Book cover of “Sold to the Disabled Alpha“ by PENRELIEVER

Sold to the Disabled Alpha

  • Genre: Werewolf
  • Age: 18+
  • Status: Completed
  • Language: English
Evelyn is a successful landlord, CEO, and boss who was unexpectedly transported into a thrilling novel called 'In the Name of Psychopath.' In this new world, she discovered she was destined to be sold off to a psychopathic alpha villain with two faces - one gentle and kind, the other violent and scheming. Evelyn tries to escape his grasp, but no m... 

Chapter 1



I was just awakened from the kick, and let out a groan as blood spurt from my mouth. What the hell? What's going on?

I was confused as I tasted my blood. My brows knitted and had no idea what the hell is going on with me right now. Was I caught by those gangsters who refused to pay the rent? If not, how could I be easily hurt when they were the ones who could challenge me to this extent, although those gangsters were just all talk?

I almost yelped when I felt the pain all over my body. I could even feel that my ribs were broken, so as well my face was swollen.

I found myself half kneeling on the ground.

What the hell is happening?

Just as I was about to raise my head, I received she kicked again from my stomach which almost made my eyes turn white. Damn it! Blood spurt out of my mouth again.

“Not dead yet?”

I heard a mocking voice, a tone of a woman. Not a voice of a girl in her teenage praise but rather a woman who was younger than me.

Wait... how come there's a woman who wants to harm me? As far as I could remember, no woman was my tenant, all of my tenants were gangsters, that's why I would always get chased or get in a lot of fights whenever its time to collect the money.

That's right, I'm a landlord.

However, how come there's a woman who tried to harm me? Could it be that one of my tenants unexpectedly got a girlfriend?

But it was impossible! Every woman who would look at them would run away immodestly and due to their bad records, no sane woman would want to be with them. Of course, I'm not criticizing my tenants but it was because of their background that no women would be with them unless they are forced. But of course, not unless it's true love.

My brows furrowed as I was about to look up to see who this woman is, but instead, I received another slap. A slap on my cheeks. My cheeks were already swollen, my body was aching and the ground was splattered with my blood. Even my hair was in a mess to the point I could scent my blood.

“You dirty old being! Why did you have to be born? Sure enough, a woman who comes from a mistress would also follow the legacy of the mistress.” The woman said in a mocking tone as she tighten the grip on my hair.

Old being? A child from a mistress? What the fuck a Phoenix's talking about? This is libel! My mother isn't a mistress! She only had my dad even when they fell off the cliff when they were on the way to my birthday. Both of them love each other to the point that they look like conjoined twins!

I almost roared in anger. I wanted to shout at her but my vocals were blocked with my blood. Damn it! Where the fuck am I?

My eyes squinted as I raised my head to look at the woman who was gritting her teeth while looking at me as if she wants to tear the fleshes in my body.

Is this woman crazy? Beating a person as I owe her in her past life, is she an animal?! She would be sent to prison if she killed someone!

“Who are you?” I tried to ask in a hoarse voice. It was due to the screaming and crying that my voice sound hoarse.

However, when the heck did I cry or scream? I only screamed at my tenants but crying? I've never cried or even begged someone unless it is related to my parents.

Before my father died, I was taught to defend myself and practice self-defense. My father was part of the military and since I was the unica-hija in our family, my father decided to train me when I was the age of ten because my father was afraid that I might get an advantage of the people surrounding me.

Both of my parents were from military camps, so my mother also trained me until I reached adulthood. Sadly, my parents didn't continue to train me because they passed away earlier, exactly on my birthday, which is the reason why I never celebrated my birthday.

Since my parents handed all of their assets to me, I managed all of them. I've learned that the world isn't easy as I viewed it to be. There are snakes and rats, betrayals and cheaters in the world.

Which was the reason why I am always guarded against it. I continued my training even though my parents aren't here with me. My body, mind, and soul were poured into martial arts.

That's why when I visited my other land which was filled with houses, I came to know that in that land, my tenants were all gangsters. I always received threats, blackmails, and fighting.

Even so, I pretended to be deaf at their curses and continued to ask for their rent.

But now, I noticed that something is wrong. There must be something wrong with this scene, especially since I won't easily cry or beg for help, waiting for a knight in shining armor to help me.

