Book cover of “Alexa, The Dark Witch“ by Priskila Wi

Alexa, The Dark Witch

  • Genre: Fantasy
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Priskila Wi
Alexa Jocelyn Heart was abandoned by her parents in an orphanage. She grew up with unusual physical characteristics, compared to other children her age, which made it difficult for the girl to make friends. Things got worse when Alexa was a teenager. She cursed a girl for wanting to burn her room so that the girl's body turned to ashes. What does... 

Chapter 1. The Ancient Prophecy

“Elzrath gratzionth uchteriatzh De Magia, Azrothianth gradionth tracteantz gestrianchot De Magia, derth Grazdianth De Magia grasthiontz brantzthie!” 

“Everything in the Underworld is subject to the Goddess Magia. All sorcery comes from the Goddess Magia, and all who oppose the Goddess Magia must die!”


On a gloomy night

A husband and wife were seen entering a dark and unkempt house. Anxiety appeared on the twenty-year-old woman's face. Her inner seemed to refuse, and it warned her to leave that place immediately. However, she could not do that.

"Are we doing the right thing, honey?" asked the wife doubtfully.

The husband nodded in response. The tall, stocky man with a bushy beard and sideburns did not want to leave, even though his partner doubted the decision. What they were about to do was the natural thing to do. The woman's body, which was bulging at the stomach, was now tightly clenching her coat as if shivering from the not-too-late night atmosphere.

"We have to know how the condition of the child is in your womb, dear. All married couples in Zlatav also do the same thing, and this has become a natural thing. Do not worry, everything will be fine," replied the husband, calm.

The woman who was pregnant with the fruit of the love of their marriage was holding her husband's fingers tightly. The pregnant women's hearts and minds grew increasingly restless as if they were afraid of hearing something that could change their lives forever.

Now, they entered a room where only the light of the oil lamp was everywhere. The well-built man looked a little hesitant; however, because they had already made an appointment, they could not help but have to go there.

As I recall, we had to walk straight ahead. Then there was a door, and then there would be another door. Hopefully, what I do right now is right because I do not want my family to get hurt in the future. Better to prevent now, thought the man with a pair of emerald-colored eyes.

"Honey, hold my hand. Do not be afraid because I am here." The husband said softly to calm his wife's agitated heart.

"Yes, dear," said the woman tenderly.

She also held the left hand of her beloved husband, but in her heart, she felt anxious and still felt bad. As if there was something unpleasant moment they would encounter soon. Honestly, I dislike being here. But, since these are all official orders of the kingdom, which every resident must obey, what can we do? It is too late to back out, the pregnant woman thought.

They were walking at a moderate pace. The woman who was pregnant at about twenty-three weeks felt her stomach growl. The fetus in the womb, now kicking strongly, as if knowing the feelings of the mother, who was upset and worried.

A few moments later, in front of them was a door. The man knocked several times so that the people in the room would know they were coming. They waited anxiously because they could not wait to hear the results of the prophecy so that there would be no more burden on the hearts of the new parents-to-be.

Suddenly, the door opened with a bang, causing the husband and wife to jump in surprise. Mystical nuances were starting to be felt. The smell of frankincense rose up as if they were in another world. The unreachable world: the realm of the gods.

"Sit down." There was a heavy mystical voice.

It turned out the voice belonged to an old woman, in her sixties, with long silver hair, her face wrinkled here and there, with quirky make-up. There was no smile there, and just stared coldly at the guests who came that night. From the physical characteristics, the person looked like a fortune-teller.

"Yes, ma'am," said the man.

They sat on the chairs that had been placed in front of the old woman. No one spoke to each other, so there was an eerie silence. Time seemed to stop spinning. They could see the moonlight from the open window there. A crystal ball was sitting on the small table, separating the three of them. "What do you want to ask?" asked the old woman.

"My wife is pregnant, ma’am. We want to know what the future holds for our child," answered the head of the family without any hesitation.

