Book cover of “Contracted Wife“ by Taylor Brooks

Contracted Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Taylor Brooks
After finding out her mother is in critical condition, Haley faces an impossible situation: she has to find 2.5 million dollars for an immediate life-saving surgery. So, when the young girl gets offered a contract marriage by a rich CEO, she doesn’t hesitate a moment, since it is the only way to help her mother survive. However, this relationship q... 

Chapter 1

Haley’s POV

"Wake up bitch." I heard a voice shouting while banging my bedroom door. I wondered who that was but I was in no mood to get up.

The door is opened with a thud making me almost fall off my bed. I turned on the other side but luck was not on my side. I was burned by the sun's brightness in my eyss, making me groan.

"I told you to wake up." Joy!!

I will surely kill her!

"Go to hell Joy."

"At the count of three you will have woken up or I will pour water on you."

I felt water droplets and I knew that she was not joking.




At that count I got out of bed.

"Am up. Am up."

"Good. So go and get a shower. I am leaving now. Tell aunty I said bye and I love you."

"Okay I will."

Sometimes I feel like beating some shit out of her but I still love her so much since she is my cousin.

Honestly, I thank the Almighty that today is a weekend and I do not have a shift in the cafe because honestly I am not feeling like working.

At least today I will stay with my mother and also go to the mall to get some groceries because I got them a few weeks ago. Yaah yaah. My mom and I are not that fond of food. Actually, she hates eating but she has been eating more than the old days because she is sick and the doctor prescribed some medicines and they should be taken after every meal so yes. She has to eat even though she hates eating. And no. We are not skinny. Am not bragging but I have a perfect body figure with curves where necessary.

I got out of my small and comfy bed and walked towards my bathroom so that I could do my daily routine.

I am neither from a rich family nor am I a spoilt brat. We live in a small house which is enough for two people. My mom bought it with her savings when dad threw us out of his house. I hate him for leaving us homeless and making my mom suffer so much that it led her to getting sick because she was working extra hard to provide me with a good life. So we are not rich or poor.

I looked at myself in the mirror and I smiled at the person in front of me. Damn how I love that bitch! But that was not the only reason as to why I was smiling. It was also because of the way I looked. My hair was held in a ponytail but some were on my face. I love it when it is all messy but if my mom sees me like this she will start giving me lectures therefore. I took my brush from the toothbrush holder and started brushing my teeth. After that, I walked to the shower and had a warm bath which I love. Walking to my drawers, I picked out a grey sweatpant and a blue crop sweater. Damn I know I look good. I brushed my hair and held them but I left two strands at the front. Since I was not going out of the house till the afternoon, I decided not to apply any make up.

I cleaned up my room before going to the kitchen. My mom was not yet awake therefore, I decided to make her breakfast which consisted of pancakes. She loves them so much that she can live by just eating them alone. I also prepared her some orange juice.

I am the best cook you can find. That is also why I work in the cafe because most of the customers are in love with my dishes including muffins and cakes. I decided to wait for her to wake up so that we can have breakfast together.

I sat on the couch with my phone. Yaah. I am addicted to my phone. I texted Peige, sorry, she is my best friend.

Me: Wake up sleepy head.

Peige: Oops sorry but I'm already awake. If you think that you were going to wake me up then forget about it because that stupid idiot of a brother woke me up by pouring water on me.

I laughed at that. They always argue and fight with each other but nonetheless, they love each other unconditionally and support each other no matter what. Sometimes I envy them. I wish I had a sibling you know. Someone to disturb me and make me smile when I am down but I guess that was truly not meant for me! I will make sure that I will have 2-3 kids so that they can keep each other company. The thought of me getting kids made me let out a giggle.

"What are you giggling about?" My mom asked.

So she is now awake! Good because I can eat breakfast!

"Good morning ma."

"Good morning to you too baby. How was your sleep."

"It was fine. What about you? Did you sleep well? Are you hurting?"

She chuckled at my question.

"Come on little bambina, i slept well and no am not in pain."

At that I released a breath I did not notice that I was holding.

"Do not worry yourself so much baby. I can take care of myself and you know that."

"I know mom but I am here to help you and take good care of you therefore, let us go to the dining room and eat breakfast."

"Wait. You already made breakfast?"

"Yes ma."

We had our breakfast while talking and laughing. I love her so much and I can do anything for her.

After that, I did the house chores and later decided to stalk celebrities. I have always had a crush on David Armando, he is a billionaire and also one of the top handsome bachelors. I know I can never get a chance with him. Looking at his photos, I saw some of his pictures with a blonde woman who I know is a model but I have never cared to know her name. I know they have been dating for years now.

My phone started ringing. I looked at the caller id and saw. Bitch!!

That's Peige. I have saved her by that name. I picked up the call.

"What's up bitch."

"What are you up to today?" She asked.

"Nothing much. I was planning on going to the mall in the afternoon. Why?"

"Okay. I will accompany you so that we can spend some time together."


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