Book cover of “Billionaire's Fugitive Surrogate“ by Prody doll

Billionaire's Fugitive Surrogate

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Prody doll
What happens when you are caught up in the selfish desires of your best friend? That is the life of Tiana Willow Thompson, who is sold out by her best friend, Elodie, on the night of their welcome party. Tiana is involved in a one-night stand with Lewis Coper Alvaroz, a renowned bachelor and womanizer with the slogan 'Love them, leave them'. ... 

Chapter 1. Sold Out by Her Best Friend

Making her way into the snack bar to meet her friends who were already waiting for her, Tiana Willow Thompson was happy to be in such a place at that time. She was glad to enjoy something like that since she had never gotten the chance to experience that.

Her wildest dreams were coming to pass and joined with the fact that they all had gotten employment to work as an accountant in one of the biggest companies in Banana Island. Yes, that was where the wealthy people lived and it was an honor for her to live in one of the luxurious apartments that the company could offer.

“Hey Tiana, over here girl,” Elodie called out to her with her right hand waving in her trend in a very glaring manner which was impossible for her to ignore. Looking in her path, she could see the whole crew sitting at the table and having so many drinks.

“Hello,” she waved back, walking towards them with a smile on her lips. The music in there was steaming, and the environment was a good one.

“Welcome,” Elodie spoke out, going down from her seat and giving her place to her. She was happy to be with them and treating the other staff members who were having a party all together, Tiana, smiled back at them.

“What will you like to have a drink?” Elodie questioned, dancing to the rhythm of the music that was going on behind Tiana, not being very used to such places, look around, all confused as she could not tell what she wanted. Finally getting something in her mind, she instructed Elodie to please get her a glass of natural juice, but Elodie looking at her with a mocking look and also having her plans all hatched out, laughed out at Tiana.

“There will be no fruit juice for you today, madam because we are about to go down,” she spoke out, dancing to the songs beat. Not buying her idea as she was so scared, Tiana held on to her dress and whispered into them,

“You know that I am not familiar with all these, Elodie, and besides, I don’t trust anyone here that can help me out of I get drunk, so please don’t make me take any alcohol,” she pleaded in dismay, but Elodie insisted, that she was there with her, she told her not to worry and just to have fun.

“Are you sure about their friend?” she asked, looking around the table and catching a glimpse of the others already getting out of themselves, Elodie responded positively to her question. Taking a deep breath in and out, Tiana had no choice but to follow her friend’s advice knowing that she was the only one she could trust in that milieu. That was the worst mistake she could make, as Elodie had a hidden agenda.

Being the kind of girl who dates men for money, she was contacted by Lewis Cooper Alvaro, whom she had met at the club that night with one of her clients. She had the idea of who she was, but from the loll of things, he seemed wealthy and was alone as he had no dates for a night.

Having him propose some good money to Elodie if she could call on one of the friends to spend the night with him, she was convinced further by her client, as he told her not to be scared because his friend was capable of changing her life around.

When Lewis took out some money and handed it over to Elodie, her brains reset just from touching it and feeling the amount, and out of greed, Tiana was her target for the high taking into consideration that she was going to show up that night at the bar.

So far, everything was going on as planned, and she had left for the bar counter to get two glasses of scotch, knowing that her friend was not going to resist the dosage of alcohol in it. As if that was not enough, she had added the mixture into it, and passing by Lewis’s table, her eyes met with him, and they both shared a smile.

“Damn, she is gorgeous, and I think I will have a good time with her tonight,” Lewis spoke out, seeing how sweet Tiana was. His eyes could not stop admiring her beauty while his tongue was constantly outside like an impatient canine.

Lewis Copper Alvaro was known for his handsome assets and his rich status at a very young age. He was the only heir to the oil, and gas company that holds late grandfather had left before joining his predecessors and that was because, Lewis’s father, his son, had died very early, so his grandson, who was of, age had to continue with the legacy.

Women were like a joke to him because he was the love them, leave them type of guy who never believed in love. His favorite slogan was, “Why have one when you can play with, so many simultaneously?” and he will always end his sentence with a big laugh. To him, there was nothing more to laugh at than to enjoy it, and he had no intentions of getting married someday because he had the finance of getting as many surrogates as possible, so having an heir for his empire was not a problem to him.

Looking at Tiana and waiting for Elodie’s signal, he was very excited to have someone like her as he could tell from her dress and behavior that she was not too much into the kind of world he used to explored and making things fun for him to try something new.

Tiana was already getting drunk, and it seemed like the effect of the dr*g that Elodie had given to her was effective. How was she going to get back home in that state? The others wondered, but Elodie, already having her plans, told them not to worry about her.

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