Book cover of “Second Chance to Love“ by Taylor Brooks

Second Chance to Love

  • Genre: Romance
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: Taylor Brooks
Melania Bishop is a college graduate, who is secretly the girlfriend of Luke Higgins, an aspiring actor in the entertainment industry. For years, Melania had supported Luke from behind the scene, wishing for him to grow big, but when he finally made his first hit movie and became an icon, she got the betrayal of her life. Luke announced to the worl... 

Chapter 1

Sitting on my couch in front of my TV with a bowl of popcorn and soda, I watched the award ceremony.

My eyes were glued to it, my fingers gripping my controller like a lifeline, waiting for my boyfriend to make an appearance.

Luke Higgins, is the only man that I have known romantically since I was in college and my partner for the past couple of years.

We met when he was going for his first acting audition, and in a rush, he bumped into me as we were getting on the train, and it was something out of the movie.

He was really sweet afterward when we had taken our seats on the train and after a few minutes of talking, I got his number.

Gosh, I can't believe that was four years ago, and now, Luke is becoming a rising star for his latest work and is being nominated for the award of "Best Actor."

When the camera finally shifted to where Luke sat, I could feel the sense of eagerness and happiness bubbling inside of me as I watched him smile widely at the camera.

His short hair was styled in an elegant wave,  and he looked so handsome, dressed in a black suit paired up with a gray tie, the look was just perfect.

My heart was pounding in my chest as my sight never left Luke's, watching carefully from the corner of my eye as the host called the names of the nominees. 

So much was riding on today, and if he wins this award, it will be the start of us officially for the world to see, and I couldn't wait.

"For his role as Liam Chester, the supporting husband to Actress Michelle Williams, The Best Actor award goes to Luke Higgins!" The host announced with a smile.

Immediately, I jumped from the couch, and the bowl of popcorn fell onto the floor, but I didn't care and was just too happy to mind about something like that at the moment.

Luke was the Best Actor! His dreams were finally coming true! And as his girlfriend and biggest fan, I couldn't be any more proud of him.

Nervously, I watched Luke wake from his seat and approached the stage where everyone was cheering wildly. He was smiling brightly as he shook hands with the host and accepted his award.

Suddenly my phone started ringing, and I felt a slight sense of annoyance because my ringtone was distracting. However, after looking down at the caller ID, I smiled wide and answered, immediately excited by his voice.

It was my little brother, Liam, and even though I am an hour older than him because we are twins, he still acts like the oldest, but he's my best friend and I tell him everything, including embarrassing stories that he doesn't need to know.

"Hey, little bro," I  greeted and laughed softly as he groaned on the other end.

I could hear the faint voices in the background that sounded like my mom and dad discussing something while I heard Liam complain loudly, "One hour, Melania Bishop... It's one freaking hour between our ages... how long do you have to annoy me with that." 

Laughing with my gaze glued to the TV, I took a moment to enjoy the fact that he always got irritated that he was born the last, and then I said, "As long as I live... Are you, mom, and dad watching the award?"

A loud groan was heard from the side, causing me to chuckle and I heard Liam complaining, "Mom! She knows..." 

"I just want to know if tonight is the night Luke recognizes her and his relationship and makes it known!" I heard my mother say, her tone playful.

"Okay, everyone quiets down!! Luke is giving his speech!" I shouted out of excitement, staring at the screen once again, and hearing my brother mutter 'Shh!', I burst out laughing slightly as I listened closely to his speech.

Smiling at the crowd, Luke's eyes scanned across the faces of everyone there, and then he said, "I want to thank my agency for allowing me to portray this role for such an award as this one. To my co-star, Michelle, you are a very special woman to me, and I am honored to play your husband... and be your man off and on camera..."

After those words, the volume from the TV slowly faded, and tears immediately began rolling down my cheeks. My grip on the controller loosened, and I placed it on top of the cushion next to me as I wiped away the tears that fell.

"Melania... Melania, are you okay... Sis! Big sister!" I heard Liam's voice, but it was faint as my body shut down on the couch, and my mind raced.

Where was the speech about me, his girlfriend? He promised... Luke told me before tonight, for years, that once he makes it big, he will stop keeping our relationship a secret and make it public to everyone.

Tonight was supposed to be that moment, so why hasn't it happened?

The fact that he referred to himself as Michelle's man on and off camera was making me feel sick to my stomach, and all I could do was cry because I didn't want to believe that my boyfriend of four years was saying such a thing on live television.

"Thanks to all my fans! I love you all!" Luke said, smiling warmly into the camera as people clapped and cheered.

And just like that, he walked off the stage, not mentioning me, his girlfriend that has been by his side through thick and thin.

This wasn't right, none of this was okay. All these years, all this time, we were pretending that we weren't together, that we were just friends for the sake of his career, but he was mine, he always has been mine... and I love him... and now he's telling the whole world that he's dating someone else?

"Sister, talk to me…!" I heard Liam whisper, trying to pull me from my stupor. 

But my gaze was on the screen, watching Luke walk over to his seat, and then I saw Michelle walk over to him, the two hugged, and then she gave him a light kiss on the lips as he held her by the waist, intimately.

My boyfriend was cheating with another woman right before my eyes, and I couldn't breathe as I sniffed back tears aggressively.

But, I broke down shortly, tears streamed down my face as I realized that Luke had lied to me throughout the years, all along. That he loved me, that he cared about me,  that I meant a lot to him. And yet, he chose someone else.

"I am going to beat the heck out of this bastard!" I heard Liam shout, startling me out of the daze I'd been in before and making me tear my attention away from the screen.

"Liam please don't," I whispered, barely able to speak due to how choked up I felt right now.


"If you love me, brother, then let me handle this alone, please. This is embarrassing enough as it is, so can you please just not do something to make this worse for me."

"I am just supposed to let that jerk get away with hurting you and cheating with some actress?" 

"Yes!... Luke is famous. Do you know what rumors about our family between him and us will do to our image? Please don't do anything, okay? Just watch from behind the curtain." 

The line grew quiet for a second and I heard Liam sigh heavily, knowing that he was giving in, and then I heard my mother's voice almost whispering, "How is she doing? Let me talk to her,"

"Not!" I shouted immediately, feeling like I was losing control of my emotions. "I can't handle talking to her about this right now... not now, I don't think I can take it," 

After a short pause, Liam sighed and said, "Alright, just call me later, alright?"

"Yeah, thanks, Liam, bye now," I murmured before hanging up the phone, my hands shaking uncontrollably and my breathing heavy.

How was I supposed to handle this? How was I ever supposed to face him? How was I ever supposed to explain to him what I was feeling at the moment?

My mind was spinning, the shock and sadness of the whole situation overwhelming me. I wanted to see him, look him in the eyes, yell at him for lying, scream at him to explain himself, to tell the truth. 

And with that thought, I left my couch, headed to my room to change into something comfortable, got ready for the inevitable confrontation, and then headed out of my house.

Thirty minutes later, the Uber came to a stop at the Golden hotel, and  I quickly stepped outside and walked toward the building, taking a deep breath. 

Outside the hotel was crowded with news crews, paparazzi, and fans, and then it clicked to me that I couldn't enter such a high-security event, and it felt useless that I came all this way.

But I wasn't willing to leave, not without seeing Luke, looking him in the eyes, and hearing him say that all that had happened was a publicity stunt and that he didn't just cheat on me in front of the entire world.

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