Because in truth, before they could beat me, I would beat them first.

So what's up with this posture? Why am I half kneeling on the ground? Why am I getting beaten? Why am I in this situation?

The woman was about to slap me again but I managed to dodge her. Why would I continue to stay still and let this woman beat me? Her parents are the only ones I allowed to beat me in terms of training martial arts. What's up with this arrogant woman?

This woman seemed to be shocked by my actions as her expression worsened.

“How dare you dodge my hands!” The woman angrily kicked me on my stomach, making me grit my teeth in pain.

Damn it. I couldn't dodge. My whole body feel like it was torn apart.

I couldn't take it anymore and glared at her, which she looked taken back. “How dare you treated me this way?”


Before the woman could say anything, we both heard an angry voice behind them.

“EVANGELYN! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR SISTER!” a middle-aged man's voice roared at this woman who's named Evangelyn.

Evangelyn retorted. “This dirty useless woman isn't my sister!”

“GO BACK TO YOUR ROOM! DON'T COME OUT UNLESS I SAY SO!” The middle-aged man, thundered, making  Evangelyn shiver as she went to her room but before she went to her room, she gave me a murderous look as if she was saying she won't let me get away.

The middle-aged man didn't spare her a glance and turned his back on me but I could tell from his eyes that he didn't care even if I died today. Then after that, he looked away and turned his back and didn't even bother to help me.

This middle-aged man didn't even call the doctor for my treatment! What a scumbag! Jerk!

I hatefully glanced at my body and noticed that something was wrong. I frowned, as far as I remember I didn't buy this lousy dress before! Who dressed me up?

Just when I was about to get up when I lose my balance and ended up kissing the ground.

Damn it!

I hissed in pain as I struggled my way to help myself to sit on the ground when I felt my body become lighter. Someone carried me like they were carrying a sack! I AM FUCKING INJURED, CAN'T THEY SEE? Can you be a bit gentle, especially with this battered body of mine? Is that too much for me to ask for?

Of course, the middle age butler couldn't hear my internal complaints, and even if he did, for sure he won't listen to me anyway.

I could tell that these people seemed to despise her.

“We'll take you to your room, lady.” The man who was also in his middle age, said as he bought me back to be room.

My brows furrowed and my head started to ache as I endured nausea.

“Wait, what about my wounds? Aren't you gonna treat it?” I complained with a hoarse voice.

The middle-aged man who was dressed as the butler glanced at me and ruthlessly said, “wait for it to heal on its own.”

After he said that, he closed the door, leaving me speechless by what I just heard.

What the ticky-tack is wrong with this household? How come I didn't recognize this person? I was never treated this way in my whole damn life! And what's up with these abnormal people hating me when I haven't done anything to make them hate me?

I keep on cursing them in my heart until I was satisfied. But then, I groaned and gritted my teeth as I walked to the bathroom. I can't stand the smell in my body, nor could I stand this dust!

Even if my whole body was aching and my bones were broken from being beaten earlier, I still managed to clean my body until it turned red from scrubbing. I had a habit of cleanliness and can't stand it when my body is dirty.

After I was washed clean, I happened to glance at the medium size of mirror behind me.

My eyes widened when I saw my face and my whole body.

What the fuck?

What the hell is going on? This is not my body!

Although it was similar to my body, especially the eyebrow, the phoenix eyes, the mole in the corner of my eyes that appeared to be seductive but was hidden by bangs that grew up to the length of this body's nose, this body... this body doesn't have an eight pack abs at all!

Those abs that I've worked hard to gain in my entire life were gone and were replaced by a flat stomach that looked like it wasn't well-fed! The muscles that were developed by my training were replaced with skinny arms and legs! It doesn't even have an ounce of strength that's why when I was kicked earlier, I almost flew meters away!

What the hell? Give back my body! I don't want this wimpy body at all!

I roared as my eyes swelled I could feel the water in my eyes. Damn it!

I gritted my teeth in despair and was almost blinded by how I looked, not because it was mesmerizing but rather because it was too disappointing that I almost fell in despair upon seeing what I looked like.

Damn it! I didn't sign up for this! Whoever the fuck you are if you wanted me to transmigrate to another world, can you at least take my body as well? I don't want this body at all!

Give me back my hard-earned eight-pack abs!

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