Book cover of “Reawakened by His Love“ by Anointing K. Josiah

Reawakened by His Love

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Anointing K. Josiah
After catching her fiance cheating on the day of her wedding with her brother, an innocent girl who cherishes love loses faith in it; she flees the wedding ceremony only to get in an accident that leaves her lower body temporarily paralyzed. She accepts help from a billionaire who happens to be the one that was driving the car that hit her and begi... 

Chapter 1. Unexpected Encounter

Linda Wells

Today is the day that would change my entire life. I would no longer be a single lady, but a married one; and the best part is that I am not being forced into a contract marriage like my sister was in last year so our company could be saved from bankruptcy.

Luckily for her, the man she got married to is actually a good one, they eventually fell in love with each other and have a beautiful daughter. She got a happy ending, one that she deserves, and I couldn’t be happier.

I have been waiting for my own happy ending, and it came knocking at my door a month ago when Mitch, my boyfriend, proposed to me. It was on my birthday at a very expensive restaurant. It was magical and way too perfect. The ring is huge, and I can bet my life that it costs a fortune.

I still cannot believe that I would be marrying the love of my life, the man that makes my knees buckle and makes me smile so much that my cheeks hurt. My family loves him, and we have been dating for six years.

“Linda, the car will be leaving in a few minutes,” my best friend walks into the room I am in and informs me. I am already dressed in my beautiful wedding gown. It makes me feel as if I am a real-life Disney princess.

“Oh, they can wait. Today is my wedding day, I’m the boss,” I joke, and Sammy laughs. Sammy is my best friend, she is a blonde, and we have been best friends since 1st grade when the popular kids used to make fun of me. She was the only one that stood up for me and still does up to this day.

“Wow, you look perfect,” Sammy says as she sits on the bed, causing me to smile. She compliments me every single day, and each time, it makes me feel special.

“I don’t know about that, I think my stomach looks a bit big,” I say as I stare at my reflection in the full-length mirror. I know that I look good, but sometimes I cannot help feeling insecure, especially at big moments like this.

I want everything to be perfect, including myself.

“Big? You look like a freaking model, Mitch might faint when he sees how stunning you look,” Sammy reassures me, and I laugh.

I rub the material of the dress once more, and I let out a huge sigh.

“I think I’m ready,” I say to her, and she stands on her feet.

“Did you invite everyone I told you to?” I ask her as the both of us walk toward the exit of the room we are in.

“Yes, even the ones you don’t like,” she replies to me, and I smirk. I want my wedding to be what everyone talks about for the entire year, I want it to be the grandest! I want everyone there, even the ones that treated me like crap when I was in high school.

I want them all to see me at my happiest, I want them to see how great my life turned out.

Sammy leads me out of the house, and both of us enter the very expensive car that Mitch rented out. My family left, and they must be at the church already. Everyone except Sammy and I are at the church.

I have two siblings; my sister who got pulled into a contract marriage last year, and my brother who I am one year older. My dad and my mom tolerate each other and have been together for fifty years.

Whenever I compliment how long they have been married and say that I want a love like theirs, they tell me that the only reason they have made it this long is that they respect but mostly tolerate each other.

Funny, but I guess that works for them.

The car takes us to the church in about ten minutes, and I can’t stop my heart from beating so fast. I have tried taking deep breaths, counting backward, and other tricks, but nothing seems to be working.

I am so excited but so nervous.

“We’re here! In an hour or two, you would be a married woman!” Sammy squeals in excitement as we step out of the car.

“And I am telling you, Zach would propose too, he just needs time,” I reply to her, and she smiles warmly. Zach is her boyfriend, and they have been together for four years. Every time that he invites her out, she anticipates that it would be the day he proposes, but he does not.

“Sure, he would,” she says sarcastically as she rolls her eyes playfully.

As the both of us walk closer to the church, my eyes catch just how full it is. Sammy sure delivered when I asked her to invite everyone. The church is jammed packed, and I think my parents hired professionals to record it all because I saw fancy cameras too.

“Do I have to go in right now?” I stop walking and Sammy stops too.

“No, you have about ten more minutes before you march in with your dad,” she informs me, and I nod slowly, feeling relieved.

“Why are you asking? Are you okay?” She asks me, and I force a smile.

“I’m fine, I just need to freshen up a bit. Where can I do that?” I ask her and she points at a small building right next to the church.

“That building belongs to the priest, but there is also a bathroom there. It is co-ed, meaning that both males and females can use it at the same time,” she tells me as she wiggles her eyebrows.

“Eww, come on, Sammy,” I laugh at her joke as I walk away from her and toward the small building that happened to have a bathroom.

“Don’t take too long!” I hear Sammy say loudly, and I smile while nodding, as if she can see me.

When I reach the building, I open the glass door, and I walk right in. The first person I see is the receptionist, this must be the lobby. There are a few people sitting, they all are staring at me. It must be because I am wearing a freaking wedding dress, this thing is a magnet for people staring at you.

“Hi, may I know where the bathroom is?” I ask the lady behind the counter, and she smiles brightly.

“Of course, it is down the hallway, the last door to the right. And congratulations, by the way,” she replies to me, and I smile back at her.

“Thanks,” I say and I then follow her directions. I walk down the hallway and when I reach the last door on the right, I open it shyly.

When the door is opened, I enter, and I am slightly surprised at how nice the bathroom looks. Very nice and clean. I sigh out of relief, and I walk toward the mirror.

My reflection stares right back at me, seeing myself in a wedding dress seems too close to be a dream. I am still scared that I could just wake up on my bed and all this could just be a dream, but I know that it is not.

As I am about to turn the faucet on so I can get my hands, I hear a sound that startles me. It sounds like someone is in one of the stalls and they sound out of breath. Two seconds later, I hear another person in the same stall, and I chuckle lowly.

I know exactly what’s going on, a teenage guy and girl must be in one of those stalls kissing each other face off.

I turn my attention back to the faucet, and I turn it on. The sound of water running does not seem to bother the two individuals, because now both of them are moaning loudly.

I think a lot more than kissing is going on in there. This feels so uncomfortable, I should hurry up and get out of here.

I put my hand under the running water, and the pressure and coldness of the water cools down my nerves. I feel calmer and more relaxed than when I first arrived at the church.

“Yeah!” I hear one of the people in the stall moan loudly, and my eyes widen. It is definitely time to leave.

I turn off the running water, and I grab some paper towels to dry my hand as I walk toward the exit, but something stops me in my tracks; curiosity.

The door of the bathroom stall unlocks, and it opens, dying to know who was brave enough to be having sex in a church bathroom stall, I turn around.

The two people that walk out are my brother and my fiancé. My brother is half-dressed while Mitch is zipping his pants up.

“What the hell?” I say in disbelief and disgust as I stare at both of them.

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