Book cover of “A Fatal Kiss of the Vampire“ by Anna Shannel Lin

A Fatal Kiss of the Vampire

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Anna Shannel Lin
Ten years ago, hybrid alpha-vampire Ethan Parker met a girl on the darkest day of his life. She gave him hope that he could live on. When they met again, he was strong enough to do anything for her, but she didn't seem to remember him... Kylie Finch is a b-list actress after witnessing her mother die, being kicked out of the house by her father, an... 

Chapter 1

Her Sister’s Lie

Summer season, Seattle USA

Kylie Finch opened the door of the coffee shop and noticed the woman sitting in the corner.

She was wearing a lavender dress and looked beautiful despite her pale complexion. She stood up immediately upon seeing Kylie.

“I thought you were still angry and wouldn’t come to see me,” the woman said.

Kylie bit the bullet, casually sitting down, and eventually began to speak. “Of course, I’m not angry with you. Can’t you see that I’m only playing cat-and-mouse with you?”

The woman looked surprised and like she was about to cry.

“I know you blame it on me. But when he said he wanted to be my boyfriend, he never talked about you. If I’d known you were still together, I wouldn’t have agreed to.”

Never talked about her? Khloe sure knew how to make Kylie feel worse.

Kylie Finch smiled coldly and laid her phone down on the table.

Was she pretending that she, Khloe, was blind? The background of Kylie’s phone was a blown-up picture of Aiden Parker. She must have seen it.

Kylie got up close to her face and sneered: “But you have slept with him! What can I do?”

The woman began to cry. “It’s all my fault! Hit me if it’ll make you feel better...”

Then she wanted to grab Kylie’s arms as a provocation.

“Hit you?” Kylie slapped her hands away and grinned at her. “It would make my hands dirty.”

The woman looked guilty. “If you don’t do it, I’ll do it myself...” Then she began to slap her own face.

Kylie looked down at her own clenched fist. For the first time, she realized that they were quite similar. They both pretended to be someone they were not.

That woman pretended she was poor and innocent, and Kylie pretended she was strong!

Because that woman knew that being innocent could get her what she wanted, and Kylie knew that only she could protect what she deserves when she’s strong like a hedgehog.

Kylie didn’t react to Khloe’s slaps, and that woman felt so embarrassed after her manic fit. Her tears kept falling.

“Sister, I’ve slapped myself. Please tell me what I can do to make you forgive me!”

“Don’t beg her!” A man walked into the coffee shop and quickly wrapped Khloe up in his arms.

Kylie was frozen in place, and she couldn’t process what was happening.

Last night, Khloe had called her and drunkenly begged Kylie to pick her up.

But Kylie had witnessed the two having sex in his room. And apparently, it hadn’t been the first time they’d done this.

She had confronted Khloe on that day and had wanted to know that woman’s intentions. But to her surprise and annoyance, Khloe had pretended to be innocent in front of Aiden. This bitch!

Looking at them, Kylie clenched her jaw and rolled her eyes. “Aiden, don’t you remember that I’m your girlfriend?”

“But, I love Khloe!” Aiden glanced at her coldly. “I only used you as a shield!”

Kylie sneered. For the past five years, she had driven away all the women trying to get close to Aiden, and she had even considered giving up her career for him.

But she hadn’t expected that all her efforts would be in vain when it came to this woman.

“Then I should congratulate you both. You two bitches are perfect for each other.” Then Kylie turned on her heel and rushed out.

If she were to slow down her pace, she might start crying.

After getting in the car, she stepped on the gas, and the vehicle jolted forward.

Then she noticed that Khloe had followed her and was running towards her car as though she wanted to kill herself for her sins.

Kylie was terrified and sharply turned the wheel without noticing the car immediately behind her.


Her used Alto was wrecked! Luckily, the car behind her hadn’t been moving too quickly, or she would have been dead.

But the other car was still an armored off-road vehicle – a Knight XV!

Kylie came from a wealthy family, but she didn’t have much money of her own. She could barely afford a tire...

That bitch!

Kylie mustered all the strength she had left to push the door open and run towards Aiden and Khloe. That woman could merely squeeze his hand; she was dumbstruck.

Damn! Without making eye contact, Kylie shoved her hand, with red nail polish, into his coat pocket, and started ruffling about for something.

“What are you doing?” Aiden had not expected her to make such a scene on the side of the street. He looked both embarrassed and angry and began to blush.

Kylie looked at him in enjoyment; she liked making fun of him. Of course, she wouldn’t have done this kind of thing if her car were not damaged.

She finally found Aiden’s wallet and removed a black card. His new sweetheart had wrecked her car, so he needed to pay for the damage.

“You crazy bitch!” Aiden Parker saw that his credit card with the highest possible limit had been removed, so he started yelling at Kylie.

Kylie stood next to the Knight XV; her small body looked like a mere adornment for the large vehicle.

She handed the card over to the driver, who looked nervous and said: “You have a nice car, sir. Use this card to pay for any damages.”

Kylie noticed another person sitting in the backseat of the Knight XV.

This passenger wore a white-collared shirt and a black pantsuit. He looked so proud. His eyes were very dark.

Kylie felt the cold air issuing from the car. She couldn’t stop rubbing her hands. Didn’t they notice how cold it was?

Then she turned her head and looked at her smoking car. Kylie felt desperate.

But what’s done is done.

She walked around to the other side of the Knight XV. Then she opened the passenger door and got in. “Can you please take me to Garcia Entertainment, sir?”

“This is not a taxi...” the driver said coldly.

A low, cold voice came from the back: “Elliot, take her there.”

But before she had time to look at the man in the backseat, her door was flung open, and Aiden tried to drag her from her seat.

“You need to apologize to Khloe!”

Kylie almost fell to the ground.

It hurt her so much. She had loved this man for five years. She had given up everything for him. He had given her a dream, but now he wanted it all back.

It had been a mere fantasy.

She smiled viciously. “She took my boyfriend away from me, and you want me to apologize to her? What’s wrong with you?”

Aiden looked angry and grabbed her arm. “When she found out you were my girlfriend, she cried all night. She cares about you so much, and you nearly ran her over!”

“Aiden, if you really love her, then you should lock her in your home. Don’t fucking let her run around getting hit by cars!”

Aiden looked furious. He squeezed and pulled her arm with greater strength. “Apologize!”

Kylie struggled. “Let me go! Khloe, your dog is crazy! Take him away!”

Aiden was infuriated and wanted to slap her. But his hand was stopped mid-air...

She hadn’t noticed him approaching, but a much taller man stood next to Aiden. His more powerful hand gripped Aiden’s wrist.

That man was so tall. Kylie wanted to raise her head and stare up at him. But it was August, so when she looked up that high, the dazzling sun blinded her. Despite the heat, she could still feel the cold air around her.

The deep, loud voice made them both nervous.

“Let her go.”

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