Book cover of “Worldwide Apocalypse: Starting with Max-Level Skills“ by Startled Cicada

Worldwide Apocalypse: Starting with Max-Level Skills

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Startled Cicada
  • Uploaded by user195085
The global human population descended into an apocalyptic world, where order collapsed and monsters roamed freely. Survival demanded relentless growth in strength. In this chaos, Wang Chen discovered the Peak Ascension System, a unique power that instantly maxed out any skill he acquired. With this unparalleled advantage, he embarked on his path to... 

Descending to the Apocalyptic World!

"Respected Descenders of the Blue Star!

"Welcome to the apocalyptic world!

"I am your System Wizard, and I will do my best to help the Descenders survive in this dangerous apocalyptic world!

"Now, please turn the wheel in front of you and choose your new skill!

"You have 30 minutes to make your choice!

"Good luck!"

As Wang Chen listened to the voice echoing in the air, he was so shocked that he swallowed half of the dumpling in his mouth and almost choked.


He patted his chest and gulped down a mouthful of soy milk before finally swallowing the bun.

"F*ck, are you kidding me?"

Looking at the huge wheel that was as tall as a person in front of him, Wang Chen could not help but complain.

Just a few seconds ago, he had just stepped into the company and was about to throw his resignation notice in the boss's face and say, "I quit!" because yesterday, he won the five-million lottery.

He would save some money and spend it for the rest of his life!

However, he did not expect that he would encounter such a ghost now. Could this still be good?

He looked around.

The ground was covered in dust, and the walls had not been built yet. It looked like an unfinished building.

"This is a very good idea. I didn't expect the company's technology to have broken through to such a level in just a few days.

"Manager Zhao, this is a big surprise. When the technology is promoted, I will definitely reward you well!"

A familiar male voice came from behind.

Wang Chen turned around and saw a middle-aged man with a big belly lauding a man with triangular eyes and gold-rimmed glasses as if he was praising a pet dog.

The middle-aged man was Huang Deren, the boss of the 3D Holographic Projection Technology Company where Wang Chen worked.

Usually, he would squeeze whatever he could from his employees' bones. If he could make his employees stand, he would never let them sit. He was the kind of boss that nobody appreciated.

The bespectacled man was called Zhao Tie, and he had no real skills. He only knew how to flatter. He often came up with all kinds of tricks to please Huang Deren.

Therefore, Huang Deren thought that Zhao Tie was deliberately fawning over him.

Wang Chen had long been unhappy with this lousy boss. He immediately said impolitely, "Huang Deren, did a donkey kick your head? How could your lousy company have created such a thing? Are you daydreaming?"

"Wang Chen, how can you talk to CEO Huang like that? Do you still want your job?" Zhao Tie immediately jumped out and refuted angrily, looking like a loyal dog that was filled with righteous indignation.

"If it weren't for the fact that my salary came in last month, I would have quit long ago! What are you licking his boots for? There's nothing for you to do now!

"Didn't you hear about the apocalyptic world? Get it straight. This is probably not the Blue Star anymore!"

Wang Chen mocked as he grabbed the wheel behind him. With a hard push, the wheel started spinning.


Zhao Tie, who was about to refute Wang Chen, was stunned.

Could this apocalyptic world be real? Then, why was he still licking Huang Deren's boots?

His attention was also attracted by the wheel. He stared fixedly at the huge wheel that was spinning rapidly.

"Do you realize it now?" Wang Chen turned around as he spoke.

He wanted to see what kind of skill he would get with his heaven-defying luck of winning the lottery.

A moment later, the wheel stopped and pointed at the smallest of the ten squares.

"Logically speaking, the lower the probability, the better the reward. Looks like I'm in luck."

Wang Chen was delighted.

[Congratulations, you have obtained a rank 0 skill: Strong.]

[Please use this skill reasonably to deal with the next zombie attack. Come on!]

[Strength Level 1 (Rank 0). Your body will be stronger than an ordinary person's. Constitution +0.1, Strength +0.1, Agility +0.1.]

A white halo flashed past. Wang Chen realized that his body, which he usually neglected to exercise, seemed to have become a little stronger.

He lowered his head and took a look. The muscles on his arms were much more defined.

Wang Chen was dumbfounded. He thought that the lowest probability was actually a zero-rank skill. This thing was too deceptive!

[The character panel is open. The Descender can freely open and close it to check his own status.]


Name: Wang Chen

Level: 1

[EXP: 0]

[Basic Attributes: Strength (1.1), Stamina (1.1), Agility (1.1), Spirit (1), Charm (1), Luck (0.8)]

[Energy: 100]

[Free Attribute: 0]

[Skill: Strength Level 1 (Rank 0)]

[Skill Points: 0]

[Equipment: None]

[Spirit Points: 0]


"You want me to rely on this to fight zombies?"

Wang Chen wanted to cry.

He was probably not as fit as those amateur sports enthusiasts. If the zombie in the notification was the same as what he understood, he would have no choice but to run.

"Zero-rank skill? Wang Chen, you can't do it!"

Zhao Tie moved in front of the roulette, his face revealing a thick sneer.

At this moment, the area on the wheel was already marked with rewards.

Other than Wang Chen obtaining a rank 0 skill, there were seven rank 1 skills. The other two were rank 2 and rank 3 skills. He actually picked the one with the lowest probability and was the most rubbish.

[Peak Ascension System binding!]

[Binding successful!]

[All your skills will automatically be upgraded to the maximum level!]

[Ding! [Strength] has been upgraded to max level!]

At this moment, a mechanical voice suddenly sounded.

This voice was completely different from the System Wizard's.

"What's going on?"

Wang Chen was dumbfounded as he glanced at the interface.


[Basic Attributes: Strength (11), Constitution: (11), Agility (6), Spirit (2), Charm (2), Luck (0.8)

[Energy: 500]

[Free Attribute: 0]

[Skills: Strength Level 20 (Rank 0), Strength Level 1 (Rank 0). Your body will be stronger than an ordinary person's. Stamina +10, Strength +10, Agility +5, Spirit +1, Charm +1.]


The Level 1 [Strength] skill had actually been upgraded to Level 20!

Aside from Luck, all of his Basic Attributes had received a massive boost.

Compared to the raw data without any skills, Wang Chen now had 11 times Strength, 11 times Stamina, and 6 times Agility!

His energy bar had also increased by five times, reaching 500.


Wang Chen's body made a sound like beans being fried. In the blink of an eye, he turned from an ordinary abandoned house into a Greek bronze statue.

With perfect muscle lines and explosive strength, the tiredness of staying up all night was swept away. It was as if he had drunk the legendary all-nourishing soup, and there was no place for him to release his energy.

It might be unrealistic for him to beat the tyrant now, but ordinary zombies were definitely not a problem.

"Even Rank 0 Skills are this powerful?"

At the side, Zhao Tie, who was originally prepared to make sarcastic remarks, looked at Wang Chen with an envious expression.

Which man wouldn't want those muscles and definition?

He was a walking testosterone bomb.

"Let me try too!"

Zhao Tie couldn't contain his excitement anymore. He stretched out his hand and the wheel wheel immediately started spinning.

A moment later, the wheel slowly stopped and the needle stopped.

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