The Omega's Awakening by Dee Gleem: A Rejected Mate's Journey to Find Herself

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The Omega’s Awakening is an urban fantasy novel where the main character Katelyn is a werewolf who was rejected by her pack hence becoming an omega and the story is about her transformation. In an attempt to create a new life for herself after her mate has rejected her in favor of another female, Katelyn joins a pack of humans. But her journey takes her to a mysterious werewolf pack with vouched-for powers and customs that do not align with what she expects from werewolves or their existence.

Omega's Awakening

Main plot of The Omega’s Awakening

In a pack where the werewolf traditions are ruling Katelyn’s life changes for the worse when her mate, the alpha’s son, dumps her for another she-wolf. Angry, frustrated, and with no expectation of improvement, she decides to leave home in search of a new life. Katelyn is in the big city of human beings, she thinks that this place will help her to change her identity and forget about the life in the woods. But luck always has another plan for her.

Katelyn is picked up by a sympathetic bus driver named Gus who recognizes her situation and brings her to a rather unconventional pack of werewolves. This is the so called Sun Moon pack, which is a pack for abnormals werewolves and omegas are appreciated here. This particular event illustrates the shift in events in the pack since Katelyn is the first person below the omega rank that the pack has encountered.

While living with the new pack, Katelyn discovers more about the Sun Moon pack and its mystery and culture. She learns that there is no discrimination between the weak and the strong in the pack as everyone is trained and expected to fight for the pack and contribute to it. Katelyn is a character that Alpha Wyatt turns into a beta, and she goes through the process of training to be a fighter, accepting her omega traits, and even going to the pack’s secret university for education and to follow her passion of becoming a doctor.

However, it is threatened by a ruthless alpha who wants to dominate the lupine community and the pack. Supreme Elder, a character with the ability of vision, reveals that Katelyn and the pack she has gathered are going to be crucial in the upcoming battle. It is now or never as Katelyn and her friends join the forces to fight against the werewolves which are now aware that war is inevitable.

It is quite interesting to note that Katelyn’s story does not only depict survival but also a story of love and acceptance in the middle of the most unlikely circumstances. Since she is in a pack, she gets to know more about the other talents, the character of the pack and the wars that are in the future, she discovers her real power and she gets to know what it means to be in pack. In this book, there is a wonderful message about the triumph of the spirit, self-identity, and the value of love and friendship.

Book cover of “The Omega’s Awakening“ by Dee Gleem

The Omega’s Awakening

  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Author: Dee Gleem
I am the Omega of my pack, and the Alpha's son was supposed to be my mate. He didn't know it because he hasn't reached 18 yet. But I couldn't stand the sight of him being with someone else. So, I ran away. I am the Omega of my pack, but little do they know what I am capable of...


The themes that The Omega’s Awakening raises are quite thought-provoking. One of the most dominate themes that can be identified is that of rebellion against the conventions of society. Katelyn’s journey is a perfect example of what it means to find yourself and question everything you have ever learned. The fact that the Sun Moon pack is different from the traditional werewolf pack in that omegas are not oppressed and all members must know how to fight, disrupts the conventional order of things. This theme makes the readers to be able to challenge the society’s norms and embrace difference.

Another key theme is the issue of acceptance and a sense of identity. This is evident in the story when Katelyn’s mate rejects her in the beginning of the story she feels like she is worthless and a social outcast. But her being adopted into the Sun Moon pack where she is loved for who she is gives her the opportunity to transform and have a place to belong. It is about the need to find acceptance and love from others and, in turn, accept themselves despite imperfections or being different from others.

Another thing that can be pointed out in relation to the novel is the aspect of love, the sense of loyalty, and the power of friendship. Katelyn has a best friend, Bridget, who stands beside her throughout the story, motivating her to keep going. The loyalty of the pack members to each other in the face of conflict appropriately shows that the bond between people is strong and that togetherness is strength.


