Book cover of “Destined to Danger. Book 2“ by Little Maze

Destined to Danger. Book 2

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Little Maze
Emma Foster is no longer an ordinary, innocent girl. Undercover in the mafia, known as the first lady of Sebastian Rivera's gang, the biggest in the country, Emma now has a new challenge ahead of her. It seems like there's a new candidate for Sebastian's love--Sofia Beury. Her shy and innocent appearance charms everyone except Emma, who, for some ... 

Chapter 1

"He didn't help us at all." Sebastian was saying to Pietro. They were still on the road together, heading home. They had just left the mansion Hector was in and Sebastian didn't seem happy with what he had heard.

I knew that part of that feeling was pure denial of giving everything to Malak. The tragic end of their lives was inevitable, everyone who entered that world knew that sooner or later they would fall, but he didn't want to die being a coward, nor giving his power to the man who was now what he hated most in life.

"So what are you going to do, sir?"

"Not yet, I know, but we must think wisely."

Pietro nodded, following the usual path.

He was attentive when a motorbike passed by him at high speed and looked for the gun, making Sebastian look at him.

"See something?"

Pietro continued with attentive eyes. The motorcycle turned into a street and disappeared from view.

"I do not think so." he relaxed his posture.

"Relax, man." Sebastian touched him over his shoulder. "You're too tense."

Pietro smiled, nodding.

They arrived home, calming Emma and Katy's hearts, and had dinner together, coming up with a plan towards the end of the day.

"I've been thinking…" Ramon said, "they're going to want to attack us anyway, so how about we break through and finally get them all."

"It would be good." Sebastian agreed. "But how would we do that?"

Ramon, along with everyone else, thought of something. But Sebastian snapped when Emma held up her hand.

"A race." she said.

"What?" Sebastian laughed, denying it. "With so much going on, you want to go for a run?"

"It's not because I like them that I mean fun by saying that." she explained herself. "but races are usually done between everyone, it's a time where we don't attack each other with our weapons, only with our skills."

"Do you really think Malak is going to show up there to negotiate peace based on a car race?"

"Of course not. But he will show up."

"Emma is right." Ramon spoke. "With everyone assembled, Malak might show up to try to pounce."

"And then, before he even pounces, we catch him." she said, smiling at her boyfriend.

"I don't know, that's dangerous." Sebastian rubbed his chin. "If we don't catch him, we're creating our own trap."

"Trust me, love." she asked. "This could really work."

Sebastian still had the back foot, he really wanted to trust Emma and he wanted to get rid of Malak once and for all.

But he was aware, very aware. If Malak managed to kill them all and seize power, it would definitely all be over.

"Okay, so let's think about how we're going to do this." Sebastian said, for the first time giving his wife the confidence a gang member should receive.

The next day, Sebastian returned to HQ. It wasn't one hundred percent, but it was certainly better than Malak.

He went to meet with other leaders, reporting that what had happened between him and Malak did not directly implicate the other gangs and that the peace treaty in each territory was still standing.

But this was complicated when, in the following days, Malak's men did not comply and entered any weaker area, killing men and looting houses.

To try to fix this, Sebastian tried to contact James, but the man looked like he had really died, no one else could talk to him or know where to find him.

That afternoon Sebastian was with Ramon, but as with Pietro, he saw the man look up, looking for the gun in the car.

"Did you see something?" Sebastian asked, reaching for his own weapon.

But before Ramon could ask, the first shot hit the car mirror.

"Son of a bitch!" Sebastian swore, rolling down the car window to climb out. It was only a single car ahead, but I could clearly see who was there.

Sebastian grinned, aiming for one of Malak's tires, but the driver was as good as Sebastian's, managing to dodge masterfully.

"Should I call for backup, Chief?" Ramon asked quickly, watching the car ahead.

"It is not necessary." Sebastian ducked as Malak fired again. "Just keep all four tires on the ground. I'll take care of those bastards."

Ramon nodded, accelerating further.

The exchange of fire was notoriously a one-on-one duel. Malak was out of control, and Sebastian was willing to put him in his place.

"Sir, the line." Ramon warned, looking at the train track straight ahead and the oncoming train.

"Hurry up, we can catch these motherfuckers."

The car Malak was in didn't seem to be afraid of the train either. Sebastian fired a few times, hitting the back window of the car and one of the rear tires, but even so, the car did not stop.

Ramon kept an eye out for the train. As Malak's car passed by, he was forced to brake when the rumble, indicating that the train passed at that second, sounded like the most terrifying sound in the entire world.

For him, being crushed to death was the worst of deaths. He'd rather be shot than that.

Sebastian swore, punching the car's dashboard.

The car Malak followed, and firing into the air, he and the men there cheered.

"Sorry sir." Ramon asked, blaming himself.

"It's okay, we'll catch him next time."

They returned to HQ and told what had happened. Emma worried about Sebastian, he still wasn't one hundred percent healed, but as before, he felt the fear of almost losing his beloved.

"Please don't get involved in things like this anymore." she asked. They were alone in the office. Sebastian smiled, pulling her into a hug.

"You know I can't promise that." he said, threading his fingers through her blond hair. "It's what I do, beautiful."

"You will end up dying. You will die and then I will have to die with you.

"If I die, you'll run. I don't want you to give in to this or take my place. If they manage to kill me, you'll run and disappear, all right? Promise me?"

"Sebastian…" she called to him softly. Like him, she didn't want to promise that.

"Promise me." he whispered, touching his lips over hers.

Emma hugged him too, with strength and desire. She didn't promise, and neither did he, but she kissed him, tasting the kiss she wanted to last forever.

"The race will take place next week." he told it.

In Emma's look it was clear that she no longer agreed with that.

"It'll be good for us to try and get him for good."

"I know…"

"Don't be afraid, all right?

"That's an impossible request, Sebastian. I go to sleep and wake up with that feeling. I go to sleep relieved to be by your side and I wake up scared of being my last day with you. Of being the last day we'll be alive."

"If it's up to me, today, everything will end, beautiful." he touched her face, smiling. "Is that okay? Trust me."

"I always trust." she smiled, kissing him again.

Days passed and the surrounding attacks kept increasing, but Sebastian kept planning the race and announced for all the gangs across the country to attend.

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