Book cover of “Protecting the Billionaire“ by Prody doll

Protecting the Billionaire

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Prody doll
Robert Stone had everything a man could ever want - wealth, power, and undeniable good looks. But after a lifetime of heartbreak and betrayal, he vowed never to fall in love. That is, until he meets Evelyn Bullock, a hardworking waitress who changes his life forever. When Robert is forced to confront the truth about his family's wealth and the dang... 

Chapter 1

“Run and go far, do not let anything happen to him for he is my only child.” There was a loud voice as

Mr. Stone and his wife who were given the little Robert in one of their visits to the wild as they were nature lovers.

They had no idea of what was going on, but seeing the little boy with brown eyes and an innocent look,

they decided to take him with them and to make him the child that they ain’t have.

Present day.

The evening was calm and serene and the sky was bright and beautiful.

It was 1 am and I was from my night shift. I am a waitress at the visitor’s cave.

It was a nice place for strangers to come rest after a long journey.

Visitors from around the neighborhood come there from time to time to have a good time at our bar.

I was a devoted young lady especially to my job, though that wasn’t the kind of job I had expected for


The street was dark and cold, and that was my normal routine every day.

I went home at those hours every day. Sometimes I will be accompanied by colleagues, other times it

was just me alone at night.

I walked through the streets of Rougeburg with my earplugs as I listened to my favorite music.

I could see my path with the help of the stars in the sky.

Their clarity wasn’t that bright but it helped so much. That part of the street was quiet as many

shopkeepers don’t operate at night.

The road was empty and no cars were passing through and the only sound I could hear was the noise

from my sandals as I walked through the dark.

I am Evelyn Bullock and I am a beautiful lady with long dark brown hair and glowing softly radiant skin.

I am an enticing young lady hence it was difficult for any man to resist my beauty.

I have a long face, with a fine Russian nose guarded with fine round pair of jaws, bringing in my sea-nymph ears as they appear under my hair. My eyes are sea blue with velvety eyelashes that are so

beautiful, with thick upper lips on thin lower lips.

I have long hands and a slim pair of legs and straight toes. I had a flourish short dress that went down

my things giving a finer view of my sexy legs to be seen.

I wasn’t an easy-going girl, to begin with, but the nature of my job made me love things that aren’t nice.

My life has been like this for over a year as I have to go home every night alone.

As I continued walking through the streets, I heard something fall and that frightened me.

“Who is there?” I exclaimed.

I quickly took out my phone to put on the torchlight, when I noticed that, it was a trash bin that had

fallen on the ground.

I saw a cat helping itself from the contents inside of the trash can and I sighed in laughter because I had

been so scared.

I continued my journey hoping to at least see a car that might give me a ride home. The music from the

nearby clubs disturbed the beating of my music as theirs was too loud.

I walked past the store of my favorite candy.

I love the candy from that store as they were unique. Just inform of it was the most recognized

restaurant In the whole of Rougeburg.

It is known for its hospitality as well as its delicacies.

Its owner was a beautiful lady in her early 50s, epitomized in the skin of a 20-year-old girl.

I said so because, she is so young and beautiful and what makes her loved by everyone, is her

philanthropic work.

Ms. Catherine is an exemplary lady with a heart of gold. She had the best meals and people from all over

Rougeburg always come there to eat.

People from different cities as well-loved her meals and always came there in numbers to eat bet food.

However, the most satisfying work that she does is the decision she made to have orphans, homeless

people, and the needy come and eat at her restaurant once every week free of charge.

When the announcement was enacted, many people ran to her restaurant on the said day to eat and

drink as there are many homeless people around.

From that day till now, I have always been her as my role model.

She is a source of inspiration to young ladies in Rougeburg including myself.

Each time I passed by her restaurant, I will always remember her good deeds.

I walked some more dancing to the sound of my music as I was filled with joy. My tips for that night

were plentiful and I couldn’t wait to get home so that u could count how much I had received from the


I saw a couple of youngsters on the other side of the road and they seemed drunk to me.

“Hey gorgeous lady, why are you all alone at this time of the night?” He asked as he crossed the road

and came towards me.

I just kept on going as though I wasn’t the person he was addressing.

I walked faster and at a point, I started running so as not to get into trouble with them.

As I ran as fast as I could without even concentrating on where I was stepping my legs, I stumbled on

something and fell to the ground.

“Oh my goodness that hurts,” I said in the dark as I struggled to get back on my feet.

I touched something like water on the ground but the smell of it was like rust.

I thought it was just some fluid on the ground because there was a garage around there so I thought it

must be the fluids from the oil or something.

So, I took out my phone to look at the surface in order not to slide and fall again, and to my greatest

surprise, I saw a man lying there breathing slowly like he was about to give up the ghost.

Frightened by what I saw, I screamed and took off to my heels without looking back.

I was breathing in like a fish that was taken of water. “What did I just see?” I asked myself in fear.

I needed to get out of this place before those who did this to him comes back and find me here. But

again, I couldn’t just leave him there alone in the dark.

I was still in shock when something told me to go back and check if the man is still alive. So I took my

courage and kept my calm as I walked slowly towards him again.

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