"Captured by Bosses" by Taylor Brooks: A Riveting Tale of Desire and Dominance

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Amidst a world of corporate dominance, the fire of lust burns bright in Taylor Brooks’ “Captured by Bosses.” Odette, a naïve girl who is forced into servitude, becomes the object of her bosses’ desires. Odette is a woman, who gets into the world of dominance and submission and finds her power inside and the thrill of submitting to the most basic instincts.

Captured By Bosses by Taylor Brooks review

Main Plot of "Captured By Bosses" novel

Odette's life takes an unexpected turn when she becomes the object of desire for not one, but three powerful men: The youngest alluring Beaufort brother is Jake, the middle brother with a mysterious air is Clint, and the eldest brother who is also the most assertive of the three is Sam. This unrelenting interest in Odette leads to a series of interactions that redefine her understanding of enjoyment, domination, and, in the end, love.

Brooks effectively narrates a story that tries to dissect desire and consent especially in the context of BDSM. Through Odette’s transition from a slave to a willing participant, one can see the impact of human relations and the healing that is brought by love. There isn’t a lot of focus on the horror elements of the story, but the author doesn’t spare the reader from the more brutal side of the story while also providing moments of love and human vulnerability to make the characters believable.

Probably one of the most interesting features of “Captured by Bosses” is the love story of Odette and her three boyfriends. Both men have their own approach towards Odette and both influence her in similar but distinct ways as the film progresses. Jake’s flirtatious charm, Clint’s brooding passion, and Sam’s unyielding dominance play perfectly as the orchestra to the nymph Odette’s sweet surrender.

Another advantage of the novel is the well-coordinated structure of its narrative: the end of each chapter encourages the reader to continue reading. Brooks uses suspense and anticipation throughout his motion pictures and systematically creates and develops suspense and expectations for an eruption of an intense scene that is memorable. There is no eroticism in the text yet the reader can easily imagine and get a clear picture of what the author is trying to describe.

“Captured by Bosses” is a sexy book about passion, domination, and how the ability to love can change everything. Taylor Brooks has done a splendid job in writing this novel, and the plot is one that will leave any reader stunned and wanting more.

Book cover of “Captured by Bosses“ by Taylor Brooks

Captured by Bosses

  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Author: Taylor Brooks
What can you do if you find yourself in the basement? Kidnapped by your bosses who can do with you whatever they want. Hot. Sexy. Severe. You start to get satisfaction and a bit fear. “Stay still, Miss Odette, or you’ll fall off again. Do you need the bathroom?” he asked her. She nodded vigorously. “Okay, I’ll untie your legs briefly and let you use the bathroom, but don’t try any funny business. There’s no escape from the basement – no windows or anything. So don’t think there’s a way out. Will you behave?” Will she?


The novel touches on themes of domination and submission and raises questions of consent. The dynamics of power in the scenario involve Odette’s transition from being a captive to a willing sexual partner and thus, it raises questions on how power can be wielded and misused.

Other important motifs are the motifs of the change that desire can bring. The novel shows that Odette, who in the beginning of the storie is afraid and even tries to rebel against the forces that are shaping her as a woman, slowly transforms into a woman who accepts her own sexual desire. The novel portrays the idea of following one’s passion, even if it is sinful, as a way of liberation.

Another element that is also explored in the story is the concept of love and its different types. The plot depicts the transformation of the sexual connections between Odette and three managers into more profound affectionate ones. It deconstructs the concept of love and the institution of marriage while presenting the idea of polyamory and the dynamics of sexual attraction in an unconventional narrative.


The main character – Odette – is one of the most interesting and ambiguous characters of the novel. She is first introduced as a frail and submissive wife who, in the process of facing the new realities of her life, becomes stronger and more determined. Odette’s story is one of the sexual awakening and the fight for personal freedom, as she gradually gains the sense of agency.

The Beaufort brothers namely Jake, Clint, and Sam are all major characters and each one of them is charming in his own way. Jake, the youngest one, is a cheerful womanizer, and Clint, the man in the middle, is a reserved and self-contained person with the complex shade of a fragile soul. Sam is the oldest of the brothers and he embodies the physical power and control of a man, but he shows another side of him as he begins to genuinely care for Odette.

In the novel, the characters’ needs and wants are interrelated, thus the novel presents a picture of a distorted family web. In this case, Odette’s first submission is motivated by both fear and a desire to belong, while the Beaufort brothers’ actions are fueled by both sexual desire, cupidity, and the need to possess and defend. Their goals become more complex and nuanced, and this results in dramatic transformations in the relationships and balance of power within the story.

Writing Style

Taylor Brooks’ writing is primarily expository and marked by sexual themes. The text is plain and simple, but it is very effective in painting a picture that enables the reader to empathize with the characters. The element of imagery that Brooks employs in the story draws the reader more into the story and makes the reader feel the emotions of Odette right from the depths of her desires to the vulnerability she has for herself.

The conversations are tense and seem quite credible in the way the characters’ attitudes and needs are depicted. Brooks employs excellent diction which makes the reader feel very close to the characters making him/her feel like being in the middle of the story. This is an interesting point for a reader because the author manages to describe the sex scenes in very detail and at the same time to show the characters’ gentle and loving side.

In conclusion, Taylor Brooks’ writing style can be regarded as the major advantage of “Captured by Bosses. ” The author is rather direct, sensual and her choice of words is inspiring; thus, readers will definitely be captivated by the story long after they turn the last page.

Personal Impressions

Being a fan of romance books, I enjoyed every bit of “Captured by Bosses” as it was quite an interesting book to read. I found it easy to follow the author’s flow of writing because he/she was able to capture the bleakness of the story while interweaving moments of affection and frailty.

Two aspects I particularly liked were the character build up of Odette. She depicted the change from being an insecure captive to a strong woman with hope and determination very well. The relations between Odette and Beaufort brothers were also well thought out, though each of the two brothers had different role to play in the story. The relationships and conflicts between the characters were well developed and the author kept me engaged from the start to the end.

However, there were a few things that I did not like about the novel as much as the previous aspects I have mentioned. They also left the pacing feeling a bit off at times, and there were scenes that felt overly long while others felt rushed. Finally, I did not like the way the book ended because it seemed rushed and I felt that some of the characters deserved more of a finale.

In general, “Captured by Bosses” is a mature novel, which raises important issues of sexuality, domination, and passion. Although, the pacing and the ending needed more work, the novel is full of merits that overshadow the aforementioned drawbacks. To conclude, I would like to recommend this book to readers who are interested in romance with some elements of darkness and who are ready to read about the characters who are involved in an extramarital affair.

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