Book cover of “My Sex Student“ by Mallowelhla

My Sex Student

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Mallowelhla
“I want you to answer my assignments and quizzes.” “I-I won’t do that.” “If you help me, I’ll return the favor.” “I-I don’t think you could help me in anything—” “You haven’t kissed anyone, have you?” “W-why are we talking about this?” “I’ll teach you how… for us to be even. This time you’ll be my student.” Never in my life have I thought ... 

Chapter 1

“Hey, what’s wrong? Why is your face wrinkled?” Instead of answering him I threw the crumpled paper on the table.

When I came out of the dean’s office, I immediately cringed because I was annoyed.

“Failed? You failed your exam?”

I rolled my eyes. “Isn’t it obvious Toci?”

“Chill babe, I’m just asking. Why are you having a problem? Sir isn’t that bad. Mr. Tamor is your teacher here right? Aren’t you kidding that old man?”

“That’s the problem. Ms. Satan is no longer our teacher!”

“Really? I didn’t know that.”

“How do you know if every time we’re together our lips do the talking.” Toci grinned.

“Why? Kissing is way better than talking, Celiza.” It looked down at my lips.

“And this conversation is boring me.” He leaned forward.

“Can you stop? I can’t alright? I’m stressed because of that exam. Did you know that Mrs. Satan threatened me that if I didn’t pass her quizzes and exams she would drop me and I wouldn’t be able to graduate!”


“And you believe her?”

“Duh?! Of course I believe that bitter teacher! She dropped a lot of students who are former repeaters now!”

“It’s a good thing we’re not Ms. Satan’s teacher!”

“That bitter teacher is really annoying! I’m sure the reason is more than that. She’s probably jealous because I’m better than her! Prettier than her! It’s really hard to be beautiful!”

“It’s hard because you’re not using your beauty correctly.” Toci said. My forehead furrowed.

“What do you mean?” My gaze remained on a smiling Toci. He was busy with their basketball practice, so how did he become top in their class? To my knowledge there is no time for that. Also, Toci is very lazy so how can he be on top?

“Didn’t you even wonder why my grades are so high even though I don’t love studying?”

“I did, just before you said that. So what’s the secret? Do you have a cheat code or something else? Are you bribing teachers—”

“Is that how you look down on me, Celiza?” I rolled my eyes.

“Don’t make me laugh, Toci. We both know you’ve done that and it’s definitely not the only two of you who broke school rules.”

“You know me well babe,” he said, then kissed the side of my lip.

“Stop fooling around, Toci. Tell me how I can pass my exams? I don’t need to be in the rank. I just want to pass so that Mrs. Satan can keep quiet!” His friend laughed louder.

“That’s why Mrs. Satan is heating up!” Hero said.

“It’s true that she’s Satan’s wife because she’s really bad! How many dreams has she blocked? Teachers are supposed to support they’re students, not pull them down. Like what she’s doing. It’s falling apart!”

“How are you going to pass if you’re always together with Toci—”

“Will you shut up, Hero? You’re not helping so zip your mouth.”

“Alright!” he said, then stood up.

“Babe calm down.” Toci massages my shoulders.

“How can I calm down?! I’m going to fail Toci! I can’t graduate!”

“Remember what I told you a while ago?”

“You said a lot before, which one was it?”

“Use your beauty.”

“What?! Didn’t you understand that Sir Tamor is no longer our teacher? My simple smile and makeup won’t work! This time I can’t use my pretty face. Because of this pretty face she failed me! It’s the main reason, so how can I use it more?”

Toci shook his head.

He gently touched my chin and mimicked in the right direction.

“Use your beauty on them.” My forehead furrowed.

The nerds lined up in the canteen.

“Why would I use my beauty on them?”

“Look at me, Celiza.”

“Oh what do you have?”

“I’m handsome right?”


“Girls would do anything just to be noticed by me. Especially nerds like them. Just a smile from me, they will answer my assignments.” I opened my mouth. That’s why his grades are so high! Because of that nerd!

“See that girl over there?” I stared at a nerd.

“I know I’m better than that nerd Toci. Is that what you’re trying to say? Where’s the connection between my grades and that nerd? I don’t get it.”

“She does my homework and projects.”


“She’s the one who answers my exams and quizzes.” Why didn’t I notice that?

“Just a smile for her. She will do everything I want. I want you to do it like that Celiza. That’s the power of beauty. Anyone will do anything you want just to please the most handsome guy in this school, Celiza. I’m sure they’ll do the same thing to the most gorgeous and sexy girl in this school. Those nerds will do anything for you.”

I couldn’t get my mind off what Toci said before we left the table.

Bea and Ann arrived just in time. Until after we ate, what he said didn’t disappear from my mind.

They’ll be willing to do anything I want because I’m pretty and I already knew that but I don’t want to do anything with those nerds.

“Bitch, you’ve been thinking deeply? You’re thinking now!”

I sighed.

“Not now Bea, I’m in trouble.”

“What’s your problem ba? Financial? You know my wallet is always here for you if you need money.”

“Nope, I don’t need your money now. But I do have a question.”

“Spill it out!”

“Do you know any nerdy man?”

“Seriously, Celiza? Do I look like I’m part of a group of smart people who lack fashion sense?”

“I’m just asking Bea.” You may also be asked to do an assignment. But in fact, she didn’t do the assignment because his essay only had three sentences each in the introduction, body and conclusion.

“I don’t know anyone alright.”

I sighed.

I looked around. Where else can I find a nerd who is willing to answer my assignments?

I don’t like to choose a random nerd.

Because what if he’s not really smart?

Then we will fail both!

I need someone who’s gullible enough to fool.

Who is easily attracted by my smile.

I need a virgin nerd. My gaze landed on the man who passed by Bea and me who immediately avoided my eyes.


“Oh why again?”

“Who’s that?” I mouthed his direction.


“Oh Magnus Morisson.”

“Magnus …” his name sounds sexy but it’s honestly the opposite. I scanned him fully. He’s wearing thick round glasses and his polo shirt is tucked in his baggy square pants. It doesn’t look old but he is out of style.

“Yes Magnus, that is him.”

“It’s like I heard his name before.”

“I don’t know about you Celiza, this is the first time you are interested in nerds.”

“Tell me more about him.”

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