Book cover of “Luxury Man: Between Threats and Desires. Book 2“ by Little Maze

Luxury Man: Between Threats and Desires. Book 2

  • Genre: LGBTQ+
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Little Maze
After understanding his own feelings better, JaeHwa realizes that the worst is yet to come. His crush on HaYoon can be a dangerous thing when Jiwan ㅡ his ex ㅡ is back in town and in his life. With the promise that he would take the lives of anyone who dared to love him or made him love him in reciprocity, Jiwan starts threatening the couple with th... 

Chapter 1

The small, plump palm skimmed over the pretty, sleeping face.

A whole day had already passed and Park Hayoon hadn't been able to stay away, at least for a second, from the brunette who looked so fragile.

JaeHwa snored softly, so attached to the smaller one that it seemed he shared that same feeling. His body was already covered by a thin pajama that YoonHa insisted that he wear and even socks were put on his feet, all so that the comfort of the bigger one would return as soon as possible and his fear, generated by the imprisonment of three uncertain days, would disappear and never return.

The thin body shifted on the bed and the brown eyes focused on the low growl that the other released with that movement.

Hayoon's body boiled with pure hatred. The marks left on JaeHwa's dermis were noticeable, especially on his wrists. They were fingerprints. And fingers that, surely, squeezed and forced that one to do something that, in conscience, he would not do. But who, perhaps out of fear, gave in and just let himself be touched with such brutality.

Taeil had already passed ointments and even scheduled a visit to the doctor for the next day. Hayoon just didn't understand how someone could be so bad to the point of taking pleasure in leaving someone else like that.

Was it the money that made them blind? Just because I was paying for someone's body, would that mean mistreating and hurting them without any qualms? It was disgusting and revolting.

With a low sigh, he moved away from the bigger one, who quickly looked for a pillow and squeezed it hard, grumbling again that it wasn't the other's warm body.

Hayoon left a kiss on his cheek and walked away, stretching her body to meet the others who also remained there and refused to leave without first being completely sure that everything was okay.

He smiled when he opened the bedroom door and found everyone there. They tried to make the most of silence, but it had almost no effect.

Minsun laughed at Taeil and YoonHa who held the puppies and Fluffy, while he filled the food bowls. The little ones barked sharply, making everyone laugh in a group and YoonHa even more in despair.

"For God's sake, hurry up!" he begged the redhead while his fingers were bitten without any mercy.

"Calm." Minsun asked, filling the last pot and nodding at the end. "Let go."

And it was even more fun to see the desperation of the minors. Fluffy looked lost there. They ran and still barked as if no one dared to take that ration out of place. One by one, they took their place and Fluffy chose to be the last one, since she didn't like to get into trouble.

"These aren't normal puppies, they're wild!" YoonHa sighed, sitting down on the ground.

"Are you hungry?" YoonJin asked from the kitchen. He seemed very familiar with the surroundings and with stirring all the pots and pans there. "I can make us something to eat."

"And is there enough food?" YoonHa got up, going to meet the biggest one.

"There's a cupboard full of food in here, Yoonie." YoonJin pointed, seeing the other's eyes jump.

"How did that get there?"

"Apparently you don't even cook or look for food, do you? How do you feed yourself?"

"Fast food?"

Taeil rolled his eyes and headed to the kitchen as well." Jaehwa made market for the whole month to a week, you don't eat healthy because you don't want to.

"Because I don't know how to cook, Morô? You know me well."

"And if I know..."

Hayoon walked away still smiling. He sat down on the sofa and rested his head on Namsun's shoulder, feeling, again, the older one start a short caress in his hair.

"How is he?" Namsun asked.

"Asleep, but grumbles a lot when he moves. I think his body is sore..."

"There were no medicines here, but we asked for it by calling." pointed to the center of the room and only then did Hayoon notice some boxes and leaflets we'll buy more if we need it.

"I feel so powerless, Nam..." Hayoon whispered. "I wanted so badly to have stopped him, maybe, I don't know, I had a crystal ball and knew they would do such a thing. The worst thing is that even the police can't Go, what the fuck is this corruption..."

Namsun could not speak. He felt the same inside himself, and he hadn't even been friends with JaeHwa for more than a few mere weeks. I just felt a great bond with him and everyone there in that apartment. Maybe it was just fate, and they were friendly souls who had come from other lives and that's why the feeling was so strong.

He believed vehemently in that.

