Book cover of “His Best Friend's Ex-Wife“ by Lustre Okengwu

His Best Friend's Ex-Wife

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Lustre Okengwu
Sleeping with the one woman you're supposed to hate the most, your best friend's ex-wife, hadn't been on Christopher's list. But after one hot sizzling night of passion, he can't get the young lawyer—Jane Willows—out of his mind. Romance with this woman is not only a betrayal to the one he loves but also dangerous as Jane is determined to get back ... 

Chapter 1

Jane knew that she wasn't supposed to be doing this but she was angry at Christian, she had been that way since she found out that Stella was the one on the bed the day she caught Williams cheating, he introduced the devil by the name Stella and she wasn't comfortable with it, she was not like this, she was always reserved and didn't go looking for trouble from people but Christian started this and she was going to make sure she comes up a winner, Jane couldn't understand how drunk he was that he couldn't recognize her, she knew that her friend did a great job of concealing her face.

Whatever Christian took or drank was strong to make him not remember her face.

He was leaning on her, he was heavy, she didn't think it was going to be like this when she decided they were to go upstairs but this was the only way she was going to achieve what they wanted to do.....

"I hope you are going to give me a good time" Drunk Christian said to her.

Jane didn't even want to respond to him because she didn't know how to answer that question, she knew she was not bad in bed, Her ex-husband had never complained about her activities in the other room, she was sure of herself but she wasn't going to answer him but just show him what she could do.

They finally got to the Elevator... She sigh, it was easy leading this Man there, She was going to back down, that was for sure, she wasn't going to allow him do whatever he like to her, she knew she didn't feel anything for her ex husband but she was determined to get back to Christian,that was her mission here, she was going to do it perfectly and give herself the accolades she deserved for plotting a plan and seeing it go through.

Jane was shocked, Nobody was hurrying to get into the Elevator with them, it was just her and Christian, she wanted to touch him, she had always thought of how she was going to feel when she touched him, he wasn't built like Williams, He was built better than him, she always told herself that she didn't want anything to do with him but deep within her she knew she was lying, she had been dying to know if the rumors about him were really true.

The Elevator dinged signifying that they had gotten to the last floor, She knew that it was only V. I. P that used the suites upstairs, and Christian was one of them, why won't he be, he was the Golden boy, this was his Den of iniquities.

"Easy Easy Christian, Watch your step" Jane said to Christian, she was surprised when he stood up properly, what had she said that made him perform that action,He was looking at her like he couldn't believe he was here with her, whatever was wrong she hoped it wasn't the fact that he has suddenly remembered her, she was just going to deny her identity, Jane couldn't let it stop her.

He was looking at her suspiciously, she decided that looking away was going to make him feel that whatever he was thinking was the truth, she was looking at him dead on the face too....

"I never told you my name" Christian said looking at her and waiting for explanations.

She sighed inwardly and thanked the universe because she had not been caught, so this was working well for her....

Jane smiled and touched his face "Everybody know who you are, You didn't need to introduce yourself to anyone because you are a walking billboard already" She hoped this line was going to work because she didn't want to use the outdated answer of saying she heard his name from one of the bartenders, she new he was smart and he was going to sense that it was a lie, she didn't want to take that risk.

Christian smiled and she knew he believed her, He held her hands and gave her the Card to unlock the room, He trusted her with that, why he did that she didn't know and she was not ready to start thinking about it, she was here for one reason and she was going to leave here without achieving it.

Jane didn't know which of the suites was his so she looked at the card, Suites 306 was written boldly on it, obviously that was his room she told herself.

"Can you stand Christian, I need to get the door open since you are not any help" She said to Christian, was he really drunk or he was just tired and alcohol was making him feel lazy to do anything because she didn't understand what was going on with him.

Christian did as she said and she finally got the door opened, If she wasn't playing a part she would have screamed, This wasn't just a suite, it was a suite from Hollywood blockbuster movies, she wasn't surprised because she knew that Christian was classy, Obviously he wasn't going to go below his class.

"You like what you see" Christian said with that voice that she couldn't keep out of her head.

When she finally decided to go ahead with this, she had to imagine how it was going to be and how he was going to sound like, she wasn't prepared for how he sounded like now, he sounded like there was no one in the world that he wanted to talk to but her, he was moving towards her, she didn't think it was going to be immediately she got inside the suite, she was suppose to be on top like be the leading role, he wasn't making this easy for her, she certainly wasn't feeling like herself anymore.

