Book cover of “His Secret Child“ by Indriani Sonaris

His Secret Child

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Indriani Sonaris
Agneta had to come to terms with the shocking fact that the new boss at her company was the man she had a one-night stand with, Davero. Five years passed, and Agneta had to overcome many obstacles to hide her son from the man. Will Agneta be able to hide the child she has raised without Davero's knowledge? 

Book 1. Chapter 1. Meeting the Man of the Past

I am Agneta Laurinda Aretina; currently, I am 23 years old. I work for a large company in the field of Apparel, textiles, and fashion, which has been successful. I feel lucky to be able to work for this company, even if only in the marketing department.

I'm currently preparing breakfast for us.

Oops! I haven't told you I have a little prince, have I? Well, now I have a little angel named Regan Danial. He is already four years old.

"Morning, Mother!" He cheerfully made me smile.

Regan is the reason I survived until now. Regan is also the one who got me excited again after all this time enduring incurable pain.

"Morning, Mother's Prince." I kissed Regan's chubby cheek.

Even though he was only four years old, Regan was a nimble and intelligent child. He was even the top student in kindergarten. His oriental face, or mulatto, makes him even more handsome. However, just by looking at his face, it reminds me of the jerk who has ruined my life. The first and last man I really hated and never wanted to meet again in my life

"Why are you looking at Egan so intently? Egan is very handsome, huh?" He chirps with a lisp, making me smile broadly.

They even have the same character—so confident, and I don't want Regan to look like that guy, not at all.

"You are very handsome, honey. Let's have breakfast!" I held his body and sat him on the bar stool in my small rented house. "Egan, maybe Mom will be a little busy at work and can't pick you up home. You can go home by yourself and go to Aunt Iren's house, right?" I said this because today is the day I welcome my new boss.

"Let me pick him up." Someone's words made Egan and I look towards the sound of a man wearing a black suit standing in the doorway. He smiled sweetly at us.

"Aiden's father!" Egan shouted and ran to Aiden.

"Daddy master!" Aiden lifted Egan's body into the air, making him laugh gleefully.

He is Aiden Zharil Pratama, a kind-hearted man who has filled my heart all this time. He was able to accept me because I already have children. In fact, he also loved Regan so much that it was as if she were his own biological child.

"Good morning, dear."

The whisper jolted me back to reality. I didn't realize that Aiden was already standing next to me. I smiled at him and went to prepare breakfast for him too.

"Aren't you going to be busy? Aren't you, as the CEO's representative, really in need of his presence?" I asked.

Aiden is the deputy CEO at the Wiratama Group, also known as the WT Group corporation. I work for the largest Apparel, textile, and Fashion company in Indonesia and abroad, including in several developed countries.

"No, just let it be. Besides my cousin, who just came back from London and became the CEO, He won't need me. So Dad will pick up Regan later." Aiden pinched Regan's cheek, making her cheer up.

I can only smile and be happy to see the cohesiveness between the two of them. I'm also grateful that when my life was destroyed and there was no place for me to stand, Aiden came to bring hope for me and Regan. I don't love him as much as he loves me, but I will try to love him with all my heart.

After dropping Regan off at school and leaving her with the teacher there, Aiden and I headed straight to the office. We split up in the parking lot because we were in different rooms.

This is where I am now, at my desk with several files piled up. Pak Wildan, the manager of the marketing department, has asked me to prepare several reports.

"Ta, don't you know? They say the replacement for the old CEO is still young, you know," Sonya chirps.

"So?" I asked.

Even when I came to the office, from the lobby to the hallways, everyone was gossiping about the new CEO, who was said to be young and very handsome.


"He said he was very handsome," Sonya chirped, making me roll my eyes out of embarrassment.

"You've said that many times, and this is probably the hundredth time," I said exaggeratedly.

"Bad, lol," he chuckled.

Immediately, several people came, excitedly broadcasting the news that the new CEO had arrived. We have to get ready soon because the CEO is currently touring all the divisions.

"I have to dress as prettily as possible," Sonya said, looking in the mirror and adding her makeup. I just shook my head.

"I'll go to Pak Wildan's room first." I quickly went to Pak Wildan's room, and Sonya just nodded her head in response.

I was in the middle of reporting some documents to Pak Wildan until the door to the room opened.

"Mr. Wildan, Mr. Wiratama has come." The notification made Mr. Wildan and I stand up from our seats.

"Good afternoon,"



Saat ini, dia berdiri di depanku dengan tatapan yang sama. Tatapannya yang tajam penuh intimidasi, dan wajahnya terlihat lebih tampan dan dewasa. Setelah lima tahun, dia sekarang ada di depanku. Aku merasa duniaku berhenti berputar ketika tatapannya kembali menusuk retina mataku. Tatapan yang sama yang membuatku membencinya dan mencintainya pada saat yang sama. Namun, dia adalah satu-satunya orang yang ingin aku hindari dan singkirkan dari dunia ini. Dia adalah orang yang benar-benar tidak ingin saya lihat lagi dalam hidup saya. Dia adalah Davero Anderson Wiratama!


"Welcome, Mr. Wiratama," said Mr. Wildan, making me realize that this was not a dream or a hallucination.

"Call me Dave," he said, still expressionless, his gaze fixed on me. I could feel his sharp gaze traversing my entire body as if to strip me naked. God, this asshole, how dare he?

"Selamat datang, Pak Wiratama," kata Pak Wildan, membuat saya sadar bahwa ini bukan mimpi atau halusinasi.

I still stared at him hatefully; I even clenched my fists on both sides of my body. The wounds that I buried long ago are now coming back to the surface. There is a pain that is imprinted in the recesses of my heart. The wound is very painful because of the man in front of me.

He stared back at me with a glare full of intimidation of his own. Absolutely nothing has changed; he is still the same Dave as he was five years ago. He walked towards me, making me take a step back to put some distance between us. He kept approaching me as if he wanted to close the distance between us. I immediately lowered my head because I was no longer able to return his scary gaze or melt my heart.

"Long time no see, Neta!" His whisper made me shiver and swallow my own saliva.

I still don't want to return that intimidating stare. I really hate this meeting. I really hate it.

"I miss you," he whispered right in my ear, then walked away. Makes my breath stop for a moment.

After he left, this time Pak Wildan looked at me questioningly. It seemed he was curious about Davero's behavior just now.

"Excuse me, sir!" I said that because I didn't want to discuss anything about Davero with Pak Wildan.


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