Book cover of “Wolf Clan“ by O. Gabriel

Wolf Clan

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: O. Gabriel
"We are not far…we’re watching. And we’re coming for you." *** What will happen when a female wolf discovers she is lost in love but trapped in hate and betrayal? As violent robbers plagued the city of New York, Lacey Williams took it upon herself to use her wolf abilities to protect her city and her younger siblings after her parents and older... 

Chapter 1. Keeping Watch

Lacey Williams

It had been a calm night before the clap of thunder that came with loud rumbling and cracking sounds broke the silence of the night, with a violent wind sweeping the rain across Brooklyn.

It was past midnight, and Lacey Williams was still awake. She had had a hectic day receiving guests at her hotel, which used to be a mansion she had inherited from her parents. However, after the horrific killing of her parents in a violent robbery at their mansion, she was forced to turn it into a hotel and step into a parental role to take care of her younger siblings.

Lacey was good enough in the parenting role because she was a born leader. Unfortunately, her elder brother was killed alongside their parents.

Certainly, something bad was going to happen that night, and she wanted to be ahead of whatever it was. Her instincts had never failed her, and she was a born fighter who paid keen attention to investigating complex cases.

She stood at the edge of the rooftop, narrowing her eyes on the path ahead and focusing her gaze. Her blue eyes glowed in the dark, and her titian-red hair tumbled over her shoulders. In her wolf rage, her teeth would be replaced with fangs, and her varnished fingernails would grow into claws.

She was drenched in the rain, but that was not a problem for her. Lightning flashed as she scanned the neighborhood with her glowing eyes. Luckily, her hotel was at the center of the neighborhood, and even though it was dark, she could still see in the dark with her enhanced wolf vision. That was one thing her wolf nature did even when in her human form.

Lacey didn’t let the loud rumbling and cracking sound distract her. With her enhanced wolf hearing ability, she could easily pick up sounds from kilometers away. She could hear the heartbeats of folks already asleep, but that wasn’t what she was eagerly waiting for.

Ever since her parents and elder brother were killed in a robbery, she had vowed to protect her young siblings and keep the entire city of New York safe. Turning into a vigilante at night and a normal college girl who ran a hotel by day was the new life she had chosen.

Lacey bent a knee with her right hand placed on the roof, shut her eyes, and took a deep breath. She was already getting tired as nothing was happening. She was quite sure she wasn’t there just to get drenched in the rain and listen to the rumbling and cracking sounds of the thunder.

But one thing was certain: she wasn’t a quitter. Watching over her city wasn’t a tough job to do. Her mind flashed back to her favorite book series by Obiano Gabriel. When obsessed with the death of her parents and elder brother, she occupied her mind with Obiano Gabriel’s series.

Finally, her waiting time was over. The sound she had been eager to hear just pierced through her ears.

“Bang!” “Bang!”

Shots were fired. The sound of two gunshots fired rapidly rang out with a deafening sound.

Lacey smirked to herself. She wasn’t wrong after all. She knew something could go down that night. With the violent wind that swept the rain across Brooklyn and the rumbling and crackling sounds of the thunder, it was a good time for a robbery to go down.

“My instincts were right!”

Lacey narrowed her eyes on the path she believed the gunshots came from. Focusing her gaze on the path, she hopped into the air and made a smooth landing on the cobbled road leading to the entrance of her hotel.

She snarled and started sniffing in the air. With her fist tightened on the cobbled road, she rose to her feet. There was no way the robbers were getting away this time around. She was certain of this and had vowed to avoid triggering her wolf rage.

“No getting away this time.”

Lacey snarled once more and loped across the dumpster ahead of her as she started running at a terrifying speed. Her wolf nature could run faster than an average human. When she switched to her wolf form, she could run at an accelerated speed beyond the theoretical maximum speed of humans. However, she needed to keep her identity as a werewolf a secret. She didn’t bother switching to her wolf form.

For the past few months, top businesses across New York City had been attacked by robbers always dressed in similar outfits: white hooded sweatshirts, black pants, clown masks, skeletal gloves, and red sneakers.

The crime spree began shortly after Lacey’s parents and elder brother were killed--when the suspects burst into ‘The Bigg’s Shopping Mall’ in Brooklyn and held the security men at gunpoint before fleeing the scene with bags of cash.

Two days later, a group of robbers dressed in similar outfits found their way into a Brooklyn bank during a heavy downpour, pressed their handguns on the cops attached to the Brooklyn bank, and demanded they toss their service revolvers away.

Lacey had waited for so long to catch up with them, but tonight must be her lucky night. She finally came to a halt in an alley leading to the exit of a jewelry shop. When she heard the two rapid shots fired, she was certain they came from the jewelry shop.

“Hello, boys!”

She snickered under her breath and started walking into the dark alley. Her gaze was fixed on two men dressed in similar outfits to the notorious gang robbers terrorizing her city. Marking her 22nd birthday today could be best celebrated by her once she finally apprehends the robbers.

Surprise was far away from her. She knew robbery could go down tonight, and she waited eagerly to charge into the scene.

This wasn’t one of their best moments. They never expected anyone to show up during their time. The shots they fired couldn’t be heard by anyone since the thunder was loud. But to their greatest disappointment, a young lady drenched in the rain was boldly walking up to them in the dark alley.

One of the robbers raised his shotgun toward Lacey and yelled at her, “Come any closer, and I will gun you down!”

Before any more threats could escape from his mouth, Lacey caught a glimpse of two corpses lying next to the dumpster. The corpses were dressed in security outfits. It was now clear to her why the robbers fired the rapid shots. But there was no way they would be getting away from her. Not this night.

Lacey glanced around and finally cast her gaze on the two robbers. “Drop your guns, or I will drop you!”

Before the robbers could pull the trigger, she loped across them and stood behind them as she whispered. “Hello, boys.” Before they could flick around, she knocked them down with a question mark double kick. Hastily, she placed her knees on their shoulder blades and pulled out handcuffs given to her on her 21st birthday by a cop friend.

The police precinct was just a few blocks away. Fastening their wrists on the handcuffs, Lacey dragged them up. “Time to say hello to the cops,” she said, holding them firmly and closely as she dragged them away.

The days of the gang robbers plaguing Brooklyn would soon be over, with Lacey Williams keeping watch on her beloved city. However, her curiosity is yet to be satisfied with who the sponsor of the robberies going on in her city is.

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