Book cover of “Alpha Christian“ by Amelia G and Deliaha Shine

Alpha Christian

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Amelia G and Deliaha Shine
Georgina loses her job, her only means of survival, due to distractions in her workplace from the world-famous Alpha of Asark, who is a great flirt and a real swinger with the girls. She gets hopeless as there is no money in her account, and her rent is due to expire. But months later, her phone rings. It's the Alpha, and he offers her a job and an... 

Chapter 1

Georgina's POV

I made sales to the client in front of me, he needed some cheese cake. "Next!" I say not looking forward to who is next on the line. As I lift up my eyes to see who is next on line, I gasp in shock. I never expected. He looks at me so steadily, he is the world's most eligible bachelor, world's famous playboy, he's no other person but Alpha Christian, the Alpha of Asark. I never believed in my wildest dream that I'll meet with such a great personality like in my whole lifetime.

My life has been full of mainly downs, so I believed I'd always come up with downs. Crossing the path of such a great celebrity like him is a worthwhile achievement in my life. I put up a nice smile.

"Hello sir, what do you want?" I try to attach some prestige due to his personality. I don't feel the need to address him by Your Highness because he's not from my country. I'm from Ngotu, working in Ngotu and he comes from Asark. Two different countries.

He gives me a dominant grin, "I need pizza and soda."

"Right at your service sir," I rush towards the section where the listed items are kept, each in their glass showcase. I take each of them out, place them in a nice package bag and hand it over to him. "You go over there and pay the cash sir," I say politely, gesturing with my hands to the cashier that sits at the desk just opposite me a few meters away. His eyes trail my hand, he turns and walks over to the cashier.

I stare at his perfectly built body, bone-straight back, agile feet. His muscular arms strains against his perfectly fitted leather brown suit. I look back at my task in hand, I need to type in and record the recent sales on my system. I type some figures on my desktop, I glance back to see if he's done and probably say a goodbye to him. He's an Alpha and he needs special treatment. I raise my eyes a bit to do this but surprisingly his gaze meets mine, electricity shoots through my spine, I never wanted him to think about anything else. I give out a slight blush and continue typing into my system.

I sense those blue piercing eyes of his still watching me, I feel every temptation to look up but I hold my dignity in high esteem. I don't want it to seem like I'm flirting with him. In this organization I'm working for, professionalism is the key word. Aside from the fact that I'm bound by this, it's not my life to flirt with guys no matter how handsome they may look. I just admire them but flirting is a no-no.

Seconds later, I hear footsteps walking towards me, my heart begins to pound. I seem so serious with what I'm doing.

"Hello!" A deep, brash voice calls. I slowly lift up my head.

"Hello, Your Highness." I smile. It's my nature, it helps me evade being awkward.

"Do you always have to keep calling me Your Highness?" He speaks in a gentle mixed with desire, I grow surprised as he says this. What's so special about me that an Alpha would grant me such a privilege as this.

"No," I wanted to add something but my words just cut short, my throat doesn't want to produce any further words. My heart is really demanding him to do whatever he wishes to and get away from here, before I misbehave, his eyes and aura are holding me captive, I might start acting nervous if they persist. I bit the lower part of my lips, snapping my fingers. When I realize he's here and watching me, I pretend to be focusing solely on the screen and do that as a result of some mistake I made.

"Can I know a bit about you?" He asks.

I breath out, well braced to answer his question. "I'm Georgina Amoux, twenty. I'm from Ultimate Pack and I work here as the sales lady."

"Wow, what a nice name!"

"Thanks," I say with a blush.

"Georgina, I think you know my name?" He asks in his deep, sexy tone.

"Everyone knows you." I chuckle.

"Ooh, a very little mistake you make there. Not everyone knows me." Immediately I realize my mistake, I swallow the lump in my throat.

"I mean you're popular." I start to feel like he's distracting me from my work and merely flirting. Though I have respect for his status, I generally dislike flirts. It's one character that really disgusts me, I see flirts as mostly liars and cheaters. I want to stay focused on my work and don't need any distraction, it's my only source of livelihood and I don't wanna lose it, not even due to distractions from a well-known Alpha like him.

"Yeah!" He responds to my last statement with a certain level of disinterest, I guess what's his main interest in this conversation. I can't ask directly either, I would sound over-zealous or desperate.

"Do you have anything else you need?"

"No, not actually but I need something else. That's you!" His words fell on my ears like a heavy rod striking a metal, re-echoing against its walls. I wonder if this' a dream. Why would an Alpha say this to an ordinary girl like me?

I want to let out a gasp but I know it would make me seem naive, a non-experienced girl who jumps on every comment a man gives. I have never had any man wanting me before, I feel fulfilled at this but just don't wanna flirt with him. I squeeze the joy that wants to emerge out of me into myself, I let out a smile instead. I appreciate when people recognize me or see me as human, although I don't fancy it when they try to take advantage of me. I'm feeling special right now, I blush as I type something into the system.

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