After hearing the question, the other person did not answer at all. The Madame's mouth seemed to be muttering incantations. The husband and wife could only be silent because they did not know what to say or do. The atmosphere was so quiet that they were waiting for the fortune teller's words. "The child in your wife's womb will become the greatest witch. She will be the strongest dark witch in our history. However, this will cost a lot of lives. Later, she is famous for her beauty, intelligence, and resourcefulness. Her characteristics: she has brown hair chestnuts, and she has beautiful hazel eyes." The voice sounded very heavy, as if changing spirits.

The contents of the prophecy shocked the hearts of a husband and wife, Lavena Isolda Keira and Tristian Varden Writh. They did not think that the curse which was known throughout the country, Zlatav, happened to them and, according to government regulations if a child was shown to do so, they should kill their own offspring.

Lavena's face was pale. She could not speak because what she heard was like a nightmare come true. The husband, Tristian, was almost in tears because they had been married for three years, and the baby in the womb was eagerly awaited. However, all good hopes must end in disappointment.

Goddess Asiles, what was wrong with me and my husband? Why did we come here to ask for blessings and read about the future of the child in the womb? Did we receive news that really made our hearts hurt? What would we do now? Lavena thought sadly.

"Is ... is this true?" Tristian asked haltingly.

The fortune teller immediately nodded. The husband and wife became weak and helpless. They knew that if Madame Lizhard, the Great Soothsayer, when she had said something, be it good or bad, then it was bound to happen. "You can choose to kill the child when she was born or abandon her somewhere hidden. I will not report it because it is your private matter. If you choose the second part, then it is up to you where you want to throw her. Later, when the girl is born, the power which hidden will rise and it cannot be prevented anymore. Zsmanzcth erithiodnth greschurtz ver acrosianth De Magia acrutzhenth krazmanch greutch!” [1] Madame Lizhard replied simultaneously, warning solemnly.

Time seemed to stop spinning when a husband and wife heard this. Tristian and Lavena looked at each other. How could they have the heart to kill the little one in the womb while the fetus that his wife was conceiving was the first child, and her presence was definitely eagerly awaited by both of them?

"Is not there another way? We have waited long enough to have children and can't bear to kill our own biological child," Lavena asked. She almost cried because she was reluctant to part with the baby that she and Tristian, her husband, had been waiting for a long time.

"It is all up to you. I am just telling you, and the sooner you get rid of the child, the better things will be for everyone," replied the fortune teller. She was in a trance because the tone of voice used earlier had changed.

The husband and wife could not answer at the moment. Both of them looked scared and very stressed. As parents, of course, they felt heavy with what they had just received: a legend about the arrival of a girl, the messenger of the Goddess of Magic—the Goddess of Magia who can kill others without mercy.

Tears fell from Lavena's eyes. Her right hand spontaneously rubbed her stomach with affection, as if she did not want to lose the child she was carrying. Tristian also felt the same: he could not bear to eliminate his loved flesh and blood. The atmosphere was quiet again because the two guests were still in shock and felt deep sorrow. "Th ... thank you ...." Tristian stammered.

Now Madame Lizhard looked down. Lavena and Tristian did not dare to wake up for fear of something bad happening. Inside the man's shirt pocket, there was a pocket of money that was definitely a large amount.

"Dear?" Lavena asked her husband. 

The pregnant woman seemed to ask, what should they do? Tristian, who saw this, only replied with a gesture, namely shaking. The wife understood and did nothing.

Not long after, they saw the fortune teller waking up. Madame's expression returned to normal, so they both assumed that everything was back to normal and there was nothing to worry about. However, the twenty-year-old young mother-to-be still feels wary.

"Now, is there anything that both of you might want to ask?" asked Madame Lizhard in an even tone.

The husband and wife looked doubtful because, as parents, they did not want to do anything vile, but they could say nothing at the moment. Lavena's left hand was still rubbing her stomach because she felt that she could not bear to part with her longed-for child. The husband felt the same way.

The atmosphere in the room was quiet and lonely. The night was getting late. A strange silence and a sinister aura were felt in the place so that the atmosphere was even tenser than it was unavoidable.


1. Zsmanzcth erithiodnth greschurtz ver acrosianth De Magia acrutzhenth krazmanch! = That girl will become the most powerful Dark Witch under the teaching of the Goddess Magia and everyone will be afraid of her!

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