Why was he still looking at her that way she had to stop thinking and start acting, she didn't come hereto be swayed by his charms, She knew this wasn't going to be easy but she was determined to do what was necessary.

Jane didn't know what he was talking about, she wasn't interested anymore, what was the point, she didn't want to get distracted, she didn't come all the way upstairs to chitchat,if she wanted to talk, she had Racheal and her child for that, she didn't want to talk to Christian, they were not friends and they certainly were not talk bodies, she went to him, She needed to do this before she change her mind.

"I need to use the Rest room" Jane said to no one in particular, she stalked away, she needed to think of where she was going to place the Camera, she didn't want it to be detected but she wanted it to get their faces and all the detailed informations she needed.

She could hear what was going on inside the room, Christian was pacingshe wasn't sure why, maybe he was trying to shake off the alcoho, she had never head of that before, she knew that everyday the sun rise, new inventions were coming out so it was easy to believe that he was doing the pacing about because of what she was thi king or he was just horny, if the later was the reason she plans on using it to her advantage.

What could be beeping, Maybe one of the system because she had stayed long in the restroom, the beeping was coming from her bag, whose device was inside her bag and how did it get there..

Jeez it was her phone but why was it beeping, the beeping continued, she immediately got her phone, Rachael was calling her, this was really bad timing, she knew that she couldn't answer the call but she also knew how worried Sarah could get if she couldn't get hold of her, she didn't want that, she wanted this to work but not at the detriment of Rachel being worried.

Jane was just going to allow the phone finish beeping then she was going to text her, she couldn't say anything on the phone when she didn't know if this restroom was soundproof and she already noticed that Christian had stopped pacing around, whatever he was doing now, she couldn't tell because it was really quiet outside.

"Rachel I am fine, I can't talk now" She hoped that Rachel would understand and stop calling her, she still haven't figured out where she wanted to keep the Camera and time was going, she didn't think that Christian was a patient man,she knew it was gightime she came out of this place but she was still confused about the Camera and if she didn't look for a location soon, she won't be able to go back and do whatever she had plans to do initially.

When she thought about this plan, she didn't think that planting a camera was going to be this difficult, she needed to think and she needed to do it fast.

She listened closely, There was no sounds coming from the room, what was Christian up to, she didn't think she was supposed to care because she had her own issues, she really wanted to know what he was doing, she was torn in between setting the camera up or getting to know what Christian was doing, Whatever he was doing she hopes it doesn't get her plans damaged.

Jane didn't understand the Camera till she got Rachel Ex to explain it to her without telling him what it was for, she was already tired of explaining to Rachel that the plan was going to work, she didn't want to have to explain to somebody she didn't really care about too.

Jane finally brought out the camera and placed it on her lap, she was looking at the camera with the thought of how little it was but how efficient it was going to destroy a large Man like Christian, she hadn't even thought of how many copies she was going to send to Williams in case the first copy she sends might be intercepted by his wife or whoever a mail gets to before it gets to him, she needed to come out of this place so Christian won't get suspicious, he was smart and she wasn't ready to start under estimating him now.

She look at the camera once more and brought out the pen knife she came with, she hoped she wasn't going to result to this but there was no other way she could do this without him noticing, he wasn't drunk like she initially thought he was.

Jane's plan was to make sure he was drunk but not intoxicated, So that he could tell what he was doing but not too conscious to see her putting the Camera.

She was carrying her favorite part because she needed to dress the part of wealthy woman if she was going to pull the entrance into the club like a professional, she was going to have to shred a little part of her bag, that was the only way she was going to put the Camera and not worry about being caught, it was about time to come out of the rest room, she didn't know how she was going to get this bag thing to work, she needed to be very calculative so that mistakes won't be made.

Her bag was the Uniform Gucci bag, she got the bag as a present from Williams first years of their marriage and she could vividly remember what it meant to her because she had longed for the bag and she kept on telling Williams then,, she had to use it, it was painful to do that but she had to, that was the only way this was going to work perfectly.

Jane heard footsteps approaching the Restroom and she had to turn the facet on, she was not stupid, she knew she needed this as a cover up, she didn't want to be caught by Christian.

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