Katelyn: The main character of the story is Katelyn. At the beginning of the story she is depicted as an omega, a low ranking female who is insecure and shunned by the pack after her mate turns her away. This rejection leads her to seek her identity, thus joining the Sun Moon pack. Over the course of the novel, Katelyn is a dynamic character who progresses from a frightened omega to a brave fighter. Her drive comes from a need to be recognized and accepted, thus she becomes Luna of the Sun Moon pack and learns to accept her powers of healing.

Wyatt: Wyatt is the alpha of the Sun Moon pack, though he is just a beta. He is described as a powerful and kind-hearted character who cares for the equality and non-discrimination of the pack members. As for Wyatt, he wants to save his pack and guarantee it will survive the upcoming war. He falls in love with Katelyn and appreciates her tenacity and decides to take her as his second wife.

Bridget: Bridget is Katelyn’s best friend and is also an omega like her. She is very protective and protective of Katelyn, follows her and in the end finds her own mate in the Sun Moon pack. The reason behind her motivation is her friendship with Katelyn and the need to help her friend. Throughout the story, the reader learns about Bridget’s special gift of being able to feel where other werewolves are, which is helpful when the pack is planning for the war.

Ford: Ford is the beta of the Sun Moon pack and Bridget’s mate. He is an experienced fighter and one of Wyatt’s friends. Ford’s goal is to defend his pack and his mate, and he is involved in preparing the pack for the war. The friendship between him and Bridget is one of the main themes of the story because the love and support of others can help one overcome obstacles.

Other Characters: The novel also has other characters such as Mason who is the lead warrior of the Sun Moon pack who is involved in training Katelyn and the pack for war. Fiona and Tammy are two other omegas who seek shelter in the Sun Moon pack and add to the pack’s power and defense. Alpha Marcus, the main antagonist of the story, is an ambitious alpha werewolf who wants to control the entire werewolf population, which incites tension and moves the plot forward.

Writing Style

The author does not bother writing in a flowery or descriptive manner; rather, the author aims to capture the essence of the characters’ feelings and deeds. The language used in the story is simple and colloquial, which helps in making the story more interesting and comprehensible. The first-person narrative from various characters’ viewpoints enables the audience to empathize with each character and comprehend their emotions and actions in detail.

The author’s choice of the language also plays the same role of presenting the dynamics of the werewolf world since the characters use terms such as alpha, beta, and omega to define the members of the pack. The descriptions of scents and the concentration on the physical touch underlines the werewolves’ improved sensitivity and their link to the beast within them. But the author does not describe the werewolf world in detail which makes some things rather unclear even though the reader can use his/her imagination.

In conclusion, the chosen writing style and the use of the language in “The Omega’s Awakening” make the book exciting and easy to read. This allows for the development of emotions and relationships, which, as well as the components of the werewolf world, make for an interesting plot that will make readers follow the characters’ transformations. Though it does not possess a sophisticated and lyrical writing style, it is quite successful in capturing the feelings of the story and the themes of the book, making it quite a pleasant read for those interested in urban fantasy and paranormal romance.

Personal Impressions

The Omega's Awakening is a captivating and heartwarming story that explores important themes of acceptance, self-discovery, and the power of love and friendship. The unique setting of a hidden werewolf pack with special abilities adds a layer of intrigue and excitement to the narrative. The characters are well-developed, and their struggles and triumphs resonate with readers.

One of the novel's strengths is its portrayal of strong female characters. Katelyn, Bridget, and the other female werewolves in the pack are not just damsels in distress but active participants in their own destinies. They are fighters, healers, and leaders who challenge traditional gender roles.

However, the novel could benefit from further development of the plot and world-building. The story's pace is sometimes uneven, with some events feeling rushed while others linger. Additionally, the world of werewolves and their abilities could be explored in more depth, providing readers with a richer understanding of this unique society.

Overall, The Omega's Awakening is an enjoyable and thought-provoking read that will appeal to fans of urban fantasy and paranormal romance. Its strong characters, compelling themes, and unique setting make it a worthwhile addition to any reader's library.

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