Book cover of “Taking the Mafia to the Magic World“ by RVN_1998

Taking the Mafia to the Magic World

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: RVN_1998
  • Uploaded by user288026
Vicente, a renowned criminal in his time on Earth, meets his end during an escape when betrayed by one of his trusted associates. However, this is not the end of Vicente's journey. Just when he thought he would die, he suddenly finds himself in a strange place, in a body different from his own. Without understanding why or how, Vicente finds that, ... 

New Life

It was a cold winter night in one of the cities present in the northern hemisphere of the Earth, a relatively impoverished place by world standards.

This was a sprawling city, and despite being one of the coldest nights, the city was still bustling with cars and people who could be seen roaming the streets, even in the farthest regions of the city center.

However, right at the heart of this city, a chaotic scene unfolded. A few police cars could be seen speeding past, their sirens alerting everyone on the outskirts that something out of the ordinary was happening in the city.

Amidst the sirens, there weren't just the police cars that were rushing. In fact, the fire trucks and several ambulances could also be seen racing in the same direction, drawing the attention of those who were on the street to stop and wanting to take a look as to where all the vehicles were rushing.

The National Mint, located at the heart of the city, was being robbed by criminals who were armed with military-grade weapons!

There, gunfire echoed as the criminals were shooting at the surrounding police officers, engaged in a fierce standoff with them while they used machine guns and even grenades to destroy the nearby vehicles.

In the midst of this chaos, people at some distance from that building were able to notice the thick plumes of dark smoke billowing from the besieged building, evidence of the criminals' destructive deeds as they had finished robbing that facility.

"Quick, time to go! We've got everything we wanted!"

"Kill everyone. Leave no witnesses behind!"

"Haha, it's time to celebrate!"

Some of the criminals jeered among themselves as they received warnings from some of their comrades over the radio.

Meanwhile, as they escaped, the last one among them, who was still in the building, navigated through the wrecked walls, heading towards the various pre-planned escape routes they had developed over the past five years.

At the same time, a helicopter landed at the building rooftop, bearing one of the leaders of today's operation who entered the site along with a briefcase while disguised as an executive.

The black briefcase was handcuffed to his left wrist while a field hockey mask masked his face.

As he walked to the site, the man seamlessly ignored the sounds of gunshots that were coming from just a few dozen meters below his current location while the acrid smell of burning plastic and dirt permeated the surroundings. "Let's go, fellas!"

He then took off his mask, revealing the youthful countenance of someone who didn't even seem to be someone who was used to doing crimes that he currently was leading.

This was Vicente Acosta, a 25-year-old, notoriously renowned member of the Mafia in this country. He was known for orchestrating three successful escapes from federal prisons and a bank robbery.

At the age of 17, he began his career in the mafia by organizing the affairs of an arms dealer in his neighborhood in this very city.

Over the years, he had risen through the ranks and gained the position where he stood just three steps away from becoming the heir of the leader of the family he currently belonged to.

Should he escape this scene successfully, his path to becoming the next Don of the Mazzanti family would be practically guaranteed!

But that was one of a kind– IF THAT WOULD HAPPEN!

As his helicopter took off for his getaway, Vicente suddenly spotted his right-hand man in this operation on the helipad of the building. That guy had taken off the mask on his face and was looking at him strangely.

A moment later, this man whom he trusted, squeezed something in one of his hands, a sinister smile forming on his face.

Noticing this, Vicente's heart froze.



An explosion erupted from the helicopter's tail, immediately causing the pilot to lose control of the carrier as it started a plummet from the sky dozens of meters with each passing moment.

Amid the chaos and warning sounds inside that helicopter as the pilot and copilot screamed in desperation, Vicente saw the last moments of his life on Earth pass before his eyes.

'Fucking traitor!' He thought, but less than ten seconds after the theft of his life, his helicopter crashed to the ground!





At one second, Vicente closed his eyes and felt the bitterness of one who would die after being betrayed by someone he had trusted like a brother.

By the next second, he felt an intense pain in an unexpected area of his body, his buttocks, while trying to open his eyes. Strangely, he didn't feel the pain of dying.

As he screamed in pain, he found himself in a completely different place, but he couldn't see properly, as he could barely open his eyes.

The pain in his buttocks did not seem to go away in the slightest, and thus he tried to bring his hand to this part of his body to massage it. Unfortunately, Vicente found that there was something peculiarly strange about his body.

'Eh? What is it?' He was almost as shocked as he was just a moment ago when he was about to die. That was because he noticed that his body seemed to have shrunk.

He was barely able to control his hands. In fact, he barely had any control over himself. It was as if his body was moving by itself, and all he could do was cry!

Suddenly, he felt a giant hand approaching his body, making him feel helpless in this bizarre situation.

But instead of suffering for that creature, the hand enveloped him in what felt like a warm and comfortable blanket.

Soon after, Vicente heard a voice in an unfamiliar language that he couldn't comprehend.

"Congratulations, Mister Fuller, it's a boy. He is quite strong and healthy. He will become a good merchant in the future, haha," one voice declared.

But then, Vicente heard a voice that didn't sound much unfamiliar to him.

"Oh, my baby, you are finally showing yourself to the world, huh? Mommy waited 14 months to meet you..." A sweet, soothing voice reached Vicente's tiny ears, and soon he found himself being cradled in the arms of this woman with black hair and ample bosom.


Though Vicente could not understand any of the words spoken by these people, he wasn't dumb to not be able to realize his situation even after observing all these signs. With each passing moment, the situation became increasingly clear to him.

'Shit, I've been reincarnated, and now I'm a newborn!' he exclaimed in his mind, but to those around him, he was still crying as his mother attempted to calm him down.

Vicente's father, filled with joy at the arrival of his firstborn son, couldn't contain his excitement and babbled aloud, "Hahaha, my son, my son!"

"He's just like you, Mister Fuller," one of the doctor's assistants, who had helped deliver Vicente, commented with a smile as she saw the blissful family moment.

Bringing new life into the world was always a joyful experience!

Vicente's father continued to smile like a fool, watching his wife and son with his teary eyes.

During their long journey, his wife unexpectedly started to labor in a remote village.

Luckily, the only local doctor in the village was present, sparing them from having the risks of a natural birth without the presence of an appropriate magician.

Who knew what might have happened if the village's sole magician who specialized in medicine, was not present?

As such, the relief in Merchant Fuller's heart was immense. Now he could celebrate the birth of his son without having the worry that his first son would be harmed at the time of birth due to not being attended by a doctor.

After a few moments, one of the doctor's assistants, with a golden light emanating from her fingers, placed her hands on Kate Hogan's crotch, Vicente's mother.

When Vicente, who was now able to open his eyes more readily, saw it up close, he observed numerous tiny letters inscribed in semi-transparent lines coming down from that woman's hands and going into his mother's private region.

'Uh? What is that?' he wondered, his eyes wide with amazement as he witnessed magic for the first time in his new life!

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