Book cover of “Goblin Cave“ by Erin_Avery

Goblin Cave

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Erin_Avery
  • Uploaded by user212852
Cassia, a spirited and determined adventurer, eagerly seeks a contract to hunt goblins. Ignoring the stern warnings of her guild master against venturing out alone, she sets off in search of the goblin den. Defiant and resolute, Cassia believes she can handle the danger. However, her boldness leads her into a perilous trap. The goblins capture her,... 

Chapter 1

Cassia scanned the bounty board with mild disappointment mumbling to herself as she thumbed through the leaflets, "Fetch mushrooms... hunt for venison… pick herbs… package delivery…" She was getting rather bored of gathering ingredients; she wanted to be a hero, not a cook's assistant.

She pulled off some of the most recent notes hoping to find a job requiring a sword buried somewhere in the mess. "Lost dog… missing women… trade caravans disappearing… goblin cave…" She stopped. Goblin cave? She pulled the old leaflet from the board and stabbed a single pin through the others.

Her eyes flicked through the flier and focused on the payment: ten silver. For a couple of goblins? She could upgrade her armor, weapons, and even buy a horse for ten silver. She practically skipped across the well-lit guild hall.

"I'd like to claim this bounty, please," she said, and slapped the note on the counter. The guild master stood from his chair as she approached and flipped open his reading glasses with one hand, before setting them on his broad face.

A silver mustache and beard dusted his face and curled out at his cheeks. He glanced at her before picking up the paper but she averted her eyes. The guild master in this town made her uncomfortable. Deep age lines framed his steel-grey eyes but their shine betrayed his wits. She always felt she was being assessed, or measured. After taking a quick look at the flier, he peered over his glasses, one eyebrow raised in doubt.

The curious eyes passed over her, but not with the usual languid lechery she was used to from older men. The inquisitive guild master was sizing her up; considering her armor and weapons. His eyes did briefly flick over her exposed cleavage and bare midriff, but took longer stock of her heavy plate pauldrons, scale vambraces, and steel gauntlets. She wore a short scale skirt leaving her thighs exposed, and he leaned over the counter slightly to see her heavy, knee-high, plated boots.

She raised her chin and steeled herself against his gaze.

"Have you ever fought goblins, Cassia?" The steady deliberate pace of his words carried a tone of tired confidence.

She gave an annoyed sigh. "You didn't question my experience when I was to scout the borderlands or when I cleared the sewers of giant rats, both of which were dangerous." She was accustomed to being patronized by men in her brief adventuring career, but this was a guild master; surely he had seen a few adventuring women in his day.

He stared down at her, unmoving. "You won't need the armor. It will slow you down, and they won't try to kill y-"

"Oh really?" She interrupted, obviously offended. "I won't need armor to fight bloodthirsty goblins? Maybe I should leave my sword at home too!"

The guild master waited patiently for her to finish and continued. "I know you aren't hearing me, girl, but you would do well to listen. They aren't stupid animals. They are faster than you think and more cunning…."

She wasn't hearing him indeed, the way he said "girl" grated at an already exposed nerve and she lashed out, interrupting him again. "I can handle a few goblins, Dom! Just sign the bounty and be done with it."

His expression didn't change. He waited, staring into her eyes. "No," he said and swept the bounty up before placing it behind the counter. "It's my job to make sure you don't get yourself killed or worse. Why don't you see if someone with goblin experience can help-"

She slammed an armored fist on the counter. He glanced at the wood where her gauntlet had struck, and the look he gave her would slow a charging bugbear.

She glared at him, turned, and stormed out of the guildhall muttering obscenities.

In the street outside the hall she took a deep steadying breath of the morning summer air. She had read the flier mostly. "Goblin activity to the southeast. Find the lair, eradicate the vermin."

She turned her nose southeast and started walking, her plated boots clanking with every determined step.

Cassia used a leather corset to support her heavy breasts. It was tight around her ribs and loosened at the top to accommodate her well-endowed chest. The leather was now soaked with sweat and had begun to sag. She tugged at it in irritation, but it fell again, leaving her cleavage fully exposed to the cooling breeze

She had been walking for hours, and the heat of the midday sun was killing her. The weight of her heavy armor made the trek even more exhausting. She was glad she had left her helmet behind, but her red hair clung unpleasantly to her forehead, cheeks, and neck.

She hadn't seen even the slightest sign of goblin activity and part of her wondered if the bounty had already been completed. She mindlessly followed the tracks a wagon had carved in the dirt as she walked, daydreaming about lopping goblin heads and shopping for a horse. Then she stopped and frowned. The grooves of the wagon wheels veered off the road, seemingly straight into the dense thicket.

She peered into the brush and noticed the leaves seemed rather brown. She walked up to the dense foliage nearly double her height and pulled one of the dried branches toward her. As she suspected, it fell quickly, taking most of the makeshift wall down atop her.