"Hey." Minsun joined them and pulled Park's legs over hers, hugging him around the waist while Namsun continued to stroke the freshly dyed strands." We couldn't guess any of that. But what matters is now. JaeHwa is here, under this roof and our care, no one will harm him."

Hayoon sighed and nodded. In fact, I couldn't go back in the past and change something, but I could take care of the other more and prevent evil people from approaching again.

Soon the smell of YoonJin's apparently tasty cooking filled the whole house. I made rice, salad, meat with broth and strawberry juice, straight from the fruit.

It wasn't very sophisticated, but I took the opportunity to try to teach YoonHa to at least cook rice and cut vegetables.

When everything was ready, he deposited the food on the marble counter and helped the others gather plates and cutlery.

It was night, perhaps almost eight o'clock, and therefore the bellies there rumbled loudly. They hadn't even eaten since JaeHwa's arrival.

"I'll wake him up." Hayoon warned.

Everyone waited for him, they couldn't start eating until everyone was already together.

Returning slowly, Hayoon entered the dark room and sat beside the still shrunken body.

He left subtle caresses over the dermis of his cheek and brushed away the long strands of hair that fell over there, only to sigh again when he noticed how really handsome JaeHwa was.

"Already?" Him called low, touching him with subtlety. JaeHwa grunted and pouted. Hayoon laughed at that. "You need to feed, honey."

JaeHwa denied, he still felt exhausted, but he knew that Hayoon would not let him sleep a little longer without eating first, so he slowly opened his eyes and smiled, having the image of Park right there, close by.

"Seok made dinner, and he wants everyone there, especially you."

JaeHwa rubbed his eyes and stood up. He mumbled low, now feeling a slight pain in his waist. He ran his fingers over it and remembered the way his last client had touched him too hard.

"Everyone is waiting for you." Hayoon tried to sound sweet, wanting the other to forget about the pain.

"All?" JaeHwa stared at him, blinking still sleepily.

"Yes, nobody wanted to leave you alone, angel."

A small, satisfied smile came to Jeon's lips. Knowing that people cared about him was nice, but what really made him smile like a fool was the way Hayoon called him.


Still watching him, Jeon became more attentive. Park's hair, even in the dim light, shone the new tone.

"Did you dye your hair?" He asked curiously, raising his fingers to touch the light strands.

Hayoon felt her cheeks burn. It wasn't the time to be embarrassed, but why in the midst of all that, did Jaehwa notice his hair?

"Yes." he replied too softly, but the close distance made Jeon hear him perfectly. "I decided to go blonde."

"It looks great." the dark eyes still roamed the strands. In fact, it turned out really good. It looked very natural on Hayoon.

Hayoon felt hot. Shame took over him entirely, and realizing how Jeon's eyes continued to stare at him so hard only made it worse.

"Let's go?" he called, guiding his eyes to the other's.

The pain was constant, but Jeon's intrinsic seemed to be filled with good things just by being with Park in such an affectionate way.

He couldn't control his yearning to feel Park with his own body. He sneaked closer and touched the tip of his nose over the other's cheek, hearing the low sigh that Hayoon let out and sighing deeply when he noticed how that alone made him feel good.

The nose traveled without a certain direction, but stopped over the small button that was the other's. A light caress was left, which elicited a low, content chuckle from Park. They were doing an Eskimo kiss, but it had such a relaxing feel.

Slowly Jeon's lips took proximity. Hayoon didn't gasp or be surprised when they touched hers, he expected it.

A simple kiss, without tongue or libido was generated, just lips touching in the purest way they could feel.

"I'm glad to have you." Hayoon spoke. Even he understood the need to dictate such a thing. "I was so afraid of losing you forever, JaeHwa."

Jon denied. I didn't want to remember what happened, much less think that while I was afraid of there, Hayoon and her friends were afraid of here. What that man had done to himself and to everyone else was unforgivable.

Quickly and even clumsily, Jeon touched Park's face, returning the kiss and, this time, touching his tongue over the other's.

Hayoon despaired, the thought of never touching, feeling or sighing with JaeHwa left him undone, all he wanted was to feel, really, that he hadn't lost him.

The wet, light sound filled the room. Hearts raced in despair and hands sought more and more to feel each other.

When the kiss ended, Hayoon was already partially on top of the other. I was careful not to squeeze him in an already hurt place, but I wanted to feel him every new second. Feel with your body.

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