Book cover of “His Omega“ by Veronica

His Omega

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Veronica
I knew he wasn't for me. I'm not a she-wolf nor a high rank that meets his level. Nonetheless, when his family engaged me as his personal doctor, I had a different feeling. I'm Omega, and all the pack I have encountered thinks of me as a low-level threat. Whenever alphas and betas want to play and harm, we are their stress relievers, but I'd rather... 

Chapter 1. My Mate

“Leah! Are you paying attention to what I’m teaching you?” Leah returned her eyes to Richelle, her instructor about medicine. It felt as though something resonated in her ear as she scolded her.

She heard her heart was weakening. Even though Richelle tried to hide it, she could tell by how her wrist pulsed that it was diminishing.

She sensed this when she was younger — a unique ability to detect someone’s disease, but everything was irrelevant because she was merely an omega. She knew they would throw this skill she had.

When she noticed the wandering man, she immediately shifted her gaze to him. Her demeanor instantly became alive as her heart beat faster like a rabbit that wanted to hide.

It’s Amoux Sergio, the son of the Lycan king.

He walked with Hector Sergio, his father, upright, not looking back, and his face was devoid of emotion. His expression indicates that he does not need to take action since everyone will kneel before him.

Her heartbeat rose, even more, battling to jump out of her heart as the father-and-son reached their spot.

Her companions bowed, but it felt like lightning had struck her because she just stared at him.

“Oh! Pardon this child, Lycan,” Richelle hysterically bent her head as her eyes finally met with the man next to the Lycan.

The Lycan nodded at what Leah did before he talked to Richelle again, “How are the medicines you’re making?”

The wolves got intimidated by the two Lycans. Each wolf gulped, including Leah, because the two men had no scent to identify them.

The Lycan no longer pays attention to Leah. However, even with her head down, she painlessly gives her best to peek into Amoux’s face — trying to memorize every corner of his features.

She knows this is the only way she can love this man.

She shook her head to shoo away her sentiments.

To be honest, she has no home. She has only been visiting the Nightwalker pack for three months and is grateful that the Lycan hasn’t driven her away. However, he does not stop his lower-level wolves from mocking or harming her. She’s been wanting to study more about the many sorts of illnesses a werewolf can have, and she’s not ready to leave this territory yet.

She can’t fight them since she’s only fifteen years old and hasn’t gone through the puberty of a wolf.

She sighed for the second time, like a problematic person who carries the problem of the whole world, thinking that perhaps this is her destiny.

“They’re doing well, Lycan. When we make them ideal for an extended period, there is no risk that the wolves will instantly restore their vitality anytime they desire to fight the rouges,” Richelle still bowed as she explained.

Leah’s cheeks flushed as Amoux didn’t take his eyes away from her. Because his eyes seemed to penetrate her soul, she bent her head further.

When Hector reacted, Richelle released a grip on her head, indicating that Lycan and his son were leaving. Nonetheless, before they could do so, Amoux interrupted Hector — much to everyone’s surprise.

“Why is there an omega poppycock here?” he asked.

Leah flinched; she didn’t expect that he would notice her in such a negative way. There’s a sharp knife that cuts her heart because she dreams of it... to be seen by him, but not in this way.

She looked up, blinking up and downwards, praying to the Moon Goddess that maybe she could stop this water mist in the corner of her eyes.

When she returned to her demeanor, she threw back Amoux’s ice-cold glare.

“Excuse me for coming here unexpectedly without your permission, but shouldn’t the Lycan be the first to ask because he hasn’t yet given you his place?” She smirked, which made Amoux get into a bad mood.

“You are still a Nightwalker member who must join the hunt against rogues and other wolves forming new packs.”

Leah didn’t hesitate because she was used to other wolves abusing her, and it wouldn’t be surprising if he hit her right now.

The continuation of Leah’s lines made Amoux show off his canines.

But Leah’s face was filled with wonder and amazement rather than dread.

When Amoux was ready to intimidate her, he stopped as he realized that the woman wasn’t terrified. He could see how her eyes sparkled.

He wants to do her harm, but he knows that it wouldn’t do any good because he is the one who would inherit the throne, and he doesn’t want to leave a wrong impression on others. So, he went with no choice but to change it back to normal.

On the other hand, Leah abruptly bent her head because she suddenly grasped how low she was in the eyes of the person she was arguing with.

When the Lycan turned around, Amoux straightened and resumed his stroll with his father.

But before he finally departed, he left a remake that only Leah could hear, “Never mind. Whatever you do, you can’t deny that you’re still a waste and inferior to me, no matter what you strive for. An Omega who could not climb or even step at my level.”


Even though it had been years, that was the last time Leah saw him — the only lines she could ever forget, which still linger deep in her soul.

Yet, her feelings for him went on. Nothing has changed. If there is any... it is the feelings that became a fire that spread.

Until she reached the age of eighteen, the time had arrived for her to shapeshift. And who would have thought that he would be the one seeing her for the first time like that?


[3 years later]

Puberty. This is what I hate.


Because of the intense agony she felt inside; she touched her face. She also tore the clothing because she was afraid her flesh might tear. She quickly tore her underpants, unsure where she got her physical strength. As she looked at her hand, the pain flowed into it, and it felt like her entire body was being stretched.

She knelt and clasped her palms. She seemed to be in the sun; every corner of her body was burning and scorching.

“G-God... Please help me!”

The ache in her face had returned, and her mouth was suddenly stretching. Her feet, too, appeared to be drifting away from her. Her bones are swelling and seem to be bursting through her skin.

“It... hurts...”

She pinned her right cheek to the floor, her backbones were strained, and her body hair had begun to show.

Everything now was drenched in sweat, yet all she could do was scream. The middle of her face and ears were the final parts of her body to lengthen.

When she finally noticed the difference in her appearance, she came to a complete halt — trying to grasp everything in her mind. She feels lost.

“Hmmnn.” She whimpered and wiggled her tail.

She was about to run with her wolf form, but the door suddenly opened... revealing Amoux with his dark eyes and emanating sweet fragrance.

‘Mate!’ Her wolf purrs into her mind, causing her confusion.

‘My mate!’

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