The dry sticks cracked and rustled as she shoved the heap of brush aside. Behind the wall of branches was a hidden path, just wide enough for a wagon leading between two trees. She looked back down at the tracks, and they clearly led down the exposed trail. A glimmer of hope lifted her spirits as she remembered something from her morning in the guildhall. "The disappearing trade caravans," she said quietly. Her cheeks rose, and a smile pulled at her mouth.

She didn't remember the reward for the bounty, but she thought it would be nice not to come home empty handed. She bolted down that path at a dead run, determined to find the caravan.

She didn't have to run very far to see the abandoned wagons. There were four of them, one passenger wagon and the remains of three uncovered cargo wagons. As she tried to catch her breath, she again regretted wearing her heavy armor. She was trying to steady her breathing when she saw movement at the edge of her vision.

She stood straight and shouted, "Come out, vile goblin and face me!" Her long sword rasped loudly before ringing its silver song. She stood in the quiet glade and blew the errant strands of red hair out of her face. Nothing moved. All was quiet for a few long moments, so she shrugged and resheathed her sword.

There wasn't much left of the wagons themselves. The cargo wagons had been stripped of their wood, leaving a few steel axles, but the passenger wagon remained intact. She walked up to the carriage and pulled the door open. A black cloud of swarming flies billowed from the hot, muggy carriage.

Her eyes settled on the rotting corpses of two butchered men. She slammed the door closed and gagged, dry heaving multiple times before spitting. A long strand of saliva clung to her cherry-red lips.

She didn't hear the slow footfalls of the approaching goblin until it was right behind her. By the time she heard the creature, it had already dropped a rope over her head, lassoing her neck.

She drew her sword as she spun and sent a wide arcing slice around her, but the little green devil had already run out of range. She stood watching a disturbed branch gently bob where the goblin had disappeared. She saw the coiled rope at her feet quickly unraveling, but by the time she realized what was happening, the rope pulled taut, transferring the momentum of the running goblin to the back of her neck. Her head was ripped down into the earth, slamming her face hard into the rocky ground.

Pain erupted from her nose, upper lip, and chin. She cried out but her scream was cut short as her windpipe was strangled closed.

Loud hoots and hollers quickly filled her ears. She was slowly being dragged through the dirt by her neck, and as the lasso tightened, she wasn't able to draw breath. She tried to gasp for air, but only managed a sputter, blowing a small cloud of dirt as she pawed at her hip.

The edges of her vision began to spot and darken, but her fumbling fingers managed to wrap the hilt of her knife, and she quickly severed the wicked cord above her head. She sucked in air in one large desperate gasp and rolled to her back. She held her dagger up defensively in both hands, swinging it wildly from her back. Sinister laughter and whoops of delight came from the small dark shapes surrounding her.

She blinked the tears from her eyes and for the first time, saw her attackers clearly. At least ten gaunt faces with short crooked noses, sharp chins, and dagger-tipped ears. Their three-foot stature and ash-green, warty skin made their identity unmistakable.


One pulled at her steel boot, and she kicked it hard in the face. The others laughed at his misfortune then another grabbed a fistful of her hair, attempting to drag her. She rolled to her stomach, trying to get to her hands and knees only to have two more grab her feet and drag her in the other direction, scraping her chest against the ground.

She rolled to her back again as they dragged her and the goblins seemed to go into a frenzy. When she was on her stomach one of her breasts had pulled free of her corset, and the goblins cheered. One of the goblins at her feet had stopped pulling, too enthralled by the sight. She quickly pulled her foot up to her chest, and the small goblin clinging to her boot came with it. She sunk her dagger into the side of his neck, splattering her face and chest with a warm spray of goblin blood.

The goblins roared in laughter, some falling to the ground hysterical. She heard hard footsteps approaching and turned her head to see a small, leather-wrapped foot just before it slammed into her temple. Her ears rang with the impact. She tried to point the dagger, but a second kick bludgeoned her into confusion. She dropped the weapon and focused desperately on clinging to consciousness. She defiantly lifted her head from the dirt just an inch, but a third violent kick sent her to oblivion.

She felt a dull, nauseating pain in the back of her head as her eyes tried to focus on something, anything. Small grubby hands had pulled her leather top down, fully exposing her other breast. She heard the savage cheer as she felt a hungry mouth close over her nipple, sucking and biting.

The pain jolted her fully awake and she tried to scream. She heard a weak cry for help leave her lips, and her body began to tremble. Her breath caught in her chest, and cold fear overwhelmed her. There were so many she couldn't even count them all. One of the goblins quickly shoved his loincloth into her mouth, and she gagged on the taste of leather soaked with weeks of sweat and piss. She spat it onto her chest and was slapped hard before one of the goblins stuffed it back into her mouth.

