Book cover of “My Revenge to My Cheating Husband“ by Black Widow

My Revenge to My Cheating Husband

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Black Widow
Hadley Louise Carter was a successful cardiologist in Manhattan, renowned as one of the youngest experts in her field. In a calculated move, she agreed to marry Benedict Anderson, a flawed but wealthy man, because her parents promised to fund her investments in stocks and shares. Their marriage lacked love, but everything changed when Hadley met J... 

Chapter 1. Prologue

Love is the most stupid thing that ever existed on Earth. Love. It will just hurt you—emotionally, mentally, and, if you are crazy enough, physically.

Love won’t cause people anything good. It’s just a surge of emotions and butterflies in your stomach that, in no time, will fade away.

So, as a cardiologist, I chose to protect my heart with those feelings and attachments. After so many heartbreaks, I’ve had enough.

Cold-hearted? I think heartless was the more accurate term.

“Thanks, Dad,” I said over the phone. He called to send me his congratulations as I became one of the top cardiologists at White Valley Hospital. With enough hard work, I knew it was possible, and I was right.

“Does Benedict know about this already? This milestone should be celebrated.” What he said made me sigh.

“I’ll tell him when I get home,” I answered coldly. I knew Benedict wouldn’t care. He’s just my husband in papers, after all.

I dropped the phone and started driving home. The house was empty when I arrived. I bet my so-called husband was out partying in some random bars downtown again. That was the way he was, and I honestly didn’t care. As long as I can buy everything I want and everything I need, as long as I see myself excelling in the path I choose, I am totally fine. But not all the time, I must admit.

I sat on the couch and stared at the loneliness in front of me. Sometimes, I couldn’t help but think if this was what life should really be. But every time, I shut the thought down. Hell, yes, life couldn’t get any better than this.

Love was the most stupid thing that ever existed on Earth. Totally.

Reality snapped back when I heard my phone beep. It was an email from one of my colleagues.

‘List of Interns, Batch 1’

Nice, I’ve got to choose the best amongst them.

I scanned through the CVs, and I was impressed. Most of them have potential and are at the top of their current universities.

Still scrolling, I reached the CV of some guy named Jethro Gutierrez.

It unexplainably caught my attention.

After reading all the information that he included, I shut my phone, put it down, and went through the kitchen to get a glass of water. I did not continue with the next people on the list, even though there were still quite a few.

Why was that name stuck in my head?

I drank a little.

And why am I looking forward to seeing him soon?

Lost in my thoughts, I unconsciously dropped the glass on the marble floor. Shit.

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