whatever strippers do in the back of strip clubs if one is willing to pay enough money. That would have been the environment their child would have been born into. I could walk away, and they would immediately find someone to take my place.

"So, I took over their lives. I don't really want them, but I don't trust them on their own. I hope to find someone else to handle that job, but for now. I think it's for the best, they do what I tell them, and nothing more."

Jeri looked at Laura and she looked at the floor in shame. "It's true, Miss Tyson. I regret to say it's all true."

"Laura is definitely the more submissive of the two, but Phillip is himself, submissive. It might be part of the reason he wants other men to fuck his wife. He doesn't feel worthy of her, and believes she could do better sexually, so tries to arrange for her to fuck others, provided he can watch, and experience her pleasure vicariously. I believe Phillip is arriving now. Would you please stand in the living room so he can see you when he comes through the door. There are certain things he must do when he enters the house. I want to see if he'll obey."

Jeri looked at Laura again, then stood in the living room about five feet from the door. The door opened and Phillip stepped in, stopping when he saw the strange woman. I started counting. Phillip still stood there.

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