She tried to struggle, but there were goblins on each of her arms and legs, working quickly to unfasten the buckles and straps of her armor. They removed her scale skirt first, revealing her cloth undergarment. One of the goblins had managed to remove one of her boots, and she felt the slimy tongue begin to explore between her toes.

She shuddered in horror as she thought back to what the guild master had said. "They won't try to kill you." His words echoed in her head over and over like a jest. How could she be so stupid? There was a goblin on each of her large breasts now, sucking and squeezing like babes.

Her underwear was being pulled down to her thighs, and panic came crashing down upon her. One of them had her dagger in hand and quickly sawed through the material. Her warm center was exposed. She thrashed and pulled, kicked, and screamed. Her cries muffled through the disgusting mass shoved in her mouth. Tears fell down her cheeks, and rage rose in her as the goblin holding the knife clambered between her legs. His swollen cock rubbed against her thighs.

She would not be raped by a goblin. She thrashed again, pulling her wet foot from the goblin's sucking mouth. She screamed through the rancid loincloth just as the goblin holding her arm managed to unbuckle her gauntlet.

Her hand wrenched free, and she grabbed the goblin between her legs by his thin bony throat. He tried to pull away, his stiff cock flailing as he attempted to pry her fingers with his own. He stabbed viciously at her with the dagger, but the blade stopped just short of her arm. The goblin next to him had prevented him from stabbing her. She gritted her teeth and squeezed until she felt the front of his throat collapse. She pushed her thumb hard into the apple of his neck and something popped under the pressure.

He dropped the dagger and clawed at her hand in wild desperation, leaving deep scratches on her hand and his neck as his body began to convulse. She watched as the beast's eyes, frantic and wild, dimmed to two lifeless orbs. A single sob of rage left her as the goblin died. She bit down on the leather loincloth and tears streamed down her cheeks, she knew she couldn't stop what was coming.

Another goblin moved to replace the one dying at the end of her arm, and more goblins arrested her arm back to its outstretched position. She took the limp body of the goblin with it.

The new goblin tossed his loincloth onto her bare chest and wasted no time. He pushed into her, and her body went rigid. No. He couldn't. A fucking goblin. Please no. She tried to scream again, but another muffled whimper escaped her mouth, quickly turning to uncontrollable sobs.

This couldn't be happening. She stared up at the sun, and her tears caused the great glowing mass to morph in the sky. She focused on the goblins tongue returning to her naked toes. Anything but the slow insertion of fat tumid meat into her virgin warmth.

The muscles of her sex quickly weakened against the forceful persistence of the goblin's greasy thickness and it passed her soft entrance with the sound of separating meat.

She felt a pressure give way, and a sharp pain blossomed from the heat of her groin as she lost her innocence to the ugly creature. The image of his wide slavering mouth and beady eyes seared into her mind.

Goblins. Fucking goblins.

The pain of humiliation gripped her heart, and she sobbed through her gag as he began worming his entire length into her. She squeezed her eyes shut and breathed through the pain… and the pleasure.

"No!" She yelled through the gag, and her eyes opened to the most hideous sight of her life. He panted loudly as his flopping tongue dripped drool onto her stomach. She could see the delight on his evil face as he began roughly fucking her.

She could feel her muscles giving up and she tried to struggle one last time, but it was no use. The warmth hugging the goblins invading cock began to wetten and relax. "Nooo…" she moaned this time as her body betrayed her.

The sucking mouths of the goblins on her nipples sent blood to her now engorged clitoris. The goblin's smooth pubic bone slid against her sensitive nub and she sucked in a breath through the drool soaked loincloth.

The goblin tongue continued its ceaseless slithering between her toes and her restrained arms and legs went limp. Her next exhale was a whorish moan as her locked jaw finally opened.

The goblin's face softened into hideous ecstasy. His body went rigid, and the thick meat of his cock throbbed inside her. She prayed his foul seed wouldn't find her womb, but deep down she knew, this wouldn't be the last time she was bred. His slime ran down the crack of her ass when he finally pulled free of her. She released the throat of the dead goblin, and its head fell to the dirt.

She laid motionless while the goblins sucked her nipples and foot. Goblin spend slowly spilled from her soggy sex. Her rage, humiliation, and disgusting pleasure had burned through her energy. Only dull hate and deep sorrow remained.

The goblins had successfully removed all her armor and clothing except her left pauldron. Its fasteners always gave her trouble. The thought of something so mundane was a small comfort as the goblins began dragging her through the dirt. Two goblins to each foot, the small creatures pulled her to their lair.

She felt every scrape of the rocks and branches across her back as she was towed through the forest, but the pain was nothing compared to the violent transformation of her spirit.

The rage from before tried to ignite, but there was no kindling left in her. She watched the sun with a sense of hopelessness until it disappeared, replaced by the dark ceiling of her new home.


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