Book cover of “Slutry Confessions. Book 2“ by LiL A

Slutry Confessions. Book 2

  • Genre: Steamy (18+)
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
  • Author: LiL A
Indulge in a scorching tale where a wealthy banker surrenders to the irresistible allure of traffic girls. As they risk it all for forbidden pleasure, their lives intertwine in a steamy dance of passion and danger. Brace yourself for a wild ride that will leave you breathless and craving for more. "A cheating sl*t like you needs a good butt f*ck,"... 

Chapter 1

As shocking as it was to see Peter in the house, watching Stephen come inside made me think we had stumbled onto a movie set. He was tall, as tall as his movies made you think, and had salt-and-pepper hair. His dashing good looks on the big screen weren’t manufactured. He was extraordinarily handsome and carried with him charisma that filled the room. Playing with a royal flush of looks and charm, no wonder he was a famously committed bachelor.

"Of course!" Kelly exclaimed. "Such a joy that you could make it. Come in! Come in! Peter, you remember Jess, whom you met this afternoon. And Kat, of course. Stephen, you must meet Kat."

Jess had moved forward and embraced Peter warmly. He put his arm around her possessively, like they were old friends. Kelly beamed. From my perch at the bar, I could see how starstruck Kat was. I wondered how wet her panties must have gotten when she saw who her date was.

"Stephen," the star said as he extended his hand toward my girlfriend. "You’re enchanting." After Kat shook his hand, he pulled hers to his lips and kissed it lightly. If anyone else had done that, it would have seemed corny. With him, it felt seductive.

"Gentlemen," Kelly interrupted briefly, "you also must meet my dear friend John Cameron. John, you’re not tending bar. Join us!"

I brought two glasses of Cristal and handed them to the Hollywood heavyweights, then quickly retrieved my own from the bar.

"John," I said, shaking hands with both in turn. They were gracious and introduced themselves.

"John is from Texas," Kelly explained. "He’s been discussing some investments with me. He made a major killing with a hedge fund manager and now just indulges in the good life."

"Well, if he’s hanging out with you, Kelly, then he must know a lot about indulgence," Peter said with a hearty laugh.

"Well, here’s to indulgence then," I offered and raised my glass. We all toasted, and the evening took off.

We paired up as couples, which was the intent. Kelly chatted with me at the bar, where we sat on stools and watched Kat and Stephen chat on the couch, while Jess and Peter went straight for the cocaine.

"I’ve never seen someone with a bigger appetite for coke," Kelly whispered to me. "He will kill five or six grams on his own tonight, if he decides he wants to party."

"Well, Jess will give him a run for his money," I said.

We turned our attention back to the living room.

"Do you like blow, Jess?" Peter asked.

"Oh," Jess said nonchalantly, "just a couple lines every thirty minutes or so!"

Peter guffawed loudly. His personality was larger-than-life. "Well, then we will get along just fine! Ladies first!"

He passed her the straw and pulled back her hair as she addressed the lines before her. He rubbed his other hand on the small of her back as she snorted the coke.

Stephen and Kat had immediately tumbled into conversation. She sat close to him, her body turned in his direction, and her gaze was fixed upon his handsome, famous face. I wasn’t sure I had seen Kat ever turn smitten so quickly.

Peter, like a cocaine vampire, snorted six lines and then refilled their Champagne glasses. We chatted, and Jess flirted relentlessly with Peter. I also couldn’t help notice out of the corner of my eye that Stephen invited Kat to do coke with him. My head nearly exploded seeing the leading man of his generation offer Kat a bump off the back of his hand. She eagerly took it and then, channeling her inner seductress, licked his skin to get any remnants. Stephen smiled and moved his head close to Kat’s ear. He whispered something, and she gave a breezy laugh and smiled.

"Of course," I heard Kat say, and she undid two more buttons on her shirt.

Stephen sprinkled a bump of coke into her cleavage and sniffed it. He followed suit with a quick tongue cleanup, then let his lips wander over her collarbone and up her neck. I noticed Kat give an imperceptible, surreptitious glance in my direction. She knew I was watching her, and she smiled. She whispered something to Stephen, but I could easily read her lips.

"Do you want to fuck me?" she had said.

Stephen’s response was simply to put his hand on her thigh, whisper something back as he nibbled her ear. He stood up, extended his hand, and they made their way to the back guest room. I wondered if the scent of Juliet Lawson’s perfume would linger while he fucked my girlfriend.

"Stephen never wastes time with a pretty young thing," Peter said as he refilled his Champagne glass again. "I knew as soon as I saw her he would flip for her."

"I’ve done pretty well today, haven’t I?" Kelly said.

Peter had his arm around Jess again. "You can say that," he said. "I always have loved Texas girls."

"I thought you just told me back on the couch that you liked coke whores," Jess said.

"That only makes it better!" Peter said.

We made small talk for a while. Conversation was easy. Peter was gregarious and fun. He wasn’t shy about discussing movies and upcoming projects. He came off as sincere and embodied a work hard-play hard type. But he wasn’t egocentric. He asked questions about me and was interested in what my investing plans were now that I had cashed out. It was a good question. I told him I wasn’t sure.

"I’ve got a couple things coming up that might interest you," Peter said. He pulled out a business card. "This is my real card. The phone number works. I don’t hand this out lightly. It’s my cell. Let’s talk about this sometime in the next couple weeks. Stephen has a great little ranch not too far from you. Maybe we can all get together down there and discuss some things."

I couldn’t believe what I heard. Kelly let a hand drop to my thigh and squeezed it. I took it as a good sign. I tried to play it cool and casual.

"That sounds fantastic," I said. "Always happy to fly out here or host you, if you need. Let’s see if we can’t make some money together."

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